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  1. 1. How good is skype designed to call ? Version
  2. 2. Knowing what is skype
  3. 3. Knowing what is skype Information about skype is easy and clear Google and other operator find directly skype when searched for the features Homepage clear and good explanations Very good links to get back or to other fields on the homepage
  4. 4. Get skype
  5. 5. Get started with skype
  6. 6. Lets look at the features • Design Principles • Psychopathology • Psychology • Precision • Knowing what to do • Errors • Design Challenge
  7. 7. Video calling
  8. 8. Conclusion determine the function? (goals) tell what actions are possible? (intentions) determine mapping from intention to action? (sequence) perform the action? (execution) tell the state of the system? (perceiving) tell if system is in desired state? (evaluation)