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Facebook Targeting: User Acquisition


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Social media campaigns have the potential to reach 1.32 billion users on Facebook, one of the most powerful tools available to marketers today. This Nanigans presentation outlines beginner best practices for using Facebook's native Ads Manager and Power Editor platforms.

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Facebook Targeting: User Acquisition

  1. 1. Facebook Advertising Leveraging Facebook to Acquire New Customers Carly Rogers | @crodgers311
  2. 2. Why Facebook?
  3. 3. Reach and scale 1.32B monthly active users 829M daily active users 1.07B mobile monthly active users20% of the world population 62% revenue from mobile ads92% of social marketers
  4. 4. Targeting capabilities and audience segmentation Device •Type •OS version •Wi-fi connectivity Affinities/Behavior •Actions taken with sites and apps •Offline purchase behavior •Likes, interests, convos Human Experience •Local •Real time (weather, events) •Seasonality (mothers) Demographics •Age •Gender •Language •Location Social •Relationship status •Education level, college, major •Employer, position CRM •Customers from your CRM database matched to Facebook profiles •Friends of your fans/users
  5. 5. Case study: Leading Online Retailer Goal: Find new shoppers like their best shoppers Strategy: Use lookalike audiences modeled after their most loyal customers to increase new customer base during the competitive holiday season Results: 4X higher return on ad spend compared to other display ad channels A top performing channel for new customer acquisition during the holidays 60% higher CTR using Facebook lookalikes over other display media
  6. 6. Case study: Mobile Travel Company Goal: Acquire new customers who would download their hotel-booking app and ultimately use it to book rooms Strategy: Combine Facebook’s News Feed mobile app install ads with powerful targeting aimed at iOS users with interests such as “travelers,” “parents” and “golf.” Results: 10X higher click-to-install rate from mobile app install ads compared to standard mobile banner ads 30% lower cost per install in key markets
  7. 7. Social vs. Search 1. Create intent 2. Capitalize on intent 3. Drive real results
  8. 8. How will you leverage Facebook ads? AcquisitionAwareness Engagement How you define success will shape your marketing strategy on Facebook:
  9. 9. Leveraging Facebook for customer acquisition What you need to get started How to create successful campaigns - How to identify and reach your target market - Which ad units to buy and why Optimizing for best results Maximizing your advertising budget
  10. 10. Getting started Facebook Ads Account (personal or business) Credit card Facebook Page for your business Content Target customer profile (or CRM data) Landing page with conversion tracking
  11. 11. Tools to create your Facebook ads Basic: Ads Manager More Advanced: Power Editor Most Advanced: Facebook PMD
  12. 12. Facebook Ads Manager • Simple, easy to use • Auto-generate ads from the content on your page or website • Optimize to get new users, increase app engagement, or manually bid for clicks • Define your audience using demographic information, broad categories, and precise interests • Track conversions off Facebook • Create one ad at a time
  13. 13. Benefits of Facebook Power Editor Custom Audiences Lookalike Audiences Saved Target Groups Partner Categories Track conversions off Facebook Optimize to conversions off Facebook Ad Placement Customization Bid Types: CPM, CPC, or Optimized CPM Bulk Ad Creation
  14. 14. Getting started Creative Targeting Optimization Identify and reach your target audience Create compelling ads which drive intent Collect data and optimize to your performance goals
  15. 15. Who are you trying to reach?
  16. 16. Start with what you know Location Demographic Online behaviors Relationships Education Workplaces Email, Phone User ID
  17. 17. Leverage first and third party data Interests Broad Categories Custom Audiences Website Custom Audiences Lookalikes Partner Categories
  18. 18. What do you want them to do?
  19. 19. How to create a compelling ad • Attract eyeballs with engaging imagery • Ensure relevancy (targeting & delivery location) • Drive purchase intent (demonstrate value, strong CTA) • Focus on product (self-identifiable) • Keep messaging to the point • Focus on the newsfeed
  20. 20. Facebook ad specs Photo Ad Image: 1200 x 900 pixels, 4:3 ratio Text: 500 character “safe zone”
  21. 21. Facebook ad specs Link Ad Image: 1200 x 627 pixels, 1:1.91 ratio Post Text: 500 character “safe zone” Link Headline: 1-2 lines Display Link: 1 line Description: 2-3 lines
  22. 22. Facebook ad specsFacebook ad specs Right hand column Image: 254 x 133 pixels, 1:1.91 ratio Post Text: 90 characters Link Headline: 25 characters Display Link: 1 line
  23. 23. Delivery locations Desktop
  24. 24. Delivery locations Mobile
  25. 25. It’s all about relevancy Demographic Seasonality Events Online and offline behavior Interests and activities Post click experience – landing page
  26. 26. Who am I? • Female • Born on March 11 • Living in Boston, MA, USA • Married • University of Delaware Alumni • Employed at Nanigans • Interests: • The Handle Bar • BostInno • Back Bay Yoga • Zappos • • • Gilt City • • Recent Activity: • Ran 10.94 miles with MapMyRun • Favorited Culture at Nanigans on Slideshare • Added boots to shopping cart at
  27. 27. Effective ads • Relevant to interests • Include social context • Seasonal • Product focused • High quality imagery • Drive intent through strong call to action
  28. 28. Steps to setting up your campaigns Upload Custom Audiences, create Lookalikes, and build Saved Target Groups Build campaigns & ads Define budgets and select bid type Leverage Facebook’s conversion tracking
  29. 29. Facebook account structure Ad Account Campaign Ad set Ads
  30. 30. Facebook bid types CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) CPC (cost per click) oCPM (cost per optimized* impressions) CPA* (cost per action)
  31. 31. Facebook conversion tracking Create the pixel Add the pixel to your website Leverage oCPM bid type
  32. 32. How to maximize your advertising budget To start, use what you know about your target audience and build from there Focus on creating high quality ads that will be relevant to your target audience Limit test variables to glean meaningful learnings Put your ads where the eyes are (in the News Feed!) Not that all audience segments are the same, optimize for best results Leverage oCPM bidding and offsite conversion pixels for better return
  33. 33. Pro Tips: Optimization Segment your target audience Set up one ad set per audience segment Test 2-4 ads per ad set (depending on budget) Use oCPM bids to optimize to off-Facebook conversion events
  34. 34. Pro Tips: Creative 20% text limit Leverage call to action buttons with link posts Use image sizes larger than the minimums to ensure highest resolution Bold colors Refresh creative often
  35. 35. Questions?
  36. 36. Carly Rodgers Additional Resources: Thank You! • • • @crodgers311 Intro to Facebook Advertising 2014 Marketer’s Guide to Facebook Advertising Getting Creative: The Secret to Facebook Advertising Success e-books: