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Meeting Minutes 8


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Published in: Education
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Meeting Minutes 8

  1. 1. Meeting Minutes 8
  2. 2. Meeting 1 for KSN Productions Together with Ranvir Films  Date: 24th October 2014  Time: 2:10-3:10PM  Location: Oaks Park High School, Media Department, Room A29  ATTENDENCES:  Ranvir Jandoo  Sarah Ghile  Keanon Mcsween  Namrah Siddique
  3. 3.  DISCUSSION  In this meeting we had come to the conclusion where our production will take place; the DT workshop in our school.  This was decided due to the convenience of the location being in school and fulfilling all the requirements needed to create the perfect verisimilitude.  We had made minor changes to our storyline as the only thing that was cancelled was the bedroom scene, and instead of waking up in a forest, he wakes up in an abandoned workshop.
  4. 4.  TASKS  A call sheet was filled out by Keanon for October 2nd so our production could be filmed.  A location release form was pending to be signed by a teacher.  Modifications were made on various coursework documents.
  5. 5.  POINTS FOR NEXT MEETING  Start filming soon and prepare to edit.