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Words of Wisdom

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Thought for Today

  2. 2. Weak men say, 'Sorry, I'm busy'. Wise men say, 'I will plan accordingly'. Strong men say, 'Sure, tell me in brief'.‘ Shallow men say, 'I don't have time'.
  3. 3. " Don't be the man everyone wants; be the man everyone wants to be." ~ Sayan Sen ~
  4. 4. " Believe in yourself, so others may too!" ~ Mark Piper ~
  5. 5. " Live your moments for what they are, not for what they may become." ~ Suzanne Robin ~
  6. 6. " Please take the time to tell those people you love, that you love them, care for them, or whatever they mean to you in your life (positive only). Life is precious, and we need to be grateful for each day we are given." ~Al Urso~
  7. 7. " Life is what we make it and we shall find what we look for. If we look for sadness and trouble, if we are in a frame of mind to magnify little difficulties, we shall find plenty to engross our thought and our conversation." ~E.G. White ~
  8. 8. If we give smiles, they will be returned to us; if we speak pleasant, cheerful words, they will be spoken to us again.” ~Valentine Benjamin~ “ If we look on the bright side of things, we shall find enough to make us cheerful and happy.
  9. 9. " Don't have dreams. Set goals and achieve what you would otherwise dream!" ~Adam Johnson~
  10. 10. " Everything that's good, beautiful and great in life has to be done with effort." ~James Macharia~
  11. 11. " Each and every day is an opportunity to be a better person than you were the day before." ~Mick Wilson~
  12. 12. " If you want to feel good, do good." ~Stella Tina Ade Blaize~
  13. 13. " Life is not a game but a journey of experiences to learn from and enjoy." ~Steven Johnson~
  14. 14. " It took God seven days to create the earth, your mother nine months to create you, and you are given a lifetime to create memories. You got it easy, so create a lot!" ~Dakota Burk~
  15. 15. " Never stop. ESPECIALLY when things are good." ~Gary Anderson~
  16. 16. " If you make the right kind of decisions you will make the right kind of life." ~Gene Paniccia~
  17. 17. " If you think that someone else thinks that they are better than you, perhaps it is you who thinks they are better than you." ~Brian G. Jett~
  18. 18. " Time to clean out the closet and place all un-wanted items in the trash. Do not waste your time on what it was, just understand what it's not and will never be." ~Lucy Garcia ~
  19. 19. " If you can never manage to be happy with where you are at, you will never be happy wherever you are going." ~Phillip Bennett~
  20. 20. " The two things that cannot always happen: The thing you want and the thing which you think is good for you." ~Satish Kannaian~
  21. 21. " People are not difficult... People are DIFFERENT." ~Ahmed El Daour~
  22. 22. " Destiny is a product of choice. What you determine for your life is what you have." ~Bosom George~
  23. 23. but of the realization of the spirit that moves you." ~Jacob Ray~ " Life is not a realization of self,
  24. 24. " Take a bowl, put all your mistakes in it, mix them well. This collection of mistakes is ... EXPERIENCE." ~Sonam Bhatia Saluja~
  25. 25. " Doing is doing. Knowing is not doing." ~KGK Sarma~
  26. 26. Have a nice day!