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Good friend


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Good friend

  1. 1. If I had to pick but one thingto take across the seaI think I’d pick a good friendto go along with me.
  2. 2. A friend is more precious than any material thing.Friends can make you feel complete and get your soul to sing.
  3. 3. And when that friend and I set sail across that seaWe’ll fear no squall nor storm together strong we’ll be A friend is more grounding than an anchor or a rope Friends can make you safe, secure and fill your heart with hope
  4. 4. When I’ve crossed that sprawling sea and stepped out on new land I will not be a stranger there I’ll have my friend in hand
  5. 5. A friend is more rewarding than the treasures of that sea Friend can give you wealth through love Your spirit rich and free
  6. 6. If I had to pick but one thingTo take across the seaI know I’d pick a good friendTo go along with meAcross the sea of friends
  7. 7. Yo u a re my very goodfriend!