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Nana's life


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Story of my Life, sir.

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Nana's life

  1. 1. Created by: Taiana Brown<br />The LIFe of taianabRown<br />
  2. 2. FAMILY<br />I am German from my Uncle August, Tongan from another ancestor, Samoan from my Grandma, and Maori from another ancestor. Members of my family include:<br />My mom, Melinda Kalolaine (Muti) Brown<br />My dad, Tomasi Kalanite Brown<br />My brother, Alton Kalanite Brown<br />My other brother, Lawrence VahanoaIfunga’atele Brown<br />And me, TaianaI’leianeKimanama’oui Brown<br />
  3. 3. My Childhood (and so forth)<br />As a child I lived in 2 different states, not at the same time but moved here’s how it started. <br />I was born in Utah in the LDS hospital<br />I lived in Centerville for 1 year<br />I moved to Hawaii after that 1 year<br />I spent 5 years in Hawaii moving from Hau’ula to Laie<br />I attended Laie Elementary for Kindergarten<br />I then moved to Utah and lived with my aunt and uncle and there 4 kids (at the time)<br />I attended Woods Cross Elementary for some of 1st grade<br />My family and I moved to Bountiful<br />I then spent all my years in Boulton Elementary <br />I am now in 6th grade!<br />
  4. 4. Daily Life<br />If you wonder what I do during the week here’s just a peek:<br />Sunday: CHURCH, SCRIPTURES, AND TABLE DINNER<br />Monday: ORCHESTRA*, SCHOOL, FHE<br /><ul><li>Tuesday: FAITH IN GOD*, SCHOOL
  5. 5. Wednesday: PIANO*, SCHOOL</li></ul>Thursday: ORCHESTRA, SCHOOL<br />Friday: FUN FRIDAY (at school), SCHOOL<br />Saturday: BREAK, CLEANING DAY<br />*Faith in God is every other Tuesday<br />* * I practice my piano and violin every day but those are my classes<br />
  6. 6. About Me<br />Here are some of my favorite things:<br />COLOR: BLUE & GREEN<br />SUBJECT: MATH<br />SHAPE: CUBE<br />SPORT:VOLLEYBALL<br />VIDEO GAME: ANY WII GAME<br />ONLINE GAME: INTERACTIVE FICTION KINDS<br />BOARD GAME: CRANIUM <br />SHOW: GOOD LUCK CHARLIE<br />BOOK: THE HUNGER GAMES<br />HOBBY: TALKING<br />PERSON: MOM AND DAD<br />FOOD: ENCHILADAS<br />MUSIC: LAYBACK<br />SINGER: HAVE A LOT but I love to listen to<br />my cousin Tana’s voice<br />
  7. 7. Things I like to do <br />There’s many things I like to do but here’s my TOP TEN:<br />Read and write in journal<br />Watch T.V. and movies<br />Go on the iMac<br />Talk a lot<br />Go to school<br />Shop<br />Eat<br />Talk about my culture and family<br />Visit cousins and play games with them<br />Going on vacations/leaving Utah in anyway <br />
  8. 8. My dreams<br />Everyone has a dream here’s mine.<br />Graduate high school<br />Serve a full-time mission<br />Graduate with a doctors degree<br />Marry in the temple to a worthy gentleman with the same standards as me<br />Become a pediatrician<br />Have children of my own<br />Die in my bed. <br />
  9. 9. DEDICATION!<br />This slideshow is dedicated to my family, friends, and homeless people. <br />