Nancy soo presentation 1


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Nancy soo presentation 1

  1. 1. Photos Book Year 2012 Nancy Soo
  2. 2. Shooting in an open range. It’s a real gun!
  3. 3. Shooting in a closed range
  4. 4. I am very focus…
  5. 5. Volunteered to teach kids to escapefrom a fire building – with MVFRA & Kiwanis Club
  6. 6. With the Kiwanis Youth
  7. 7. With Capt. Bala and Kiwanis Youth
  8. 8. Kiwanis Malaysia organised & sponsored an outing event for all Malaysian Kiwanis Clubs at Sunway Lagoon They are kids from Myanmar where their parents were refugees from the war and also kids from underprivileged families
  9. 9. With the kids!
  10. 10. Mount Kinabalu!!The mountain that I’m pointing is actually the One Ringgit Mountain. Take out your One Ringgit note and have a look!!
  11. 11. I have made it to the top of South East Asia!!
  12. 12. With my friend
  13. 13. On our way up to Mount KinabaluDo you how heavy my bag weighted? Roughly 10kg!!! My knee hurts half way through and had trouble coming down the mountain…
  14. 14. Start wearing knee bands as my knees hurt!!
  15. 15. High School Friend’swedding in Singapore
  16. 16. Wedding dinner reception
  17. 17. With friends