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Resume Prashant Nanaware

  1. 1. Prashant Gautam Nanaware Permanent Address: 190/18, Mayuresh society, Sector-1, Mhada colony, Charkop, Kandiwali (w), Mumbai – 400 067 Maharashtra, India. Mobile: +91 96110 11399 Email id: Blog: I. Professional background: August 2009 – August 2013: Title: Executive Board member Employer: Parishkaran ( Parishkaran is a registered non-profit national civil society organisation was established in August 2009. Parishkaran’s fundamental purpose is to facilitate transformation in the context and the process of governance through advancing the peoples right to political engagement and ownership, with a commitment to build and strengthen citizen engagement in governance across India by creating platforms for citizen-based advocacy, learning and sharing among its constituencies; building solidarity in pursuit of a common vision for good governance, citizen engagement and empowerment. Location: Bangalore, India Responsibilities: i. Review the role, policies and activities of Parishkaran. ii. Give general directions to Parishkaran in the furtherance of its activities iii. Organise, engage in, promote and encourage any activity related to the organisation. iv. Entertain, initiate and recommend amendments to the Constitution, with not less than two third present voting for the amendments. v. Entertain, initiate and approve, appointment, suspension or termination of staff of the organisation. vi. Advise/direct any officer of the organisation in regard to the conduct of the activities the organisation. vii. Create posts of officers, determine terms and conditions and make appointments of officers. viii.Appoint Committees for specific functions. Area of Work: Policy; Mobilisation & Consolidation of constituencies; identify and organise responses to the learning needs of communities; Leadership and Capacity Building; Develop Networks; Campaigning & Advocacy; Development of resource/training materials; Programme Planning & Designing, Coordination, Facilitation, Documentation & Publications and Evaluation Resume of Prashant Nanaware +91 (0)96110 11399 Page 1 of 7
  2. 2. Programmes and Contributions: A. Capacity Building: ● Facilitated a course on “Social Analysis” on 27 – 29 November 2009, at St. Joseph’s Evening Collage Bangalore, India ● Facilitated a course on “Social Analysis” on 22 – 24 January 2010, at St. Joseph’s Evening Collage Bangalore, India ● Facilitated a course on “Social Analysis” on 29 – 31 January 2010, at St. Joseph’s Evening Collage Bangalore, India B. Research and Development: ● Coordinated a short research on “Electoral Governance with in the context of Urban Local Governance in India” with special Case studies on Navi Mumbai Municipal Elections held in April 2010. June 2009 – July 2010: Title: Outreach Manager – Institutions (Jaagte Raho! Campaign) Employer: Janaagraha Centre for citizenship & Democracy ( Janaagraha is a not-for-profit institution started in December 2001 by two founders - Ramesh and Swati Ramanathan. From a movement to include people's participation in public governance it has now evolved into a robust institution for Citizenship and Democracy. It follows the REED framework i.e. ● Regional Perspective ● Empowering Citizens and Governments ● Enabling Citizens and Governments ● Direct Accountability It now has an eminent governing board and an active Working Council that makes operational decisions for the organisation. Of the thirteen programmes in Janaagraha four have advisory groups with members that are highly accomplished working professionals. Jaagte Raho! ( a non-partisan campaign to inspire values of active citizenship in urban India by bringing out the vote for union, state and local elections, and by promoting participation in neighbourhoods. Location: Bangalore, India Responsibilities: Partner management - Work with various partners like NGOs, colleges, companies and Clubs towards the vision of the campaign and to implement set commitments i. Spread the word – Explore various ways to evangelise the concept of Jaagte Raho! Club ii. Organising and managing Databases – Keep track of quarterly milestones, document activities and make performance reports. Keep track of resources and activities and mobilize volunteers for on ground activities iii. Training – Setup and coordinate a training system to train Core teams of Jaagte Raho! clubs. Train City Team Members to train others Resume of Prashant Nanaware +91 (0)96110 11399 Page 2 of 7
  3. 3. iv. Call for Action – Periodically activate and coordinate with the entire outreach network (Institutions) to support specific calls to action by the campaign v. Organise meetings / conclaves – Organise quarterly meets for the Jaagte Raho! Clubs across city and annual event for all associated with Jaagte Rahi! campaign. Also conduct weekly City Team Meetings Area of Work: Volunteer mobilisation; identify Institutions; Develop Networks; Campaigning; Development of /training materials; Activities planning & Designing, Coordination, Facilitation, Documentation & Evaluation A. Contributions: ● Part of a organising team of ‘Suvarna Bengaluru Pranalike’ ● Organise ‘Know your candidate’ event as a part of Jaagte Raho! Campaign in Ward-30, K.G.Halli during BBMP 2010 Elections - Bangalore, India ● Lead Get out the vote activity as a part of Jaagte Raho! Campaign in Ward-30, K.G.Halli during BBMP 2010 Elections - Bangalore, India B. Capacity Building: ● Jaagte Raho! Club core team training session about “Citizenship and Voter registration process” over the period of six months (November ’09 to April ’10), for more than 150 students, six colleges & four companies across Bangalore, India August 2008 – May 2009: Title: Outreach Associate – Western Region (Jaago Re! One Billion Votes Campaign) Employer: Janaagraha Centre for citizenship & Democracy ( JaaGo Re! One billion Votes Campaign ( The mission of the campaign is to awaken the citizen particularly the youth and register the entire Indian electorate (One Billion Voters) for voting through this movement in the next 5 years, in order to improve the out comes of every election and thereby Indian democracy. This campaign will cover India's largest 35 cities covering 10% of Indian population and with a focus on youth. This campaign was brought together by Janaagraha (a Bangalore based NGO) and Tata Tea Ltd. Location: Maharashtra & Gujrat, India Responsibilities: i. To identify host institutions and negotiate with them on the requirements specified as per the onebillionvotes design. ii. To identify and generate city teams in each city iii. To plan schedule and execute the voter registration drive iv. To coordinate voter registration drive in the region v. Monitor and evaluate each drive and work towards making the drive more efficient vi. To look after the paperwork of the campaign pertaining to that region and document the same vii. To motivate the city teams to perform efficiently viii.To evolve mechanisms for the efficient functioning of the campaign ix. To identify and generate a pool of volunteers in each city and make the optimum use of the volunteers Resume of Prashant Nanaware +91 (0)96110 11399 Page 3 of 7
  4. 4. x. Building network with Media and other social organization for long term sustainable campaign Area of Work: Volunteer mobilisation; identify Institutions; Develop Networks; Campaigning; Development of /training materials; Activities planning & Designing, Coordination, Facilitation, Documentation & Evaluation Programmes and Contributions: ● Conduct 40 Voter registration drives in four major cities in western region (Mumbai, Pune, Ahmadabad & Surat) ● Lead the team to organised Jaago Re! One Billion Votes - Rock Show in Mumbai, 27th March 2009 ● Lead the Candidate profiling activity in Mumbai city during Lok Sabha 2009 General election for One Billion Votes campaign, May 2009 ● Lead the Get out the vote drive in Mumbai city during Lok Sabha 2009 General Election for One Billion Votes campaign, May 2009 November 2006 - Continuing: Title: Regular Columnist, Writer & coordinator (for a Youth page “Campus Mood”) Employer: Loksatta ( The Loksatta is leading International Marathi News Daily in Delhi & Maharashtra, India, and part of Indian Express Group. Lok means people in Marathi/Hindi. Established in 1948, today it has branches in Mumbai (Bombay), Nagpur, Pune, Ahmednagar and Delhi (2006). Established in the year 1948, Loksatta has illustrious past. The founder of the Indian Express Group, a great freedom-fighter, Late Ramnath Goenka, remained dedicated to Loksatta. It had remained largest circulated standard Marathi daily for many years, by later 1990s saw competition from newer dailies like Mahatrastra Times and Navkal, by 1997 it only had a circulation of 400,000, Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur combined. However things turned around in the 2000s when it underwent a major revamp, this included addition of various supplements, and adding several new cities for local editions. Location: Mumbai, India Responsibilities: i. Coordinate 10-12 student’s team (College reporters) ii. Assign them task every week (covering college fest, youth related activities across city, press conference of subject which are related to youth etc.) iii. Conducting weekly meeting of all student reporters iv. Conducting survey among youth on various issues v. Write a feature stories on important issues whenever editor request for the same Area of Work: identify Institutions; Develop Networks; Campaigning; Activities planning & Designing, Coordination, Facilitation, Documentation & Evaluation June – August 2008: Title: Researcher Resume of Prashant Nanaware +91 (0)96110 11399 Page 4 of 7
  5. 5. Employer: IBN-LOKMAT ( IBN Lokmat is a Marathi-language news channel based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It is a joint venture between Network 18 and Lokmat Group, which runs the most read Marathi newspaper, Lokmat. IBN Lokmat was launched on 6 April 2008. The channel is headed by Nikhil Wagle, a veteran Marathi journalist and former editor of Marathi daily Apla Mahanagar. IBN Lokmat is generally the second most watched Marathi channel. 'Aajcha Sawal', a daily discussion show and 'Great Bhet', a weekly interview show are two of its flagship and popular programmes. Location: Mumbai, India Responsibilities: i. Meeting with producers, presenters and writers to discuss the research needs of a programme ii. Conveying findings accurately to others in report form and briefings iii. Sourcing and researching facts, figures and information using the internet, film and tape archives, specialist collections, picture libraries, and government departments iv. Assessing contributors' suitability for the programme v. Providing administrative support, such as typing, and answering the phone vi. Briefing scriptwriters and presenters on topics, updating scripts and editing news reports Area of Work: Research; Documentation & Evaluation; Develop Networks; Activities planning & Designing; Coordination; Facilitation Contributions: ● Play a key role as a researcher during ‘Ahemdabad bomb blast’ and 'cash for vote' scam in parliament by providing factual information, facts & connecting scholars to channel to get their opinion on above subjects ● Put a system in place for research team. Organised all information and important paper cuttings to simplify the work during emergency II. Educational Qualifications: A. Master Program in Government(MPG) August 07 – July 08 MIT School of Government, Pune, Maharashtra i. Papers/Presentations: ● Contemporary Issues in Indian Politics ● Structure and Functioning of the Indian Government ● Pluralism and the Nation’s Unity ● The Separatist Movement in India ● The Israel-Palestine Conflict ● Resolution of the Naxalites Problem in India ● A Human Right Violation case in the International Arena ● The role of UNHCR in the Refugee Problem ● The Breaking News culture ● Ethics in Media ● Role of Bureaucracy in India in the era of Globalisation Resume of Prashant Nanaware +91 (0)96110 11399 Page 5 of 7
  6. 6. ii. Projects: ● Conducted a survey focussing on the issues of Education, Health and Sanitation at the Katewadi Village in Baramati district as part of the MIT-SOG team; a research was also conducted to examine sustainability of a Model Village ● Submitted innovative solutions and alternate policy alternatives to ensure success of Sarva Siksha Abhiyan for a Project at MIT SOG; the same was forwarded to the Ministry ● Visited Hivre Bazar, Ahmed Nagar District the village which got National Water Award 2007, to understand the water conservation methods and the strengthening of rural economy ● Played an active part in mobilising financial resources for funding of an AIDS Awareness Campaign at Pune, jointly organised by MIT-SOG and GLOBAL HUMAN RIGHTS DEFENCE, The Hague ● Visited Pune Municipal Corporation and interviewed the Mayor to understand the functioning and practical difficulties of a corporation ● Conducted a survey focussing on the Pre-Election scenario in Gujarat State Election of 2007 as part of the MIT-SOG team. The outcome of the survey was compiled into a project B. Bachelor of Arts (History & Political Science) 2004 – 07 D. G. Ruparel College, Mumbai University, Mumbai. III. Media and Communications Qualifications: a. Diploma in Marathi Journalism 2005 - 06 A Course conducted by “Mumbai Marathi Patrakar Sangh” b. Basic Photography Course March 2002 Satyam National Academy of Photography c. Voice Culture Training May 1999 A Course conducted by Shri. Shekhar Kunte IV. Computer Proficiency: ● Maharashtra State Certificate in Information Technology (MS-CIT)in June ‘04 ● Certificate Course in Computer Hardware Maintenance with Internet, Networking & Multimedia, Government Polytechnic Mumbai Sept ‘02 V. Independent Projects: ● Care for the Uncared for the Fifth National Children’s Science Congress, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India Dec ‘97 ● Necessity of Preservation, Protection and Conservation of Sanjay Gandhi National Park for Sixth National Children Science Congress, Mumbai Dec ‘98 ● Effects and solution of the Gorai Dumping Ground on Environment during the Seventh National Children Science Congress, Kalyan Nov ‘99 ● Journalism, Public Relation’s and Media at Mumbai Marathi Patrakar Sangh 2005 – 06 VI. Academic Excellence: ● Awarded for Dr. Homi Bhabha Bal Vaidnyanik Competition, Maharashtra 1997- 98 ● Awarded for Project Presentation in Aryabhatta Science Exhibition, Maharashtra VII. Achievements: Resume of Prashant Nanaware +91 (0)96110 11399 Page 6 of 7
  7. 7. ● Received the award is titled as ‘Be the change’ in MIT School of Government-03 batch in Oct. 2008. It is bestowed upon that participant who has exhibited tremendous transformation in himself during the course (Master Program in Governance) and who is a living example of institution motto – ‘Be the Change’. ● Participant – in – Charge for monthly Newsletter Raj Dharma of MIT School of Government. October-2007 and also regular contributor ● Invited by CNN – IBN – Lokmat (Marathi News channel) in Dec ‘07 as a Political Analyst for Gujarat 2007 Vidhan Sabha Elections ● Gold and Silver Medallist of Mumbai University in Youth Festival One-Act-Play Competition for 2 years 2005 - 06 & 2006 - 07 ● Child Scientist award winner in Fifth National Children Science Congress - 97 Supported by NCSTC-Network, DST Govt of India, New Delhi ● Winner in the Speech competition held on the occasion of “World AIDS Prevention Day on December 1, 2007 by MIT School of Government, Pune ● Completed NCC ‘B’ Certificate from 3 Maharashtra BN ● Work as a comparer for ‘Rangasharda Art Academy’ ● Worked as a child artist in TV serials on Star Plus and DD-Metro. ● Participated in “SAKAL KARANDAK” One-act-play Competition from Mumbai in 2006-07. ● Working in professional drama “PALAKHI” ( Alpha gaurav purskar-2006 “Sarvotkrushta Lakshavedhi Natak”) ● Working in non-professionals drama on AIDS and Child trafficking. ● A regular dramatist of ‘Mithak’ and ‘Kalsutri’ dramatics teams. VIII. Conferences/Workshops ● Planned, organized & executed a 4 days workshop on ‘Right To Information’ at MIT-SOG ● Attended one- day workshop by the Chief of Political and Economic Section U. S Consulate Mumbai Mr. Michael Newbill on Indo-U.S Relations-Challenges and Prospects at MIT-SOG ● Attended a one-day workshop by the Centre for Study of Developing Society (CSDS) on Election Campaign Management at MIT-SOG ● Attended a seminar on National Convention of India 2007, Achievements, Failures and Prospects presided by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam ● Attended a seminar on ‘Future Directions For India Inc.’ by famous economist Lord Meghnad Desai ● Attended a seminar on ‘India- The unending journey’ by Mark Tully -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Resume of Prashant Nanaware +91 (0)96110 11399 Page 7 of 7