Running head: UNIT 4 PROJECT                           1                               Reflecting on Sources              ...
UNIT 4 PROJECT                                                                                        2UNIT 4 PROJECT: Ref...
UNIT 4 PROJECT                                                                                      3INTERVIEW TOPIC RESEA...
UNIT 4 PROJECT                                                                                      4PART II: THREE SECOND...
UNIT 4 PROJECT                                      5Summarize, assess, and reflect on the source.SOURCE 3:Summarize, asse...
UNIT 4 PROJECT                                                                                       6PART III: REFERENCES...
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Cm220 unit 4_project_reflecting_on_sources (3)

  1. 1. Running head: UNIT 4 PROJECT 1 Reflecting on Sources Shirl Craig Kaplan University CM 220 Section X Colleen Nial 10/16/12
  2. 2. UNIT 4 PROJECT 2UNIT 4 PROJECT: Reflecting on SourcesComplete all three parts of the worksheet below. Be sure to cite all sources in APA format,including using in-text citations and reference page citations in the spaces provided. The writingshould be in Standard English and complete sentences. The sources noted in this worksheetshould be related to your "big idea," which is the basis of your final project in this course. Savethis document to your computer, and submit it through the Unit 4 dropbox, per the instructions inthe classroom under Unit 4s Project Description.PART I: PRE-INTERVIEW WORKSHEETDIRECTIONS: Complete each section of the Pre-Interview Worksheet below. Although studentsare not required to conduct an interview as research for the final project, the process of thinkingabout potential questions and responses related to the final project topic will help stimulatefurther ideas and questions related to conducting relevant and reliable research. Of course, youmay also decide to interview the person discussed here or another appropriate subject and use thematerial in your upcoming projects as a primary source.INTERVIEWER NAME Shirl CraigINTERVIEWEE NAME Candace CraigINTERVIEW METHOD In personINTERVIEW LOCATION In My home Have you seen the location yet? Yes No Not applicableINTERVIEWEE RESEARCHI found that the person interview felt the same way about the 911 situation that I do because shewas faced with a situation with her own son who into a seizure but she was lucky that thedispatcher responded as fast as the little boy who called for his mother.
  3. 3. UNIT 4 PROJECT 3INTERVIEW TOPIC RESEARCHI grew up in Chicago and my knowledge of this would be when my own brother got shot andthey took so long to come and get him by the time they arrived he was dead on arrival at thehospital. I think all the questions that the dispatchers ask should be limited so that the EMT’scan be on the way.PRIMARY QUESTIONS 1. How do you feel about the 911 calls being ignored? 2. What do you think can be down to prevent this from happening? 3. Would you complain to the media about ignored 911 calls?REASONING BEHIND ASKING THESE QUESTIONSI would ask these questions because I want to see other peoples feeling behind this situation andI want to know what they will do if they were put into a situation.ANTICIPATED RESPONSES TO QUESTIONSThe interviewer will respond kind of angry because having kids of her own she can understandif it was her who needed the help and her own child had to call and they did not take her childserious to the point of her life being at stake.SECONDARY QUESTIONSReally there will be no more question because what more can you ask behind this with seeminglike you are asking the same questions over again.REFERENCES FOR PART IIf you used in-text citations for research in the above Pre-Interview Worksheet, provide the fullAPA citation here for the source.[Please scroll down for Part II of the Project.]
  4. 4. UNIT 4 PROJECT 4PART II: THREE SECONDARY SOURCESDIRECTIONS: Now provide information about three secondary sources related to your finalproject topic. You are not necessarily required to use these sources in the final project, though thesources noted below should be reliable and relevant as potential sources to support your thesisstatements argument. Use complete sentences and paragraph format to summarize theinformation you intend to use from the source, assess the credibility and significance of thesource, and reflect on how you will use the information to support or counter your argument.One of the sources noted below should clearly oppose your stance on your topic.SOURCE 1:SOURCE 2:
  5. 5. UNIT 4 PROJECT 5Summarize, assess, and reflect on the source.SOURCE 3:Summarize, assess, and reflect on the source.[Please scroll down for Part III of the Project.]
  6. 6. UNIT 4 PROJECT 6PART III: REFERENCESDIRECTIONS: Use the next page to create a references page for the sources cited in Part II above.Create full citations for each source in APA format, order the citations alphabetically, and use ahanging indent.