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Dadlagiin ajil

  1. 1. PREFACE I did my teaching practice work between 30th ofJanuary and 2nd of March in 3rd secondary school ofMongolian. My executive teacher was M.Oyun and supervised teacher was B.Iderbayar. During the practical teaching work I learned lot of experiences such as improving teachingmethodology and skills, English knowledge and how to conduct the classroom.
  2. 2. Aim of teaching practiceTo improving practical teaching methodology and skills through analysis and observation, also to work together with children and other practical student.
  3. 3. Objectives of teaching practice• Knowing internal procedure of secondary school• Learning differences secondary school and Universities lesson plan, training system• To use a variety of methods and skills to teach a lesson more understandable and efficiently• Improving teaching practice and English knowledge• To organize exterior curricular activities• Communicate with every student politely and respect each student’s opinion• To improving the teacher’s methodology and classroom management• To develop theoretical knowledge and skill
  4. 4. Self plan
  5. 5. 2nd week(6-10 of February )• To make lesson plans• To teach the new lessons for students• To provide the flashcards and pictures• To ask from teacher related to the some difficult lessons• To learn write on the blackboard clearly• To learn the classroom management
  6. 6. 3rd week(13-17 of February)• To experience the cooperating teacher’s methodology• To analyze the other English teachers lesson• To teach the summit lessons freely• To organize the children’s time interesting activities such as teach the new song, play game, competition tongue twister, trail world and talk about future profession for students• To analyze the other peer’s lesson and give advices
  7. 7. 4th week(27th of Febrauary and till 2nd of March)• To take advices from supervised teacher• To organize the team work and prepare the extra curricular activity• To organize the extra curricular activity for 7th and 8th grade students (AHA competition)
  8. 8. Difficulties during the teaching practice work• During the teaching practice I have met many barriers. For example:• When I first teach the lesson some students did not listen my voice because some class has 35 students I couldn’t taught my lesson very clearly. Then I couldn’t use the warm up stage suitability. However some class has 20 students but I couldn’t teach efficiently lesson because I had methodology deficient.
  9. 9. • Especially, first when I teach 5th grade very difficult because they couldn’t pay attention long time. So I used to interesting some video, game, and warm up related to lesson. If I don’t play game, showing posters and watching interesting video they tired easy. Also some students level good and some students level not good because I tried to teach quickly for 40 minutes. It was one of the big problems for me.
  10. 10. • Time table was very big trouble for me because in secondary school has 40 minutes and it was past very quickly. So I couldn’t involve my lesson and it was very difficult to me also my executive teacher was gave some advices for me time table. This was one of the big problems for me.
  11. 11. • Classroom management was big problem for me because some class has over 30 students it was very hard to communicate every students.• First I was write unreadable on the blackboard and couldn’t use the blackboard frequently.• Sometimes I was fault easy things, due to I was teaching experience deficient
  12. 12. How I solved difficulties during my teaching practice• When I have met some problems, I try to overcome it.• First when I teach lesson, I was write unreadable on the blackboard especially 5th grade so after then I tried to write on the black board. It’s my first step for lesson. Students very nice write on the notebook and black board. So their writing influenced for my script.
  13. 13. • Also I could communicate with all student and each other respect. It is most important for me.• I learned lot of experiences from executive teacher and other teachers. I did analysis her lesson every day. It’s big chance for me.• When I taught lesson my executive teacher was gave me advices after every lesson and told me advantages and disadvantages.
  14. 14. • Especially, first I teach 5th grade very difficult because they couldn’t pay attention long time. If I don’t play game and watch interesting video for them, they tired easy. So I used to interesting some video, game, and warm up related to lesson.• When I didn’t know some new words and something so I was ask executive teacher and supervise teacher.
  15. 15. To gained from the teaching practice work• During the practical work I have increased teaching methods and skills. For instance:• Improved my time management and classroom management during the lesson. And I knew how to communicate to 5th grade and 7th grade children, don’t ill manner with children. Because they become disinterested in my lesson so I have to communicate politely and be carefully each child. It is most important thing for teacher profession.
  16. 16. • First time I couldn’t communicate all students during the lesson then I could communicate all students• Also , classrooms was very comfortable and clean for each student’s learning needs such as; use the computer, wall posters projector, tape recorder, and visual aids.
  17. 17. • Also , classrooms was very comfortable and clean for each student’s learning needs such as; use the computer, wall posters projector, tape recorder, and visual aids.• And I give feedback good student’s then they improving participate in my lesson, if I give full mark only good students, some students disinterested my lesson, so do one’s best I need to give feedback to students activity participate in my lesson
  18. 18. • Finally, our teachers are very good teaching methods, with lot of experiences and skills. Of course they influenced for me when I teaching the lesson well. However we cooperating for few weeks, I knew lot of experiences and skills.
  19. 19. • Темпраментийн судалгааг 7б ангиасаа авсан. Судалгаагаар нийт 32 сурагчид оролцсоноос• 22 сурагч сангвиник буюу 68.8 хувийг эзэлсэн,• 7 сурагч флегматик буюу 21 хувийг эзэлсэн,• 2 сурагч хлорик буюу 6 хувийг эзэлсэн• 1 сурагч меланхлик буюу 3 хувийг тус тус эзэлсэн байна.
  20. 20. Графикаар үзүүлвэл: Темпраментийн судалгаа 3% 6% сангвиник21% флегматик хлорик меланхолик 68.8%
  21. 21. Researching work
  22. 22. 1.Сангвиник: Нийтэч, эвсэг, цайлган, авхаалжтай, шинэ зүйл рүү тэмүүлдэг. Удаан хугацаагаар оюуны болон биеийн хөдөлмөр хийх чадвартай. Мэдээллийг түргэнхүлээж авч ойлгодог. Ямар нэгэн зүйлд дасан зохицохдоо амархан. Хүмүүстэй хэл амаа ололцдог.• Энэхүү судалгаанаас харахад ихэнх хувь буюу 68.8 хувийг сангвиник эзэлж байна. Иймээс энэ ангид багаар ажиллуулах мөн бие даалган ажиллуулахад тохиромжтой шинэ зүйлд дасахдаа амар, хүмүүстэй хэл амаа ололцоход тийм ч хүндрэлтэй биш байдаг байна.
  23. 23. Supervised teacher B.Iderbayar
  24. 24. Training AHA competition
  25. 25. Group work
  26. 26. Conclusion• During my teaching practice work I learned lot of teaching methodology, skills and experiences from executive and supervise teachers. I’m satisfied this teaching practice work. However teaching profession is difficult but more competent than other professions. Even though I had lot of problems during my teaching practice, I could solve problems, executive teacher and teacher students help for me. It was very effective practice than before. I hopeful good teacher in the future because teaching profession very interesting and happy.
  27. 27. References• I think that teaching practice will be held in autumn because in winter had a lot celebrations and student’s holiday. For this reason some lessons doesn’t included in time• To increase practice weeks• To prepare 2nd course teaching practice• Teaching practice time too short and students should study the methodology of teacher more time• Not enough once time teaching practice• To add teaching methodology time• 3 students to be one group it’s not enough because it was study less from other
  28. 28. Tell the tongue twister
  29. 29. AHA competition among 7th grade and 8th grade
  30. 30. Thank you for attention