Evaluation qestion 3


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Evaluation qestion 3

  1. 1. A2 Media Coursework: Evaluation Question 3:What Have You Learned From Audience Feedback?
  2. 2. How I Gathered Feedback• In order to gather feed back I felt that the best approach would be to hold a focus group as I would be able to get a detailed response to the questions that I wanted to ask.• I held a focus group that consisted of 6 girls and 4 boys.• The grouped ranged from ages 12-18.• I made the people in the focus group watch my music video and then asked them questions about my music video, music genre, how they listened to music and their oppnions of my ancillary texts.
  3. 3. First Question:• What are your opinions/ impression of the artist? Opinion of Artist The overall response of my artist was that he was a very funny and romantic character. 7/10 thought that he was very 0% likeable and enjoyed his performance in the video. 11% Positive Respone However one person out of the ten said that he had a very unrealistic view of life 11% and found it hard to relate to the character Negative Response as male. Nutural Response What I’ve learned: Make sure that the audience are able to relate to the music artist and storyline of the music video, as 78% they are more likely to be interested in the artist if they can relate to them. Most of the people who had a positive response were girls as they said that they like him because he was romantic. This is very important as girls were my target audience when making this music video.
  4. 4. Second Question:• What type of genre do you listen to? Six people out of ten listened to pop music and said that they often bought music that they have heard in the weekly top 40 charts. One person said they even go online to see who is in What Genre Do You Listen To? the top 10 in the charts before they buy new music so the can buy what is in the top 10. Pop/Top 40 Charts Three out of ten people said they listened to 10% Rock hip-hop and R n’ B. 0% Hip-hop/R n B One person out of the ten said that they 20% listened to alternative music as they thought Indie that most pop and hip - hop music all sounded 60% Classical the same and sent out a bad message to young people e.g. sex, drugs and violence. 10% Alternative What I’ve learned: From this I have gathered that it is important that you aim to reach the demand of the audience as they are the most important part of the music industry as they buy the music. And their opinion is what counts the most.
  5. 5. Third Question:• What genre do you think the song in music video is? Many identified the video buy it’s Genre of Music Video right genre and said that the genre was pop – rock. They were able to tell because the song was up beat and dancey, they could also tell because the music video 10%0% was fast paced. 10% Pop- rock A person even pointed out that most pop singers sing about love Rock just as my artist was . 50% Alternative What I’ve learned: I’ve have Acoustic learnt that there a specific 30% element that need to be added to a music video in order to fit the genre of the song and style of the artist.
  6. 6. Fourth Question:• Which media outlets do you use the most to Most people said that they used the internet to find and listen to music? listen to music video using websites such as YouTube , Vimeo , Facebook and Tumblr . They also used the internet to purchase music. 0% 30% Said That they used the radio and listen to radio stations such as Capital FM, Choice FM and Kiss. They often listen when revising or doing homework as they had digital radio in their rooms and when they are in a car they 30% often listen to the radio. 20% Said they listen to music when they watched TV as many of them watched music channels such as MTV as it 50% had various forms of entertainment as well as music. Many said when they watched MTV they would play latest music videos during advert breaks. What I’ve learned: These are very important media 20% The Internet platforms in relation to music. It is important that all these platforms are used when releasing new music especially Music Channels the internet as everyone in the group said that they used Radio the internet and often used it to purchase music . The group also agreed that the internet was the most useful way to create awareness for a new artist.
  7. 7. People in the group felt that although they liked the story lineFifth Question: more could be added to it to make it more funny. Others thought that there should • What could be improved? have been more performances for example a person said that they wanted the artist to play the guitar What Could be Improved and lip sync at the same time. Others thought that the video quality could e improved as most More perfomances music video they watch are often HD. More lip syncing Some people though there were some shaky camera movements Video Qulity coulde be that could be improved. improved What I’ve learned: This has allowedMore could be added to the me to see where I’ve gone wrong storyline and what I could do better If I could do it again. This has given a clear of what the audience what to see in a 0 0 1/5 2/7 2/5 1/2 music video.
  8. 8. Sixth Question: Does the digi pak reflect the genre of music video and artist? If so how? “Yes I can tell from the digi pak that it is a pop album. I “The bright can tell by the colours bright colours remind me of a used. On the font pop video I’ve cover it says seen once” Fate, Love and Hope most pop singers sing about love.” “The artist is holing “It looks very a guitar a lot of pop upbeat and artist use their instruments, like Ed happy.” Sheeran.” I have learned that there is a certain look that pop artist use when they adverse and sell their products. I have successfully achieved that as every on the focus group could identify the genre as pop.
  9. 9. Seventh Question: What genre would you put this advert in? and why? “A heavy“I would say Pop metal bandbecause it’s very would usecolourful. If it colours of thewas rock it might rainbow tobe darker.” advertise their album, so it might be pop“It looks like or country.”the Katy Perryadvert forTeenage “A lot of myDream most pop albumsof her adverts look quiteare very similar.”bright andcolourful as isher music andshe sings popsongs, so thismost be pop.”