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How To Flip The Script and Make More B2B Sales

Slides from my talk at BrightonSEO.

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How To Flip The Script and Make More B2B Sales

  1. 1. How to flip the script and make more B2B sales
  3. 3. The attention economy in a nutshell
  4. 4. This isn’t going to work anymore.
  5. 5. There are (at least!) 3 ways to flip the script
  6. 6. 1. XEROX
  7. 7. The original marketing message “Our leading-edge, cartridge-free technology produces 90% less waste than laser and creates smooth, vibrant images quickly.”
  8. 8. What do we offer you? Original question:
  9. 9. What outcomes do you care about that we can help you with? New question:
  11. 11. STUDENT PERFORMANCE Student engagement Motivated and inspired teachers Individually paced lessons
  12. 12. Reliability Low-cost ink/toner Easy to use Color Higher order customer concerns Low price Supplier’s value prop Xerox’s Insight Model Source: Xerox Corp; CEB, The Challenger Customer
  13. 13. New marketing copy!
  14. 14. New marketing copy!
  15. 15. ““The deals I get involved in, I’m winning almost all of them. Once I reframe the conversation around student learning and how Xerox can help, there’s no more talk of competition. It’s as if the door closes. I’m on the inside and everyone else is on the outside.” -Xerox sales rep 17% saleslift!
  16. 16. 2. UBERFLIP
  17. 17. Old sales deck: ≈
  18. 18. “Our customers and investors...”
  19. 19. “You’re doing it wrong…”
  20. 20. “You should be doing it like this…”
  21. 21. “We were trying to create a category. We were saying, ‘Hey, there’s this new thing you need to worry about and devote resources towards.’ Instead we just confused people. Prospects were like, ‘I have no idea what you’re talking about.’” -Mike at Uberflip
  22. 22. New intro:
  23. 23. “Remember Blockbusters?”
  24. 24. “Then Netflix came along…”
  25. 25. “Why be like Blockbusters…”
  26. 26. When you could be like Netflix…?
  27. 27. “You’re doing it wrong.” Old approach
  28. 28. “I want to present you evidence of a real shift in the world that you should be aware of.” New approach
  29. 29. “ “We changed the story that we’re all aligning around—especially the scale of it. Now it’s about a big shift in the world, and that’s driving urgency. It has taken us from being a nice-to-have to literally hearing prospects say, ‘Holy shit, I need this.’” -Mike at Uberflip
  30. 30. Source:
  31. 31. 3. TRANSFERWISE
  32. 32. ← The competitor
  33. 33. Meanwhile on the Tube...
  34. 34. In Brighton...
  35. 35. THE ENEMY? Bankers. THE HERO? Transferwise.
  36. 36. Current Transferwise copy
  37. 37. ““£1 billion is just a slice of the market, which means millions of people are still being ripped off by banks and traditional currency brokers every day.” -Taavet Hinrikus Co-Founder at Transferwise
  38. 38. Wow, look at those numbers, huh?
  39. 39. 1. Be like Xerox! → Focus on higher order concerns 2. Be like Transferwise → Name the enemy 3. Be like Uberflip → Introduce a big, undeniable change in the world RECAP: Talk about business without talking about your business
  40. 40. GO GET ‘EM! I’m Nandini Jammi B2B sales copywriter Product marketing consultant Talk to me: @nandoodles