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Word campgr stop selling seo namtrok

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Word campgr stop selling seo namtrok

  1. 1. Selling SEO Paul Kortman @namtrok #wpgr #wpgrseo
  2. 2. WebDev and SEO: a brief history 1995: I might need a website 2000: I need a website 2005: I need to be #1 on Google 2010: I need to be {} on Facebook Stop Selling SEO @namtrok #wpgr #wpgrseo
  3. 3. Solution: Sell SEO Stop Selling SEO @namtrok #wpgr #wpgrseo
  4. 4. Stop Selling SEO @namtrok #wpgr #wpgrseo
  5. 5. Why? Stop Selling SEO @namtrok #wpgr #wpgrseo
  6. 6. SEO is not just code Stop Selling SEO @namtrok #wpgr #wpgrseo
  7. 7. Clean code is required Stop Selling SEO @namtrok #wpgr #wpgrseo
  8. 8. Other Reasons • 26 updates YTD • only 21 all last year Stop Selling SEO @namtrok #wpgr #wpgrseo
  9. 9. Stop Selling SEO @namtrok #wpgr #wpgrseo
  10. 10. So What’s a WP WebDev to do? Stop Selling SEO @namtrok #wpgr #wpgrseo
  11. 11. SEO Basics • Infrastructure • Content • Authority Signals Stop Selling SEO @namtrok #wpgr #wpgrseo
  12. 12. Algorithm mix 2007 13% 43% 43% Infrastructure Inbound Links Content Stop Selling SEO @namtrok #wpgr #wpgrseo
  13. 13. Algorithm mix 2007 2015 13% 10% 33% 43% 23% 43% 33% Infrastructure Inbound Links Content Stop Selling SEO @namtrok #wpgr #wpgrseo
  14. 14. 10% • Everything else is just 10% Stop Selling SEO @namtrok #wpgr #wpgrseo
  15. 15. Still selling SEO? Stop Selling SEO @namtrok #wpgr #wpgrseo
  16. 16. 12 Steps First, Admit you have a problem Stop Selling SEO @namtrok #wpgr #wpgrseo
  17. 17. Plugins • Yoast’s SEO or All in One Pack • Redirection • Broken Link Checker • SEO Friendly Images Stop Selling SEO @namtrok #wpgr #wpgrseo
  18. 18. Word Press SEO Stop Selling SEO @namtrok #wpgr #wpgrseo
  19. 19. Redirection Stop Selling SEO @namtrok #wpgr #wpgrseo
  20. 20. Redirection Stop Selling SEO @namtrok #wpgr #wpgrseo
  21. 21. Broken Link Checker Stop Selling SEO @namtrok #wpgr #wpgrseo
  22. 22. SEO Friendly Images Stop Selling SEO @namtrok #wpgr #wpgrseo
  23. 23. WP Settings Permalink structure Privacy Stop Selling SEO @namtrok #wpgr #wpgrseo
  24. 24. Theme Settings • Title Optimization • h1 homepage vs post/page • Sidebar h2/h3s • rel=author and rel=me • Page navigation, (wp- pageNavi) Stop Selling SEO @namtrok #wpgr #wpgrseo
  25. 25. Title Optimization Stop Selling SEO @namtrok #wpgr #wpgrseo
  26. 26. h1 content • Homepage = blog title (maybe) • Everything else = post/page title Stop Selling SEO @namtrok #wpgr #wpgrseo
  27. 27. Sidebar h2/h3s Stop Selling SEO @namtrok #wpgr #wpgrseo
  28. 28. rel=author rel=me Stop Selling SEO @namtrok #wpgr #wpgrseo
  29. 29. Page Navigation Stop Selling SEO @namtrok #wpgr #wpgrseo
  30. 30. rel=canonical Stop Selling SEO @namtrok #wpgr #wpgrseo
  31. 31. Speed • W3 Total Cache • Use a CDN • Good, Quality host: nothing free Stop Selling SEO @namtrok #wpgr #wpgrseo
  32. 32. Duplicate Content • blog, category, tag, author, archive = all the same. Stop Selling SEO @namtrok #wpgr #wpgrseo
  33. 33. That’s just the 10% • Content • Links • Social Media • ` Stop Selling SEO @namtrok #wpgr #wpgrseo
  34. 34. A word about content Stop Selling SEO @namtrok #wpgr #wpgrseo
  35. 35. A word about content Hire it done. Stop Selling SEO @namtrok #wpgr #wpgrseo
  36. 36. Death of SEO Chip LaFleur @chiplafleur Stop Selling SEO @namtrok #wpgr #wpgrseo
  37. 37. • Forbes: The Death of SEO: The Rise of Social, PR, and Real Content • “Google is pulling the run out to provide better search for their audience. They are routing out the counterfitters. Now it must be real, valuable content, and lots of community value and interaction Stop Selling SEO @namtrok #wpgr #wpgrseo
  38. 38. Search for Opportunites • Content developement, infographics, education, newsworthy items • Identify the direction of your content • Search for local content - give a local writer a job! • Link building - stay at home parents make the perfect linkbuilders! Stop Selling SEO @namtrok #wpgr #wpgrseo
  39. 39. Stop Selling SEO • Clean Dishes is not a value add • Focus on Content and Linkbuilding Stop Selling SEO @namtrok #wpgr #wpgrseo
  40. 40. Thank You Stop Selling SEO @namtrok #wpgr #wpgrseo

Editor's Notes

  • \n
  • SEO has become integral to selling websites.\n
  • So we make packages for SEO\n
  • But you need to stop this, you need to stop selling SEO\n
  • So glad you asked!\n
  • This is the number one reason why you need to stop selling SEO\nClients will be VERY disappointed if this is all you do (clean/optimized/indexable code)\n\n
  • It’s your job. This should not be a value added thing.\nrestaurant offering clean dishes... this is not a value added thing.\n
  • Things are changing alot \n\n--> So fast that (next slide)\n
  • \n
  • Clients want SEO\nYou don’t want to stay up with it\nHire someone... or pay very close attention\n
  • \n
  • The Algorithm is not public, this is a lot of speculation\n
  • basic point... stop selling SEO, you’re only doing 10% of SEO\n
  • After all that?\nyou must be Forced\nHeld Hostage\n
  • 10%\ncontent and links (and social)\n
  • \n
  • note: NO META KEYWORDS\n
  • Even better yet, it offers a 404 error log\n
  • emails admin only\n
  • keyword should be in title.\n
  • permalink - keywords in title\nPrivacy - Dev vs Live\n
  • \n
  • Order matters\nFirst 55 characters.\n
  • maybe -- could you sneak in keywords?\n
  • content dilution\nuse ULs or DLs\n
  • rel=me goes to google+ profile\nrel=author goes to author’s bio page\n
  • links help the indexation\n
  • Ultra important with the shortner\n
  • \n
  • depends on the site which you want to remove, categories, tags.\none author site, remove the author archive\nlimit your blog and force them to archives?\n
  • \n
  • advance then say: Period\n
  • \n
  • \n
  • \n
  • And Social!\n
  • Mobile Local SEO\n