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Social Media Marketing Strategy For Pacific Crest Transformer


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Social Media marketing strategy for Transformers, energy and B2B market

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Social Media Marketing Strategy For Pacific Crest Transformer

  1. 2. My Observations “ Article” Great Technical knowledgebase about transformers-> this can be used to engage and branding purpose if shared on Blogs or Social media sites by creating a Fan page . It can be tweet to reach more audience for knowledge sake and branding Specific group in LinkedIn : like Energy, transformers : be active participant in group and discuss and share issue and concerns and engage and collaborate with members.(this will help to connect with perspective buyers and decision makers. No Interactive forum for customers, prospects, business partners and visitors There is great Video coverage ; share this on You Tube , tweet this and share the link of Video on LinkedIn ; for seeing is believing experience
  2. 3. What social media can do for Pacific Crest ? It will help to promote all content and sites of Pacific Crest on all other social sites and communities , so pacific crest site can get traffic.
  3. 4. Most Popular Social Media
  4. 5. Goals
  5. 6. Strategies Creating online space for Prospects and buyers
  6. 8. Share the Landing page link on all the media sites with any posting or response on those sites
  7. 9. Some other key Networking groups and people
  8. 10. Expected Outcomes