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Great britain


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Great britain

  1. 1. GREAT BRITAIN ავტორი:ნანა კახიძე
  2. 2. GREAT BRITAIN Geographical definition History Capital cities Flora Fauna Religion
  3. 3. RELIGION Christianity is the largest religion on the island and has been sincethe Early Middle Ages, though its existence on the island dates backto the Roman introduction in antiquity and continued through EarlyInsular Christianity.
  4. 4. GEOGRAPHICAL DEFINITION Great Britain lies to the northwest of Continental Europe and eastof Ireland. It is separated from the continent by the North Sea and bythe English Channel, which narrows to 34 kilometres (21 mi) at theStraits of Dover
  5. 5. HISTORY The island was first inhabited by people who crossed over the landbridge from the European mainland. Traces of early humans havebeen found (at Boxgrove Quarry, Sussex) from some 500,000 yearsago[19] and modern humans from about 30,000 years ago. Untilabout 10,000 years ago, Great Britain was joined to Ireland, and asrecently as 8,000 years ago it was joined to the continent by a strip oflow marsh to what is now Denmark and the Netherlands
  6. 6. CAPITAL CITIES The capitals of the three countries of the United Kingdom whichcomprise Great Britain are: England: London Scotland: Edinburgh Wales: Cardiff
  7. 7. FLORA In a similar sense to fauna, and for similar reasons, the flora ofGreat Britain is impoverished compared to that of continentalEurope.[45] Great Britains flora comprises 3,354 vascular plantspecies, of which 2,297 are native and 1,057 have been introducedinto the island
  8. 8. FAUNA Animal diversity is modest, as a result of factors including theislands small land area, the relatively recent age of the habitatsdeveloped since the last Ice Age and the islands physical separationfrom continental Europe, and the effects of seasonal variability.