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Auxillary Edge of the Wedge 23-24 Slides


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Edge of the Wedge Experiential Travel Training - auxillary slides presented that are not in the manual.

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Auxillary Edge of the Wedge 23-24 Slides

  1. 1. Special inserts in presentations at the Edge of theWedge #23 & #24 NancyArsenault, Celes Davar & Todd Lucier Can you Deliver this Message ... and Experience? “We provide benefits with great travel experiences that meet or exceed your needs and provide value for money, you can count on it.”
  2. 2. Experiential Travel Results Memories! Conversations Market dreams … position themes … personal relevance Themed Experiences Series of events …participatory activities …engage senses … authenticity … personal connection !"#$%&'(")*!"'+(&%* !",-'*!"'+(&*.(/)($&%* 0#12(*!"'+(&%* 34%&-)*!"'+(&%* 5#/2*6-74)(* 8-9*:'#1(*:-#$&* 8(%%*:('%-$"7* 8-9*6-74)(* 5#/2('*:'#1(*:-#$&* !-'(*:('%-$"7#;(<* Thinking Through a Market Perspective (c)
  3. 3. But we still use traditional demographics to learn about our customers ... • Cracking the code of personalization is the future of travel. • 38% of Internet users are willing to pay 20% more for a customized product. • People will continue to travel - just differently; reducing length to retain quality • Yet value is in vogue- menu pricing is back! Bundling is out, menus are in. • Time poverty remains one of your greatest competitors. Speed is in! • Speed vacation - 4 days max • Speed meetings - 2 days max • 33% of US visitors to Canada took a last minute trip, 5 days or less booking period Source: PeterYesawich, Y-Partnershps, 21 Oct 2010. 0 100 200 300 400 Room Food Amenities WiFi Experiences REVENUE OPPORTUNITIES (c)
  4. 4. • Receptive operator • Transportation provider - Bus Tour Co. • Accommodations - Hotel, B&B, Inn • Destination management organization • Economic development/Tourism office - Dauphin • Not for profits,Volunteer, Museum • Attractions, Festivals • Experience provider (Musician, artist, yoga teacher) • Non-traditional tourism businesses (Honey farm) • Event managers WHO CAN FILL THE GAP? Potential Catalysts Traditional Tourism Businesses Catalyst Experience Providers (c) Traditional Tourism Businesses Experience Providers ! “The customer experience is a combination of everything you do, or fail to do” Kathy Haley, VP Client Experiences, Royal Bank of Canada Wayne Parsons, Bonne Bay Boat Tours, Norris Point, NL “From the moment you think about travelling, till the time you return and share stories, you are engaged in your customer experience. We, as businesses, are only part of the travellers’ journey. Strive to be the most relevant, engaging, and memorable!” A customer experience is a 50/50 blend of the organization’s physical performance and the emotional connection. Since 50% is based on emotions, you must understand how your customer feels.
  5. 5. Shifts in Opportunity Packaging Build itineraries Sage on the Stage Look & listen Talk to people Entertainment e.g. Performing e.g. Cooking Crafting experiences Chunk down activities Guide of the side Engage & converse Personal connections Engagement e.g. Songcrafting e.g. Interactive cuisine ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ME WE E d g e o f t h e W e d g e e x p e r i e n t i a l T o u r i s m ! G r o s M o r n e I n s t i t u t e f o r S u s t a i n a b l e T o u r i s m!! ! ! P a g e 1 / 4 Fiona Cuthbert, the manager of the Bonne Bay Marine Station attended a previous edition of The Edge of the Wedge workshop. She has taken a number of key ideas and applied them specifically to program and business development, in partnership with other local tourism businesses. She shares a number of her observations about the changes she has introduced, in this profile. BONNE BAY MARINE STATION i n n o v a t i o n s i n m a r k e t i n g & p r o g r a m m i n g COLLABORATIVE MARKETING WORKS The Bonne Bay Marine Station began a joint marketing partnership with Bon Tours and Gros Morne Adventures during the summer of 2007. All three businesses have joined the new Western Destination Marketing Organization and we placed a single full page ad with the DMO for the Norris point Waterfront as a whole. Why do this? We printed the ad as an 11x17-inch poster to be placed at various locations in the Gros Morne Area such as Parks visitor centres, Deer Lake Airport, provincial visitor centres, restaurants, hotels, and local stores. We also printed the ad as an 8.5x11inch page and added additional information on the reverse side. The information included: what programs each of the partners offer on the waterfront, times, dates, and prices. We also included the water taxi schedule. The sheets were placed in plastic sleeves and were placed in the binders in hotel, cabin and B&B rooms in Rocky Harbour and Norris Point. Why did we do this? •We are trying to market the Norris Point Waterfront as a tourist destination for half day or full day adventures. We designed the ad to complement the community road signage erected in 2006. We used the town logo and tag line in the ad, as well as images of people doing fun activities. •By repeating the same design and images we hoped people would say “hey I’ve seen these images several times – let’s explore Norris Point”. I used the image of the child holding the seastar as the front of the stations rack card to keep the theme going. •There are cost savings by forming marketing partnerships. •Reduces some of the “poster clutter” between multiple businesses and trying to display them. THE LITTLE REGION THAT COULD (c)