4 steps to reuse and recycle your content so you save time and money


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Learn how the old fashioned editorial calendar (now also known as content calendar) can help you improve your content. Plan how to re-use or recycle your knowledge across media platforms. You'll reach your stakeholders more effectively while saving time and money

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4 steps to reuse and recycle your content so you save time and money

  1. 1. STEPS to recycle your content, create BUZZ, build business, save TIME & money& other reasons why you need an EDITORIAL CALENDAR Your knowledge is “content.” Copyright © 2013 Nandy Heule www.HeuleCommunications.com
  2. 2. Overview What is an editorial calendar? Why an editorial calendar?•Step 1: line up your authors•Step 2: line up your topics•Step 3: reuse and recycle•Step 4: complete the calendar
  3. 3. Opening thought… If you are a Subject Matter Expert in your field, you can set up your own editorial calendar within your personal business development plan.
  4. 4. What is an editorial calendar?We’ll define the editorial calendar as a work plan for allcommunication pieces to be produced in a fixed timeperiod. Why, when & with whom do I share my knowledge?
  5. 5. What is an editorial calendar?It is relatively easy to produce a good tracking tool, butan actual calendar format probably won’t work.A Gantt chart maywork better.
  6. 6. Why an editorial calendar?• Get a realistic perspective on anticipated work load.• Discover how to effectively “recycle” content.• Ensure you get the best content by lining up Subject Matter Experts (SME) well in advance. If you are the SME, skip to slide 10
  7. 7. Step 1: Line up your authorsAt your organizationWho has direct contact with clients/customers/your target audiences?
  8. 8. Line up your SMEs Would the SMEYour best SME prefer to be interviewed, rather than How sensitive is write? your SME to being edited? Would she be o willing to do a t o d s et video clip? Prefer g er s; t? e ea view oun it? r c Is h inte r ac e dia witt me a T up
  9. 9. Step 2: Line up your topics• Your SMEs will be the best source of ideas, industry news and gossip, and referrals to others within their knowledge area.• Assess if these topics are newsworthy.
  10. 10. Line up your topicsTalk to Heule Communications about ways to make yourtopics newsworthy to your audiences…which begs the question:do you know who are your readers? listeners? visitors?
  11. 11. Step 3: Reuse and Recycle•You have decided what topics are newsworthy and shouldbe talked about.•You have lined up your authors or ghostwriters.•You now need to decide how to distribute this information.
  12. 12. Example: Reuse and Recycle• Your article appears in print format in your organization’s newsletter.• A summary appears online with a link to the full-length article. (reuse)• The article factoids make good Twitter posts. (reuse)• You can start a conversation on LinkedIn to encourage distribution and comments. (reuse)• With permission, comments made on social platforms can be integrated into the article … and you can recycle it as a collaborative thought-leadership piece.• Now you may have some fresh, new content for a talk.
  13. 13. Like so….?
  14. 14. 4. Complete the calendarHere’s the trick… the order of activities described in theprevious slide may NOT be the order you want to follow. Next slide please
  15. 15. Complete the calendar• Instead … create buzz.• Start with a Twitter post.• Begin a little online conversation.• Distribute your piece in an e-zine.• Go to print with your final thought- leadership piece for clients. Or a professional trade magazine?
  16. 16. PR to build brand & business
  17. 17. Reuse and recycle 1 good topic can be recycled across different PR platforms. If planned correctly, this will save time and money
  18. 18. Steps for resultsYou need an editorial calendar to effectively produce, re-use and recycle Content (Knowledge)So you build brand and business
  19. 19. We provide PR & communications services to professional services firms, associations, and non-profits in health care and international development. Visit us at HeuleCommunications.com Thank you!