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Buying club Startup Weekend Pitch


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This is a pitch prepared for Startup weekend West Michigan.

We're in need of a developer who is interested in partnership.

Published in: Business
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Buying club Startup Weekend Pitch

  1. 1. Buying Club SoftwareWhy you will want to invest in this application
  2. 2. Bulk Buying PowerWe’ve been doing this for a long time
  3. 3. Health FoodCo-operatives of people join together for bulk discounts: Buying Clubs
  4. 4. The ProblemsOrders are collected in an off-linemanner (Email, Fax, Phone, mail)Coordinators spend so much time doingrepeated tasks that they only offer onedistributor or vendorCoordinators struggle with accountingMembers cannot consult previous orders
  5. 5. The SolutionDevelop a hosted software solution which: Allows members to complete entire order online Allows searching of vendors’ products Provides invoicing & AR Is a single utility to run/manage a buying club in an easy way
  6. 6. Buying Club StatsOver 2,000 UNFI buying clubs east ofthe MississippiOver 1,500 Frontier Buying ClubsOver 1,500 Tree of Life Buying ClubsAverage Buying Clubs have 15-30membersOver 100 Buying Clubs in Metro GrandRapids alone
  7. 7. The CompetitionUNFI offers an online ordering system Cannot check historical orders/no AR Cannot order from another distributorWest Michigan Co-Op Software Cannot order from non-local sources (aka national vendors)Foodclub. org -- not user friendly
  8. 8. Pricing/Revenue Options$1/member/month 5,000 clubs, avg 25 members =$1.5 million/yearAlternative future revenue sources Ads targeted based on users’ purchase history Selling sanitized customer information, product preference etc.
  9. 9. The Current TeamMarketing CoordinatorClub CoordinatorAccountantSysAdmin
  10. 10. This WeekendCode up a working prototypeChoose a nameDevelop a brand
  11. 11. One more thingLaughing Tree BakeryCreswick Farms