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Angels vs.devilspptx


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It is a strange item talk about caterpillars.

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Angels vs.devilspptx

  1. 1. Angels vs. devils——————————————BY Nancy Chou
  2. 2. When you see a beautiful butterfly like this one,have you ever got any idea that It was once ugly like that?
  3. 3. so today were going to talk about the butterflys childhood——Caterpillar catepillar
  4. 4. Spicebush Swallowtail• Spicebush Spicebush Swallowtail Caterpillar 、 A spicebush swallowtail caterpillar in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, shows off eyespots meant to deter predators looking for an easy meal. 凤蝶毛虫用它的斑 纹模仿成巨大的眼 睛来吓退天敌
  5. 5. Sphecodina abbottii caterpillar• S phecodina abbottii caterpillar with brown skin patch of green camouflage themselves, when it lay in the growing clusters of grapes, others found it very difficult. Adult Sphecodina abbottii caterpillar differentiate into two kinds of colors, like a map of this caterpillar imitation grape camouflage, a like bark brown. In addition, the caterpillars and other means of defense, such as false. When an adult Sphecodina abbottii caterpillar is disturbed, it will cock tail, eye" stare" its animal attack.
  6. 6. Phaeoura quernaria• Phaeoura quernaria caterpillar simulation branches technology is excellent, even in it with the tree of no difference or shadow. It lay in the shoots, using the tail between the foot decorative light to achieve the above results. Phaeoura quernaria caterpillar color, texture and structure, all this makes it perfectly and branches of com.
  7. 7. Four angle sexta Do I lo with ok like ered leaf?• The four horns sexta look like dead leaves. When a caterpillar to hide in the vicinity of the dead leaves, its natural enemy found it very difficult. But the case was found, it and other countermeasures. When it is disturbed, it will tilt the rear ventral foot. Then the arched back, like any enraged four angle sexta caterpillars, kept shaking his head.
  8. 8. The crown of the caterpillar The crown of the caterpillar" Spiny oak." there may be many different kinds of color, it is green. Even if you meet with a pink, according to its unique shape, it`s also can be an easy job for you to identify the
  9. 9. Saddleback caterpillar• The caterpillars in the United States of Dezhou, Florida forest, fields and gardens can be seen, in upstate Missouri and Massachusetts have appeared. Because its shape resembles a saddle, it is called a" saddle caterpillar". They are gregarious when loving youth, along with growing, gradually also" part company each going his own way .".
  10. 10. " Rose thorn bug" as it is called," you did notdiscuss".when she wants to bait you.
  11. 11. nows butter flys time! I know that this theme maybe make many people uncomfortable,fortunately,caterpillars do grow up and to become beautyful butterflies eventully...
  12. 12. the more beautyful • The butterfly,the more dangerous commonly known as the" Butterfly", there are about 14000species living in the whole world, mostly in the Americas, particularly in the Amazon basin which has the widest variety of butterflies, you can see then in all regions of the world except for the polar cold zone , some living in Asia, Taiwan is famous with butterfly variety.
  13. 13. if you do like butterfly.• please dont hurt the caterpillar,in fact,It just like the ugly ducking who has not converted to the beautyful swan yet. if you have meet a caterpillar in summer days,dont get nevours and dont be blame,just keep quite and let it go,if you toy with him,please set him free.because there would be a long way for him to go. dont bother him,give the little insect a chance to become one of the beautyful butterflies.
  14. 14. Thanks for your time by nancy chou