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This presentation contains video which can be played in MS Office 2010 (the first three slides)
This presentation explains how sales executives involve in selling a video game to a customer.

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Video games

  1. 1. Video games Presentation by: Nandeesh Badami PESIT-Banglore
  2. 2. Contents• Introduction• PS2• PS3• PSP• PS VITA•Playstation Move•XBOX 360 and XBOX 360 Kinect•Interaction with sales executive•Conclusion
  3. 3. Introduction• A video game is an electronic game that involves humaninteraction with a user interface to generate visual feedback ona video device.• The video game industry ( often referred to as interactiveentertainment industry ) is the economic sector involved withthe development, marketing and sales of video games. Itencompasses dozens of job disciplines and employs thousands ofpeople worldwide• 250 to 300 million people worldwide played video games Video games were played by preteens . Teens and young adults
  4. 4. Sony PlayStation2 •Over 1,400 PlayStation®2 games! •Enhanced Visuals and Audio: High-resolution 3D graphics. Dolby Digital AC-3 and DTS sound capabilities •DVD & CD player: Play DVD videos and audio CDs •DUALSHOCK®2 Analog Controller: An analog controller with pressure sensitivity on every action buttonMRP Rs 5990
  5. 5. • 160GB built-in storage • HD gaming • Motion-sensitive DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controllers • Wireless online connectivity •256 MB GDDR3 VRAM •Built in Blu-ray player/ 3D playback •Browse internet •Listen to your music, watchMRP Rs 16,990 videos, photos
  6. 6. • First integrated portable entertainment system designed to handle multiple applications – music, video, photo, and with games • Lithium-ION rechargeable battery pack • Stereo speakers • 4.3" (16:9) full screen • 1,67,70,000 colors display • Memory Stick / SD • Compact HeadsetMRP Rs 6,990 connector • USB 2.0
  7. 7. • Wireless conectivity with 3G and Wi-Fi• Music, Photo, Video & Web browsing( facebook, skype, twitter ) applications• Take snaps and enjoy AugmentedReality games with front & rear cameras• Dual analog sticks enhance the gamingexperience• Motion sensor• Rear touch pad• Discover more of your world with GPS MRP Rs 24,990
  8. 8. PlayStation®3 320GB with Move Starter Pack BundleModel:PS3 MOVE BUNDLE •Consist of a slim PS3 console with 320 GB of storage, plus the camera and controller needed to support one Move player. • It also comes with a Blu-ray disc sampler with nine demo games.  PlayStation 3 320GB  PlayStation®Move Motion Controller  PlayStation®Eye  PlayStation®Move Starter Disc MRP Rs 19,990
  9. 9. Microsoft xbox 360 Microsoft xbox 360 KINECT MRP Rs. 14990 MRP Rs. 21,990/-
  10. 10. Sales executive response• Who are the target customers ?• Before the launch of xbox 360 kinect and ps3 move, our target was only kids but after the launch of these two gaming console, we target both parents and their kids as xbox 360 kinect comes with a unique feature with which the whole family can engage in playing video games Ex: yoga
  11. 11. Whom you are going to target when it comes to selling of video games ?• When customers enter into gaming section in chroma , we basically show the product features to kids, we will leave the kid to play while we get engaged in explaining the other product features to parents and when kids get attracted to the product then they will convince their parents and make them to buy the product.
  12. 12. Sales of video games• Sales usually increases at the time of summer holidays and other long vacations.• There is more sales in sony psp and ps vita as they are portable and handy and upper segment target group go for buying sony psp for gifting to their relatives, family and friends.
  13. 13. Video games penetration in India•Sony Computer Entertainment FilmsIndia, After launching PlayStation II,PlayStation III and PlayStation Portabledominates the video game market inIndia by more than 70%,, the totalturnover of Sony in India is over Rs350crore.
  14. 14. Video games penetration in IndiaAtindriya Bose, country manager of Playstation, SonyComputer Entertainment believes that in India, parentsare aware of gaming. “But it becomes difficult toconvince them. Parents are afraid of their child to losehimself in his own world”.Earlier there were games which show lotblood, “Hence, parents were worried of showing blood invideo games
  15. 15. Video games penetration in India• The video game industry are targeting middle and upper segment of the class in India.• Play station III is priced around Rs20,000. In India, for us, even this price range is partially a barrier.• Parents dont want to spend the amount in the game Source: Daily news and Analysis
  16. 16. Video games penetration in India Of the total sales• the age group between 8 and 14 contributes 40%• 15 to 21 has share of another 40%.• There is another age group of 21 and above, which have slowly became self dependent and take decision on own, in case of other two age groups parents play important role in it. Source: Daily news and Analysis
  17. 17. Thank youTHANK YOU