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  1. 1. AMITY GLOBAL BUSINESS SCHOOL, HYDERABADService Marketing Project Report On Café Coffee Day Submitted by :- Nandita Sadani Enrollment No. :- A30601909048 PREFACE
  2. 2. A Project Report on Café Coffee DayMarketing strategies are methods followed by most successful and well known companies toimprove their scope in any market. It is a means by which we determine whether one company isbetter than the other or not. Food chains are a growing industry in the modern world with anincrease in the number of working hours of the average working person. Hence, even food chainsneed to improve their marketing strategies to appeal to the middle-class consumer.The main aim of this project is to make the reader understand the various strategies followed byfood companies to improve their scope on the consumer and to add appeal to their brand as awhole by being creative and unique. Here I am going to talk about the Café Coffee Day as aservice industry. The Strengths, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats of Café Coffee Day. TheEnvironment, Competitors etc of Café Coffee Day. The service blue print of Café Coffee Day.The various techniques followed by Café Coffee Day have been listed in this project in an easyand understandable manner.The contents of this project focus on the marketing strategies and techniques used by CaféCoffee Day to make it such a global brand with universal appeal. TABLE OF CONTENTSS. No. Contents Page No.2|Page
  3. 3. A Project Report on Café Coffee Day 1. Executive Summary 4-5 2. Industry analysis 6 -13 2.1 Current trends in the industry 14 2.2 Roles of technology 14 2.3 Major players 14 - 15 2.4 Competition 16 - 20 2.5 Tangibility spectrum 20 3. Typical Service Offering 21 3.1 Customer’s expectations 21 - 22 3.2 Bundle of benefits 23 - 25 3.3 Typical service performance of firms 26 3.4 Services quality dimensions 26 - 27 3.6 Customer‘s involvement in the service delivery 27 4. Service Blueprint 28 4.1 Service encounters / moments of truth 29 4.2 Value of blueprinting 29 - 31 4.3 Learning form this exercise 31 5 Physical Evidence 32 5.1 Roles of servicescape play in this industry 32 – 33 5.2 Aspects of servicescape influencing the service delivery 33 – 34 process 6. Wild Card 35 6.1 Pricing 35 - 37 6.2 Promotion 37 6.3 Place 38 6.4 People 38 6.5 Process 38 6.6 Positioning 39 6.7 Distribution Process 7. Industry Section 40 7.1 SWOT Analysis 40 – 41 7.2 Porters Five Forces Model 42 - 43 8. Conclusion and Recommendations 44 9. Bibliography 451. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ANALYSIS OF THE COFFEE BAR INDUSTRY 3|Page
  4. 4. A Project Report on Café Coffee DayCoffee has been around in India since the 17th century. However, coffee drinking hastraditionally been largely restricted to domestic consumption, and mostly in the South Indianstates of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. Coffee has been around in Indiasince the 17th century. However, coffee drinking has traditionally been largely restricted todomestic consumption, and mostly in the South Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Keralaand Andhra Pradesh.THE 7 P’S OF MARKETING MIXProduct , price , place , promotion , process , people , physical evidence constitute the 7 P’s . Allthe P’s are described in detail in the project.SERVICE BLUEPRINTService blueprints need to describe time in a service. This includes the sequence of events of aservice experience, its durations and timings. A blueprint should graphically describe this timeelement. A sequence of events - sometimes called use cases or flows - is relatively easy toblueprint as it can be represented in a linear flow identifying user actions, service responses andthe touch points or interfaces that enable the service relationship. Sequences become challengedwhen there are multiple options or directions and when the planned process goes awry.SERVICES CAPEServicescape may be likened to landscape. It includes facilities exterior (landscape, exteriordesign, signage, parking, surrounding environment) and facilities interior (interior design &decor, equipment, signage, layout, air quality, temperature and ambiance).Servicescape along with other tangibles like business cards, stationery, billing statements,reports, employee dress, uniforms, brochures, web pages and virtual servicescape forms thePhysical Evidence in marketing of services.4|Page
  5. 5. A Project Report on Café Coffee DayPhysical evidence consists of servicescape combined with the tangible elements, so servicescapeis a part of physical evidence.SWOT AnalysisIt tells about the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats of the industry. The strengths andweakness are internal and the opportunities and threats are external.ANALYSIS OF CAFÉ COFFEE DAYCafé Coffee Day pioneered the café concept in India in 1996 with the inauguration of its firstoutlet in Bangalore. CCD saw the potential of the youth market and embarked on a dynamicjourney to become the largest organized retail café chain with a distinct brand identity of its own.Through the assignment, we would Study the marketing Mix adopted by café mocha. Theirtarget audience and market positioning 2. INDUSTRY ANALYSISIn hospitality industry there is much kind of outlets like hotels and resorts, restaurants, bar,coffee shop these are the place is serving food and beverage here I am going to give my research5|Page
  6. 6. A Project Report on Café Coffee Dayabout coffee shops which providing like hot and warm coffees and quick bites to the customers. Idid my research work on Indian coffee shop company who having more than 900 café in 91major cities in India and outside India.The world coffee production in the coffee year 2009-10 is estimated to be 123.6 million bagssignifying a decline of over 4.5 million bags in the CY 2008-09 when production totaled at 128.2million bags. This is revealed in a report of International Coffee Organization market report forJanuary 2010 excluding additional information that has to come from Colombia and Vietnam.The ICO report also states of a significant fall in coffee production in Brazil - by about 14percent besides production shortfall apprehended in countries like Cote dIvoire; Tanzania,Uganda, Papua New Guinea, Vietnam, Mexico, El Salvador, Equador and Peru. The Colombianproduction is unlikely to register worth mentioning increase. The over all world supply of coffeeis likely to be tight in 2010 due to low level of opening stocks as well. Total world exports of coffee (2008 & 2009) 2008 2009 % Change Colombian Milds 12219 9278 -24.07 Other Milds 22524 20861 -7.38 Brazilian Naturals 28724 30033 4.56 Robustas 34199 34518 0.93 Total 97666 94690 -3.05 Source: International Coffee Organization, Coffee Market report, January , 2010In the export front calendar 2009 closed with a decline of 3 percent at 94.7 million bags from97.7 million bags in 2008. World consumption however is provisionally estimated at 130million bags in 2008 from 128 million bags in 2007. Domestic consumption in exportingcountries was up at 36.7 million bags compared with 35.4 million bags in calendar 2007.The Brazilian Coffee Industry Association expects 4.15 percent increase in world consumptionof coffee.Indian Coffee Board puts countrys coffee production at 2.90 tonne (Post monsoon estimation)and 3.06 tonne (Post Blossom Estimation) respectively. For the present crop year beginningOctober, the board has estimated an output of Arabica at 101,525 tonnes and Robusta 204,7556|Page
  7. 7. A Project Report on Café Coffee Daytonnes. Karnataka leads the country with 2.05 tonne (Post monsoon estimation) and 2.21 tonne(Post Blossom Estimation) production followed by Kerala and Tamil Nadu. According to ICOestimate, India produced over 3.1 million bags of 60 kgs each in 2009 compared with 3.3million bags in 2007.Countrys coffee exports during fiscal 2008-09 stood at 1.96 lakh tonnesignifying marked decline from 2.18 lakh tonne in 2007-08. Indias Coffee Production (In tonne)State 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10Karnataka 206025 191575 183860 205700Kerala 59475 49000 57200 59250Tamilnadu 18225 18100 16255 19350Non-traditional areas 4085 3175 4870 5185(Andhra Pradesh & Orissa)North Eastern region 190 150 115 115Total 288000 262000 262300 289600*Post Monsoon estimates *Source: Federal Ministry of Commerce, Government of IndiaIndia accounts for about 4.5 percent of world coffee production and the industry providesemployment to 6 lakh people. Among the coffee growing states, Karnataka accounts for 70percent of countrys total coffee production followed by Kerala (22 percent) and Tamil Nadu (7percent). Europe accounts for about 70 percent of Indias total coffee exports. Of this again, 70percent is shipped via Suez Canal. Major Indian coffee importing countries include Italy,Germany, Russian federation, Spain, Belgium, Slovenia, US, Japan, Greece, Netherlands andFrance.Indias Exports of CoffeeYear Quantity (In tonne) Value ( In Rs crore)2006-07 249029 2007.902007-08 218998 2046.292008-09 197171 2242.642009-10 (Upto March 8, 2010 181225 1944.98Source: Federal Ministry of Commerce, Government of India7|Page
  8. 8. A Project Report on Café Coffee DayWith a view to expand coffee cultivation, Coffee Board has been implementing developmentalprogrammes for coffee development in North Eastern Region and Non Traditional areas. During11th Five Year Plan, Coffee Board has proposed to support coffee expansion programme takenup by the Integrated Tribal Development Agency on 24000 ha. area in Andhra Pradesh and on850 ha. area in North Eastern Region, which will facilitate export of coffee. As a part of exportpromotion, the Coffees from different regions with their logos are promoted including the coffeefrom the areas under Integrated Tribal Development Agency, as ‘Araku’ Coffee. Constantendeavour is being made by the Government to help the coffee growers to ease their bank debts.CAFÉ COFFEE DAYIndia’s favourite coffee shop, where the young at heart unwind.Café Coffee Day is a part of Indias largest coffee conglomerate, Amalgamated Bean CoffeeTrading Company Ltd. (ABCTCL), the first to roll out the ‘coffee bar’ concept in India with itsfirst café in Bangalore. It’s a Rs. 750 crore, ISO 9002 certified company. With Asia’s second-largest network of coffee estates (10,500 acres) and 11,000 small growers, making its holder thelargest individual coffee plantation owner in Asia, this in addition to being Indias only verticallyintegrated coffee company. Coffee Day has a rich and abundant source of coffee. This coffeegoes all over the world to clients across the USA, Europe and Japan, making us one of the topcoffee exporters in the country.We all know that Café Coffee Day is one of the most popular hangout places. The coffee joint isvery famous among youngsters. Coffee is one of the favorite beverages and has become moreappealing because of its variety.8|Page
  9. 9. A Project Report on Café Coffee DayCoffee has been around in India since the 17th century. However, coffee drinking hastraditionally been largely restricted to domestic consumption, and mostly in the South Indianstates of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. Coffee has been around in Indiasince the 17th century. However, coffee drinking has traditionally been largely restricted todomestic consumption, and mostly in the South Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Keralaand Andhra Pradesh.India ranks sixth as a producer of coffee in the world accounting for 4.5% of the global coffeeproduction. India has about 170,000 coffee farms cultivating around 900,000 acres of coffeetrees. India is the largest producer and consumer of milk in the world with 98% of milk beingproduced in rural India. Coffee consumption in India is growing at 6% per annum compared tothe global 2% plus.Café Coffee Day’s menu ranges from signature hot and cold coffees to several exoticinternational coffees, tea, food, desserts and pastries. In addition, exciting merchandise such ascoffee powders, cookies, mugs, coffee filters, etc. is available at the cafés.It was in the golden soil of Chikmagalur that a traditional family owned a few acres of coffeeestates, which yielded rich coffee beans. Soon Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading CompanyLimited, popularly known as Coffee Day was formed. With a rich coffee growing tradition since1875 behind it coupled with the opportunity that arose with the deregulation of the coffee boardin the early nineties, Coffee Day began exporting coffee to the connoisseurs across USA, Europe& Japan. Coffee Days two curing works at Chikmagalur and Hassan cure over 70,000 tonnes ofcoffee per annum, the largest in the country. Coffee Day has a well-equipped roasting unitcatering to the specific requirement of the consumers. The process is carried out under thecontrol of experienced personnel to meet highest quality standards. The most modern technologyavailable is used to maintain consistency and roast the coffee beans to the demandingspecifications of the discerning coffee consumers.9|Page
  10. 10. A Project Report on Café Coffee DayCafé Coffee Day (CCD) pioneered the café concept in India in 1996 by opening its first café atBrigade Road in Bangalore. Today, more than a decade later, Café Coffee Day is the largestorganized retail café chain in India with cafes functioning in every nook and corner of thecountry. Drawing inspiration from this overwhelming success, Café Coffee Day today has cafesin Vienna, Austria and Karachi. What’s more, new cafes are planned across Middle East, EasternEurope, Eurasia, Egypt and South East Asia in the near future.In October 2009, CCD unveiled a new brand logo, a Dialogue Box, to weave the concept of‘Power of Dialogue’. In accordance with this new brand identity, CCD planned to give all itsexisting outlets a new look by the end of 2009. Cafés would be redesigned to suit differentenvironments such as book, music garden and cyber cafes suitable for corporate offices,university campus or neighborhood. The change plan included new smart menu, furniture design,among others.VISION:To be the only office for dialogue over a cup of coffeeMISSION:“To be the best Cafe chain by offering a world class coffee experience at affordable prices.”The offerings are designed in such a manner that one cannot be spelt without the other; there arethe hot coffee or cold coffee combinations with delectable desserts and special coffee and eatscombinations for even a group of four friends.Coffee Day Comprises of the following Sub Brands 1. Coffee Day - Fresh & Ground 2. Café Coffee Day10 | P a g e
  11. 11. A Project Report on Café Coffee Day 3. Coffee Day – Vending 4. Coffee Day - Xpress 5. Coffee Day – Exports 6. Coffee Day - PerfectPioneers of the Café Concept in India with its first Café at Brigade Road, Bangalore in 1996.This Café was opened as a Cyber Café (first of its kind) but later, with the burst of cyber cafes itreverted to its core competency i.e.; Coffee. Essentially a youth oriented brand with majority ofits customers falling in the 15-29 year age bracket .Each café, depending upon its size attractsbetween 400 and 800 customers daily. It is a place where customers come to rejuvenatethemselves and be themselves.Key Features • Pioneers of the Café Concept in India with the its first Café at Brigade Road, Bangalore in 1996. This Café was opened as a Cyber Café (first of its kind) but later, with the burst of cyber cafes it reverted to its core competency Coffee. • Essentially a youth oriented brand with majority of its customers falling in the 15- 29 year age bracket • Each café, depending upon its size attracts between 400 and 800 customers daily. • It is a place where customers come to rejuvenate themselves and be themselves.USP of the Brand: 1. Affordable Price 2. Coffee – Winner of Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at the India Barista Championship 200211 | P a g e
  12. 12. A Project Report on Café Coffee Day2.1 CURRENT TREND IN INDUSTRYGrowth of Café Industry in IndiaHot beverages have always been a part of the tradition of India, especially South India. Coffeetook the first seat in South India when the traditional Brahmin classes brought down. In order tospread the drink, coffee houses emerged at various places in the country, which also served asthe opposite places for lawyers and the educated class to hold discussions ranging from politicsto cinema. It is also believed that many scripts and ideas for films evolved here.The drink also became famous and as a result even five star hotels began cashing in on it.Several hotels all over the country started opening coffee- shops that catered to high- endcustomers. This showed the popularization of coffee cafés, to all sections of society.The drink has now become more of a concept than merely a drink itself. The last decadewitnesses the growth of numerous coffee pubs in the country. A number of coffee café ownerstried to westernize the taste in contrast to the filter coffee.Now, large retail chains like Qwikys, Barista, and Café Coffee Day have opened up around thecountry. The concept of a café today is not merely about selling coffee, but about developing anational brand. Retail cafés now form a multi-crore industry in the country, and have hugepotential for growth locally, and internationally.The more than US $150 million organized coffee retail business in India is coming into its own,fed by rising incomes and a fast-food sector that is growing at 40 per cent annually. Coffeeconsumption has increased from 55,000 tons to 80,000 tons after decades of stagnation. Industrysources say the niche coffee retail format is growing at 10-12 per cent a year, with brandedcoffee accounting for 53 per cent of sales, unbranded 40 per cent and cafes 7 per cent.MARKET SIZE IN US12 | P a g e
  13. 13. A Project Report on Café Coffee DaySnapshot: Coffee ShopRetail Sales Estimates Year End 2009 Coffee Cafes: (beverage retailers with seating) 1,250locations averaging $550,000 in annual sales = $ 6.12 billion or adults who have visited acoffeehouse in the past week:  Average weekly spending $5 or under: 41%  Rarely or never purchase food: 49%  Consume the beverage off-premises: 52%DemographicsSeventy-seven percent of U.S. adults drink coffee daily, and gourmet coffee consumption hasrisen in the past five years. According to Scarborough Research, a market research firm thatstudies media, lifestyle, and shopping patterns in the United States, in October 2008, 12 percentof adults have been to a coffee shop in the past month. Although popularity of coffee shops hasrecently spread across the nation, the West coast has the most coffee shop patrons. The idealratio of coffee shops to residents in a particular area is 1:10,0002.2 ROLE OF TECHNOLOGYTechnology plays a major role in Café Coffee Day because all the work like billing, stockmaintenance, inventory control, etc is done with the help of computers.For making the coffee and tea they require machines, which give an edge to the service providerover local players like the small tea stall or coffee stall.2.3 MAJOR PLAYERS IN THE INDUSTRYFollowing are the major players in coffee shop industry:13 | P a g e
  14. 14. A Project Report on Café Coffee Day A. Barista Lavazza • One of Indias largest franchised chains of coffee bars, the Barista Lavazza coffee company operates around 205 outlets across India – 15 crème lounges and the rest espresso coffee bars. • It plans to open 300 new stores over the next three years and has begun aggressively marketing its products outside Indian borders into neighboring countries. Considered the Starbucks of the East, Barista offers many of the same menu items like espresso, lattes, cappuccino and various pastries, in addition to basic coffee. Despite being Indian, Barista sticks closely to its Italian roots by serving Italian coffees exclusively. B. Costa Coffee • British coffee retail chain Costa Coffee launched its outlet in New Delhi, becoming the first international coffee chain to start operations in India in September 2005. • The chain is currently operational with 36 outlets and expanding aggressively to tap this potential market. C. Café Mocha • It was started by a Mumbai based entrepreneur Riyaz Amlani, who has a long experience in the hotels and restaurants business. This store is strikingly different from others, they love being over-the-top and thus it’s a place that either you love it too much or find it ’Over the top’. Studying the marketing Mix adopted by café mocha. Owned by Impresario Entertainment & Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. • Mocha opened its doors at Churchgate (Mumbai) in December 200114 | P a g e
  15. 15. A Project Report on Café Coffee Day • 15 operational outlets across the country and its own central kitchen • Future plans for Singapore, Dubai and New York and Chicago.Retail players like Reliance Retail and Shoppers Stop are also retailing coffee with their multi-products offering outlets like Reliance Timeout and Desi Café respectively.2.4 COMPETITION Barista is the major competitorBarista coffee was establishes in 1999 with the aim of identifying growth opportunities in thecoffee business. Increasing disposable incomes and global trends in coffee indicate immensegrowth potential in one particular segment.15 | P a g e
  16. 16. A Project Report on Café Coffee DayMore significantly, they believe they have been quick to spot a latent need waiting to be trapped:Coffee lovers seek a complete experience. One that combines intelligent positioning with theright product Mix and carefully designed cafés. In other words, customers seek an “experientiallifestyle brand”. As of today, Barista exists in over 22 cities, and operates over 140 outletsnationally. In the last 2 years, Barista has opened over 100 outlets in the country and with a newoutlet opening nationally every 14 dates; Barista is currently experiencing phenomenal growth.With outlets opening in Sri Lanka and Dubai, Barista is looking at potential growth opportunitiesin Asia, making it highly competitive international brand.Marketing MixPrice MixBarista has a ‘Skim Pricing Policy’. They began with a higher price, and skimmed the cream forthe market. With the sudden spurt of growth in number of outlets, came the benefits ofeconomies of scale. Because of this, they have been able to gradually lower their prices, andappeal to different segments of their target market. Currently, their prices are the lowest theyhave ever been, and they can competitively match their prices against Café Coffee Day’s prices.The prices are constantly changing though, and the last 1-year has seen 3 changes (mostlyreductions) in prices. This gradual price reduction meant that Barista could maintain its profit-maximization policy until it could earn large cost savings because of the benefits of high volume.The main factors that affect their pricing are their cost of goods sold. The costs are quite highbecause imports a majority of its products and product. Considering that Barista is trying totarget a market whose age range is between 18 and 60 years, a pricing policy appealing to thissegment is difficult. Extremely low prices act as a deterrent to some customers who might regardit as an indicator or quality, while very high prices cannot be afforded by most of the youth. Butsince Barista’s current consumer profile is quite young, their prices are mostly inexpensive, andat par with their competitors.Process MixThe order and delivery process at Barista is based on self- service, where a customer goes up tothe counter to place his order, and goes back to the counter to pick his delivery once it isprepared.Product Mix Coffees & Teas Refreshing Eatables Alternatives Coffee with Milk Smoothies Sandwiches Cappuccino Guava Paneer Tikka Caffe Mocha Mango Cheese & Tomato Caffe Latte Grape Chicken Tikka Smoked Chicken16 | P a g e
  17. 17. A Project Report on Café Coffee Day Black Coffee Granitas Rolls Espresso Italiano Blue Curacao Kadhai Paneer Roll EsperanoTM Lime Ice Chicken Masala Roll Americano Mixed Fruit Tango Guava Crush Dessert Coffees Milk Based Pastas Latte Bianco Strawberry Freeze Tangy Tomato Pasta Caffe Borgia Mocha Freeze Creamy Chicken Pastas Icepresso Cold Coffees Iced Tea HOT TEA Brrrista Lemon Assam Brrrista Frappe Peach English Breakfast Brrrista Blast Darjeeling Iced Caffe Mocha Earl Grey Coffee Add-ons Other Drinks Desserts Various Flavours Ginger Fizz Walnut Brownie Chocolate Fudge Kinley Water Mocha Excess Whipped Cream Chocolate Excess Espresso Shot Dark Temptation Ice Cream Scoop Chocolate Mousse Chocolate Chip Muffin Almond Raisin Muffin Apple CakePeople MixThe people at Barista are characteristically trained to be Pleasant, Polite and Positive. Theyensure you have a quiet, uninterrupted visit and provide an escape from the daily pressures oflife. Their uniforms are in sober shades of brown and orange, and contribute to the overall laid-back feeling of the café.Promotion MixAccording to research, over 65% of Barista’s customers are in the 15- 30 age- group. Themajority of these are students and young urban professionals. Barista positions itself as a brandfor anyone who loves coffee. Their products, servicesand outlets are more like the traditional European cafés, where people would meet for the love ofcoffee, and for an intellectual appealing time. They position their outlets as a place “where theworld meets”, and they look to appeal to anyone in the 14- 60 age group that loves good coffeeand looks for a nice quiet time.17 | P a g e
  18. 18. A Project Report on Café Coffee Day a) Logo, Colors, Images:Barista, since the beginning has looked to use colors in its café interiors, logos and images; toproject a “warm, earth glow, synonymous with coffee”. Barista uses shades of Orange & Brownto good effect to promote its “laid- back” atmosphere. The logo is a combination of Brown,Orange and Light Yellow; with the word “Barista” written in an upward curve, and the word“Coffee” underneath. A simple logo that perfectly expresses Barista’s brand image: A traditionalcafé for coffee lovers. b) Décor and Architecture:Barista’s internal décor and architecture expresses the simplicity you would normally associatewith traditional cafés. The furniture is made of light shades of wood, and there are comfortablesofas in bigger cafés. The walls are shades of orange, with various photographs of the love forcoffee spread around each outlet. c) Literature:The literature provided by Barista is indicative of its brand image. The menus, posters,pamphlets are all traditionally designed, with a classic and simple look. One aspect of particularnote is their magazine, which is privately circulated in the cafés. The magazine encouragescustomers write, draw, make etc anything creative; and this is then published in the magazine.The magazine not only provides an avenue for advertising, but also an opportunity for Barista toexpress its brand image Barista currently carries out mass promotion campaigns. This is mainlyin the form of promotions in the Press, TV and Radio Medias. At present, they do not relyheavily on advertising, but rely more on sponsorships and strategic alliances with othercorporations. Barista also takes part in various sales promotion activities to help increase sales attheir outlets. d) Sponsorships:Barista sponsors various events and festivals, which provides them valuable promotion directedat strategic markets. The sponsorships are mainly in kind, although major events are sponsored incash also. e) Sales Promotion:Barista uses a special “Barista Coffee Card” for its sales promotion activities. The BaristaCoffee Card entitles you to one complimentary hot beverage when you are done sipping seven. Itis available to all Barista coffee regulars. No membership fees, no references required. Fill outthe card and you are a member. As a Coffee Card holder, you earn one stamp on the card everytime you purchase a beverage. Simply present the card to the cashier when you place your orderat any of their outlets. Once you have collected seven stamps, you can hand over the card toreceive your complimentary hot beverage. Barista hopes this card can help drive sales growth,and increase customer retention f) Collaborations:18 | P a g e
  19. 19. A Project Report on Café Coffee DayBarista has entered into special collaborations and alliances with various partners for co -marketing brands. For example, Barista entered into a deal with Leo Mattel toys to provide thepopular board game Scrabble at every Barista outlet across the country .This is an ideal alliancefor both the organizations, because it provides Leo Mattel with an important avenue forpromoting their product, and it provides Barista’s customers an added attraction for spendingmore time at Barista outlets .Barista has also entered into partnerships with various movies, forpromotions through Barista, and recently, they tied up with Star World for its “AbsolutelyEverybody” campaign.PlaceThis is a prime factor in determining the success of a retail chain. However, Barista Coffee hasadopted a top down approach, wherein they first identify the cities and then decide on preciselocations within its limits .While selecting a city Barista has devoted substantial managementtime and effort in zeroing in on the cities where they are now situated. The selection of the citieswas based on the following criteria. • Sizeable population of executives, students and families in SEC A & Barista category. • High disposable income with people looking for new vistas in leisure and lifestyle oriented concepts. • High level or organized retail activity. • Rapid socio- economic development. • Level of commercial importance (Industrial cities, state capitals etc.) • Number of educational establishments and opportunities available for employment.On the basis of the above criteria, they had initially targeted cities like Delhi, Mumbai,Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. Chandigarh and Ludhiana were later added due to tie- upswith ‘Planet M’ and ‘Ebony’ to set up store-in- stores at their outlets. They are also pursuing anequally aggressive international business expansion strategy. They have over 50 overseaslocations presently under their consideration .They have already done their groundwork in termsof getting brand and name registrations in over 30 of these locations.To facilitate their global expansion, they plan to work with strategic partners, who share thesame vision of expanding and promoting the brand worldwide. Currently they have opened newoutlets in Sri Lanka and Dubai as a part of their international strategy.2.5TANGIBILITY SPECTRUM19 | P a g e
  20. 20. A Project Report on Café Coffee Day3. TYPICAL SERVICE OFFERING3.1 CUSTOMER’S EXPECTATIONSWhen a customer visits a coffee shop they expect a good experience. They want the serviceprovider to provide them with the best services they have. From the chart given below we can20 | P a g e
  21. 21. A Project Report on Café Coffee Dayeasily make out that the customers gives high preference to the quality of services and they giveleast preference to the pricing. The major reason behind customer giving least preference to theprice is because they want a good experience which is beyond price.  From the above chart one can easily make out that 42% people consider the quality of services offered by the coffe shop before going to it.  The next important factor considered by customer before choosing a coffee shop is the ambience. They want the coffee shop to be a cool hangout place where they can hangout with friends and do some combined studiesRATING TO CAFÉ COFFEE DAY BY THE CUSTOMER ARE SHOWNIN THE CHART BELOW21 | P a g e
  22. 22. A Project Report on Café Coffee DayFrom the chart above one can easily make out the following things regarding to Café CoffeeDay:- 1. Customers grade Café Coffee Day very good when it comes to ambience. 2. Customers grade Café Coffee Day good when it comes to pricing. 3. Customers grade Café Coffee Day very good when it comes to service offered. 4. Customers grade Café Coffee Day very good when it comes to quality of product. 5. Customers grade Café Coffee Day very good when it comes to Location.Which simply proves that Café Coffee Day is one of the best hangout place for the youth whoconsider the factors mentioned above while selecting a Coffee Shop.3.2 BUNDLE OF BENEFITSFollowing are the benefits that a customer can get from Café Coffee Day:22 | P a g e
  23. 23. A Project Report on Café Coffee Day 1. Benefits through pricing of products Considering that Cafe Coffee Day is trying to target a market whose age range is between 15 and 60 years, a pricing policy appealing to this segment is difficult. The pricing is extremely low and act as a deterrent to some customers who might regard it as an indicator or quality, while very high prices cannot be afforded by most of the youth. But since Cafe Coffee Day’s current consumer profile is quite young, their prices are mostly inexpensive, and at par with their competitors. 2. Benefits through different product line They are Coffee Days most unique aspect is that it grows the coffee it serves in its cafes. Coffee Day has a well-equipped roasting unit catering to the specific requirement of the consumers. The process is carried out under the control of experienced personnel to meet highest quality standards. The most modern technology available is used to maintain consistency and roast the coffee beans to the demanding specifications of the discerning coffee consumers. The coffee beans are supplied to all the cafés from Chikmagalur. The eatables at Café Coffee Day are catered by different vendors: example: ice creams are catered by Cream Bell, Milk by Amul and samosa’s by Patsiers Gallery. Café Coffee Day also sells merchandise through its stores. 5 per cent of the revenue comes from sale of merchandise. Café Coffee Day product Mix constitutes a wide range of products that appeal primarily to Indian coffee and snack lovers. Products have a decided Indian taste to it - be it food or coffee. Most of the eatables have been adopted to meet the Indian taste buds like samosa, biryani, masala sandwich, tikka sandwich etc. Thus they have been trying to capture the Indian taste along with classic coffee. The best selling item in summer is frappe, which is coffee and ice cream blended together. The young people favor it. In winter it is cappuccino. Their merchandising includes funky stuff like t-shirts, caps etc.Coffee and Tea Refreshing Alternatives EatablesHot Coffee Granitas Melting MomentsEspresso Blood Orange Banana n’ Walnut CakeEspresso Americano Cool Blue Banana Chocolate Mousse23 | P a g e
  24. 24. A Project Report on Café Coffee DayMacchiato Pineapple Crush Banana Caramel pieCappuchino Emerald Ice Chocolate DoughnutCafé Latte Ruby Surprise CookiesChococinno Marble CakeCafé Mocha Pineapple GetauxIrish Coffee Chocolate CakeInternational Coffee Smoothies Ice CreamsColombian Juan Valdez Mango Colada VanillaEthiopian Qahwah Strawberry Colada ChocolateKenyan Safari Seasons BestCold Coffee Cremosas Quick BitesSweet Mint Litchi SamosaCold Sparkle Ginger Spice PuffBrandied Banana Pina Colada PizzaTropical Iceberg CroissantIced Eskimo French Fries Kathi Roll Wraps Biryani Sandwiches Kulcha Burger Pasta Masala SandwichCoffee Add-Ons Cool RefreshersHoney Fruit JuicesFlavoured Syrups Mineral WaterRed EyeWhipped CreamScoop pf Ice creamChocolate SauceTeasAssam Tea24 | P a g e
  25. 25. A Project Report on Café Coffee DayMasala ChaiLemon ‘n Ice TeaKashmiri QahwahApple n Cranberry ice tea 3. Benefits through Location Cafe Coffee Day looks to cater to their target market with strategically located outlets. Their outlets are generally located at High Street/ Family Entertainment Centers. Considering their generic appeal, there are Cafe Coffee Day outlets in and around Malls, Cinemas, Colleges, and Offices etc. This endorses their brand image of a café that appeals to coffee lovers of all ages. 4. Benefits through People The people at Cafe Coffee Day are characteristically trained to be Pleasant, Polite and Positive.3.3 TYPICAL SERVICE PERFORMANCE OF FIRMS25 | P a g e
  26. 26. A Project Report on Café Coffee DayFrom the above chart one can easily make out that the major competitor to Café Coffee Day isBarista. Café Coffee Day is facing huge competition from Barista as both of the serviceproviders are targeting the youth segement.3.4 SERVICES QUALITY DIMENSIONS  Reliability It is the ability to perform the promised service dependably and accurately. Each and every coffee shop (local one or International brand) promises best taste in terms of Coffee. These promises should me met accordingly in each and every aspect like quality & quantity.  Assurance Assurance positioning would have to be backed up by evidence of the knowledge and thoughtfulness of administrators, faculty and staff and their ability to inspire trust and confidence. It includes the knowledge and courtesy of employees and their ability to convey trust and confidence. The employees at Café Coffee Day are well trained to tackle problems without causing harm to customers.26 | P a g e
  27. 27. A Project Report on Café Coffee Day  Tangibility It talks about the furniture, menus, the interiors etc i.e. Physical facilities, equipment & appearance of personnel.  Empathy Caring, individualized attention the firm provides to their customers. The mission of Café Coffee Day is “To be the best Cafe chain by offering a world class coffee experience at affordable prices”. This statement proves that they want to serve the target market i.e. the youth with full services that they want at an affordable price.  Responsiveness Willingness to help customers and provide prompt service. Employees in Café Coffee Day are not quick to respond to the queries of their customer since the working staff is less in number. But still they somehow manage to respond to customers as per their demand.3.5 CUSTOMER‘S INVOLVEMENT IN THE SERVICEDELIVERYIn Café Coffee Day service Customer involvement in the service delivery does not exist aseverything is done by the staff. From taking the order till delivery of the order, whole process istaken care by the staff.4. SERVICE BLUEPRINT27 | P a g e
  28. 28. A Project Report on Café Coffee Day4.1 SERVICE ENCOUNTERS / MOMENTS OF TRUTH28 | P a g e
  29. 29. A Project Report on Café Coffee Day  When the customer first enters the restaurant he can find AD posters on the front glass of the Cafe Coffee Day.  After entering into Cafe Coffee Day, customer is guided by an employee, where he is provided with a menu card for the order. Here customer can feel the ambience and the décor of the restaurant. After giving an order to the employee, employee passes the order to the front section of the kitchen. The employees in the front section would pass the order to back-end kitchen where the order is prepaid. Parallely, employee would update the billing machine. The prepaid order is then served to the customer.  After availing the services and the products of Cafe Coffee Day, customer would ask for Bill. Employee would then give the updated bill to the customer.  Customer will pay the bill either through cash or through credit/debit card. After payment is done the database of Cafe Coffee Day gets updated.  After payment of the bill the customer leaves the restaurant.4.2 VALUE OF BLUEPRINTINGFollowing are the uses or advantages of having a blueprint for a service:  Providing a Platform for InnovationFirst and foremost, service blueprinting provides a common platform for everyone – customers,employees, and managers – to participate in the service innovation process. Blueprintingprovides a common point of discussion for new service development or service improvement (apicture is worth a thousand words). The service blueprint gives employees an overview of theentire service process so they can gain insight as to how their roles fit into the integrated whole.This reinforces the notion that the total service is greater than the sum of its parts. This benefit ofa clearer organizational vision is realized by virtually every firm that utilizes blueprinting.29 | P a g e
  30. 30. A Project Report on Café Coffee Day  Recognizing Roles and InterdependenciesThe process of blueprinting and the document itself generate insights into various role andrelational interdependencies throughout the entire organization. The customer’s actions andinteractions are highlighted, revealing points at which he or she experiences quality. Theblueprint reveals all of the touch-points that are critical in meeting customer needs and helps inidentifying likely points of service failure.Utilizing the visual language of service blueprints puts everyone involved in the service designprocess on the same page, creating more communication efficiency and informational precisionduring the typically “fuzzy front end” of the service development process.  Facilitating Both Strategic and Tactical InnovationsService blueprints can be modified to suit any level of analysis desired. The methodology hasbeen used to improve macro- and micro-level processes, facilitate strategic and tactical decision-making, as well as design complex and simple services with high and low levels of divergence.Managers at all levels respond favorably to service blueprinting when they are introduced to it inworkshops and seminars.  Transferring and Storing Innovation KnowledgeService blueprints can be printed out or be stored electronically and made available to everyoneinvolved. Blueprints being developed can be posted on a collaborative website, providing allparticipating parties with access to an editable form of the document. Suggestions and edits canbe posted, which can then be further discussed, blogged about, incorporated or nixed. In fact, agreat deal of the entire blueprinting process can be done remotely, or virtually.  Designing the Moments of Truth30 | P a g e
  31. 31. A Project Report on Café Coffee DayBlueprinting promotes a conscious decision on what consumers see and which employees shouldbe in contact at each moment of truth.In many services it is relatively easy to decide which elements of the service should be providedin view of the customer and which elements should be performed behind the scenes, orbackstage. For instance, at a hotel, housekeeping may provide turn down service in the presenceof a customer, but the laundry is clearly a housekeeping activity best performed backstage.  Clarifying Competitive PositioningService blueprinting allows firms to clarify competitive positioning by facilitating thecomparison of the desired service and actual service, or company and competitor processes.Mapping dual processes for the identification of key service quality gaps is a highly usefulapplication of blueprinting. This is not surprising, given firms’ continuous efforts to positiontheir service offerings correctly in the highly competitive global marketplace.  Understanding the Ideal Service ExperienceWe also perceive service blueprinting as being applicable within the realm of market research inunderstanding and designing ideal service experiences. For instance, brands undergoingrepositioning often seek information regarding customer perceptions of what an “ideal” brandwithin a given product or service category would look like. Customers are asked to identifywhere such a brand would be positioned along key attributes or dimensions. For services, it isoften useful to have customers identify the ideal service process for a given service category.Service blueprinting can help market researchers overcome the limitations inherent in askingcustomers to describe such a service by using words alone. The service blueprint can provide ameans for service brand managers and service designers to view and compare the customer’sideal service, the firm’s actual existing service, and any number of competitors’ serviceofferings.4.3 LEARNING FORM THIS EXERCISE31 | P a g e
  32. 32. A Project Report on Café Coffee DayThis exercise has helped me to understand the whole process about how the work is carried in acoffee service provider. I was able to understand the importance of service blueprint. Because ofthis exercise I was able to understand the concept of service blueprint in detail.5. PHYSICAL EVIDENCE 1. Décor & ArchitectureCafé Coffee Day had gone in for image change and revamping of interiors in the last quarter of2001. Café interiors have been given a whole, new look. In a change from the largely wood andgranite based interiors, there is more of steel and lots more colour now. The young colours oftoday, lime green, yellow, orange, and purple predominate. These colours are unified and used inall the outlets and stores of Café Coffee Day. 2. LiteratureThe literature provided by Café Coffee Day is indicative of its youthful image. The menus,posters, pamphlets are all designed to attract young and young at heart. They also have theirmagazine called as ‘Café Beat’, which is published monthly at their Bangalore head office anddistributed throughout the branches. 3. Dress CodeThe dress code is black dress with the logo of Café Coffee Day on one side. This is also is one ofthe evidences.5.1 ROLES OF SERVICESCAPE PLAY IN THIS INDUSTRY“The environment in which the service is assembled and in which the seller and customerinteract, combined with tangible commodities that facilitate performance or communication ofthe service”- Servicescape By Booms and Bitner32 | P a g e
  33. 33. A Project Report on Café Coffee DayA servicescape is not a passive setting & it plays an important role in service transactions. Anevaluation of the roles they have in service encounters will reveal how important it is to designan appropriate servicescape.Below diagram shows the importance of Servicescape / Physical Evidence in terms of coffeeretailing industry:From the chart given above one can easily make out the the following anayses:-When it comes to giving highest priority, majority of the people would look for Quality,ambience and physical evidence. Where as the other factors do not affect much.Therefore it clearly proves that better services backed up by good servicescape is one of themost important aspect in terms of attracting customers, when it comes to Coffee RetailIndustry or any fast food retailing business.5.2 ASPECTS OF SERVICESCAPE INFLUENCING THESERVICE DELIVERY PROCESSFrom customer Point of view:-33 | P a g e
  34. 34. A Project Report on Café Coffee Day A. Exterior and Interior Design B. Ambience C. Food(quality, quantity & variety )From the service providers point of view:- 1. Logo, Colors, ImagesCafé Coffee Day has used bright red and green colors in its logo. RED stands for leadership andvitality. It also stands for passion (… for coffee). The WHITE SWIRL signifies purity ofpurpose, invigorating properties of growing coffee. The GREEN stroke harks back to their coffeegrowing heritage and the coffee plantations that they own. It signifies 125 years of coffeegrowing heritage of this vertically integrated group. Café is noticeably larger than the rest of thetext inside the logo box. This denotes that Café Coffee Day pioneered the café concept in Indiaway back in 1996. Café Coffee Day would like to own the word “café” in the minds of itscustomers.When one thinks of a café it’s got to be Café Coffee Day. The font used for “Café” is calledSLURRY. The font looks as though the letters have congealed out of a liquid. It gives theimpression that the word is still forming itself and evolving into something new and somethingbetter constantly. This is the characteristic of Café Coffee Day’s customers and this is thecharacteristic that the brand too wants to adopt. The upward SWIRL inside the logo box standsfor the invigorating and uplifting nature of coffee and the ambience at Café Coffee Day. 2. Décor & ArchitectureCafé Coffee Day had gone in for image change and revamping of interiors in the last quarter of2001. Café interiors have been given a whole, new look. In a change from the largely wood andgranite based interiors, there is more of steel and lots more colour now. The young colours of34 | P a g e
  35. 35. A Project Report on Café Coffee Daytoday, lime green, yellow, orange, and purple predominate. These colours are unified and used inall the outlets and stores of Café Coffee Day.6. Wild Card6.1 PricingConsidering that Café Coffee Day knows its major customer lies in the bracket of 15- 29, it hastried to derive a policy whereby it can satisfy all its customers. The price for a cup of coffeeranges from Rs.20 to Rs.200. From the time it first started its operations, there has been onlyminor changes in the pricing policy of Café Coffee Day. The changes have been more due to thegovernment taxes than any thing else.35 | P a g e
  36. 36. A Project Report on Café Coffee DayFrom the pie diagram above one can easily make out the consumer is ready to spend Rs . 100 –200. So from this one can make out that Café Coffee Day need to keep the prices low inorder tocater the current segement.6.2 PromotionCafé Coffee Day does not believe in mass media promotions. But they are involved in allthe areas of serious consumer passion. • Through televisionCafé Coffee Day held a contest around a very popular programme on Zee English calledFriends. All the six lead characters are shown often visiting a coffee shop and a lot of youth likewatching the programme. That is why they had a contest running where customers could winFriends merchandise. The linkage was that it is a youth based programme and it had a coffeehouse.They have tied up with Channel [V]s Get Gorgeous contest. The reason being that a lot of theiryoung consumers are interested in careers. Modeling is a career that a lot of youngsters areinterested in and this was an excellent platform. They have also done promotion for HistoryChannel, where they have run promotion for Hollywood Heroes. They had asked a few questionand a lucky winner won a trip to Hollywood. • Ticket salesCafé Coffee Day is involved in ticket sales in quite a few events, Enrique being one of them.They were involved in WWE, Elton John, and Bryan Adams ticket sales. These acts are verymuch appreciated by their consumers. It helps both the organizers as well as Café Coffee Day.Organizers need to tell people where the tickets are available and single Café Coffee Day logosays it all. From Café Coffee Day’s point of view, they always ask for a certain amount of ticketsaround which they have a contest. Couples can win ticket for free. This in turn raises theawareness level as cafe staff approaches the consumers to inform them about the contest. There36 | P a g e
  37. 37. A Project Report on Café Coffee Dayis not a better publicity mechanism then the person who is serving you telling you about thesame. • Association with moviesCafé coffee day has been associated with a pool of movies to broadcast it self .Its main intentionis to increase the visibility rate within the crowd who are a part of the audiences. They have beena part of movies like:  Bas Yun Hi  Khakee  Main Hoon Na  Kyun Ho Gaya Na  Mujhse Shaadi Karoge  Lucky  Socha Na Tha  And a lot of Telegu & Tamil movies • Sales Promotion Café coffee day has been a very promising initiator than compared to its competitors for sales promotion like:  Giving away Gifts during occasions e.g. valentine day  Offering Coupons  Café Citizen card which allows regular members to avail discounts upto 20% and become a member after a purchase amount of upto 2000 Rs.  Sugar free campaign which was mainly done to spread awareness of staying healthy and fit by using the sugar free sachets  Discounts during festive times to members37 | P a g e
  38. 38. A Project Report on Café Coffee Day6.3 PlaceCafé Coffee Day looks to cater to their target market with strategically located outlets. Theiroutlets are generally located in High Street/ Family Entertainment Centers. Considering theirgeneric appeal, there are Barista outlets located in and around Malls, Cinemas, Colleges, Offices,etc. This endorses their brand image of a café that appeals to coffee lovers of all ages.6.4 PeoplePeople at Café Coffee Day believe that “People are hired for what they know but fired for howthey behave”. Motivation and personal skill are laid emphasize upon.6.5 ProcessThe order process at Café Coffee Day is based on services, where the customer can read themenu and order. Whereas they have a flexible delivery process, where the customer can godirectly and take what they have ordered for or the order is delivered on his table.6.6 PositioningResearch shows that 37% of the customers are between 20 and 24years. 27% of the customersare between the age group of 25-29 years. 60% of the customers who visit the café are male and40% are female. 52% of customers who visit the cafes are students.18% of the customers’ visitthe cafes daily while another 44% visit weekly. Each café, depending upon its size attractsbetween 500 and 800 customers daily, mainly between 4pm and 7 pm. Customers describe CaféCoffee Day as the place they frequent most after “home and workplace/college”. It is a placewhere they meet friends and colleagues, in groups of 3 or more. The prices here are perceived tobe reasonable and it is a place where customers come to rejuvenate themselves and bethemselves rather than a place to be “seen at” vis a vis other cafes.38 | P a g e
  39. 39. A Project Report on Café Coffee Day6.7 DISTRIBUTION PROCESS39 | P a g e
  40. 40. A Project Report on Café Coffee Day7. INDUSTRY SECTIONFUTURE PLANS:- 1. Serving to the Air Deccan Consumers in air. 2. Planning to open cafes in Middle East, Eastern Europe, Egypt and South East Asia in coming month. 3. In June, 2010 Cafe Coffee Day chain acquired Emporio for Rs 15 crore. Emporio is a Czech Republic-based café chain present at 11 locations. CCD plans to co-brand the chain as Café Coffee Day Emporio and later transition it to Café Coffee Day. CCD is also present in Vienna. The company wants to expand in the East European region, West Asia and the Asia-Pacific region. 4. Cafe Coffee Day has around 821 outlets in 115 cities in India. CCD plans to take the total number of cafes to 1,000 by March 2010 and double it to 2,000 by 2014. In October 2009, CCD announced that it will increase its international presence from the current six outlets in Vienna and Pakistan to a total of 50 stores across Europe and Middle East in two years time.7.1 SWOT ANALYSISStrengths40 | P a g e
  41. 41. A Project Report on Café Coffee Day • Products of extremely good quality and taste. • Its a youth oriented brand , hence huge potential since 40 % population is below 20 • It produces/grows the coffee it serves hence reducing the cost. • USP of brand is its considered a highly affordable brand. • Indias largest retail chain of cafes. • ISO 9002 certified company.Weakness • Weak brand image and lacks strength to maintain brand loyalty. • Poor ambience and decor. Café Coffee Day outlet served prime space for advertising and promotions. • Many of the Café Coffee Day stores are incurring loses due to wrong site selection.Opportunities • Coffee cafe industry is one of the fastest growing industries in Asia. • More people like to visit Café Coffee Day for informal meetings. • Café Coffee Day has gone international, and is planning to attract many new international markets, hence gaining international recognitionThreats • Competition with other coffee cafes like Barista, Mochas. • International Brands like Gloria Jeans, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Illy Café.Other hukka parlours are also gaining lot of attention and preferred by young generation to hangaround which in turn is attracting the market captivated by Café Coffee Day.41 | P a g e
  42. 42. A Project Report on Café Coffee Day7.2 PORTER’S FIVE FORCES MODELThreat of new entrantsThreat of new entrants is high. As more and more international brands are looking towards Indiaas the new target Market. E.g.:- • Gloria Jeans • Star Bucks • Illy Café • Coffee BeanBargaining power of customersBargaining power of customers is high as more and more Cafes are coming. So Café Coffee Dayneeds to keep the prices as per customers. The price should satisfy the customer and attract them.Below mentioned are three factors to be considered:- • Price comparison • Variety of products • Service providedBargaining power of Suppliers42 | P a g e
  43. 43. A Project Report on Café Coffee DayBargaining power of suppliers is very low as Café Coffee Day manufactures its own coffee bean.More over the food items they buy from local suppliers are easily available and they can easilychange the suppliers as and when they want. Below are few factors mentioned regarding thebargaining power of suppliers:- • Food items obtained from local suppliers • Follows backward integration • Coffee beans from its base in BangaloreThreat of substitutesThreat from substitutes is very high. As there are Hukka Parlours, Other fruit juice joints arebecoming the new junction for youth. E.g.:-  Ice tea offered by Costa coffee  Coffee offered by other competitors  Cold drinks served in stadiumCompetition within industryCompetition within the industry is very high. As there are number of old players like Barista,Café Mocha, and Minerva are well established players in the market. Barista is also targeting thesame market segment i.e.; youth.43 | P a g e
  44. 44. A Project Report on Café Coffee Day8. CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATIONSFrom the project we can conclude the following:-  That Café Coffee day is planning to go international.  The other major things regarding service marketing is that customers give top priority to the quality of the services / products and ambience.  The major competitor of Café Coffee Day is undoubtedly Barista as both of the service providers cater to same market segment India as they find India new target market.Recommendations:-1. To improve the interiors and décor.2. To have more and more tie-ups.3. Only 50 % or less than 50 % people find Café Coffee Day quality of service, ambience, pricing and location to be very good which proves that still Café Coffee Day need to do lot of homework in order to satisfy its customers.4. It should introduce a feedback form system in order to know about the customers satisfaction level.44 | P a g e
  45. 45. A Project Report on Café Coffee Day9. BIBLIOGRAPHYSites Referred:- • s • • • • | P a g e