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Avoiding Death By Powerpoint Slideshare


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Basic principles for creating an impacting presentation.

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Avoiding Death By Powerpoint Slideshare

  1. HOW TO AVOID DEATH BY POWERPOINT? Barcamp Antwerp March 19, 2009 Nancy Verbrugghe
  2. NANCY VERBRUGGHE Who am I ? - content specialist - & - into politics - loves motorbiking
  3. So does my daughter ...
  4. 95% of presentations SUCK Doesn’t Suck Sucks
  5. What we see: Long Boring Bad Slides Content-free
  6. What we want to see: Short Simple Legible Engaging
  8. Bad habits  Too many slides  With too many headings and subheadings  and too many bullets  Cheesy clip art  Distracting animations  Reading from the slide  Handing out the deck  Going over time
  9. Oh Shit, I’m sick
  10. 3 STEPS TO SUCCESS Preparation Design Delivery
  11. Preparation Go Analog Ask Questions Write a Handout
  12. Does your message stick ? Simplicity Unexpectedness Concreteness Credibility Emotions Stories
  13. Signal To Noise Ratio
  14. Using 2D or 3D ?
  15. Using Before and After Then and Now
  16. Using Quotes Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Leonardo da Vinci
  17. Using empty space DID YOU KNOW
  18. BIG Make it Or make it small
  19. Delivery
  20. Nancy Duarte Slide:ology Tips on how to Prepare Design And Deliver Great Presentations
  21. THANK YOU ! Nancy Verbrugghe Twitter @Nanske