We Are A Company Specialized In Led Lighting


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We Are A Company Specialized In Led Lighting

  1. 1. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------EGYRIA Construction, Engineering and Trade CO.New Damietta, District II - Central Area - as opposed to Al Kafrawy (Saidi) street.P.O. Box 60, New Damietta, Egypt, Tel : 0020 (0) 57 2410904 Fax : 0020 (0) 57 2410907Mobile : 0020 1227 559762 , 0020 1008 802866---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We are a company specialized in LED lighting, infrared heating, Mitigate air by healthyfans and Air purification.AGENTS for major international companies leading manufacturer in LED Lighting withCE, CB, RoHS, FCC and UL approval, products widely coveringOutdoor: - LED street light, solar LED street light, Wind Solar LED Street Light System,LED tunnel light, high power led street light, LED Garden Light, LED Parking Light,LED flood light, LED Canopy Light,Indoor: - LED light Bulb, LED tube light , LED Light Source, LED Down Light, LEDSpotlight, LED Panel Light, LED Wall Lamb, LED Grill Spotlight, LED Ceramic Light ,LED high bay light, , and other led lighting fixtures.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Keyword(s) : Approved LED Lights, CE, CB, RoHS, FCC and UL approval, LED Supply and Instillation, Infrared heating, healthy fans and Air purification.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Category(s) : LED Lights Outdoor & Indoor/ Infrared Heating, Healthy Fans & Air Purification.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------E mail: namoonda@gmail.com / info@egyria.com----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------Web site: www.egyria.com / www.ksleds.com / www.kingsunlights.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Map:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. 2. Printed Ad:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Photos: kingsun------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Photos: UFOKingsun---LED ProductsBeing one of the leading LED lighting manufacturers for LED outdoor lights like LED street lightsin China, Kingsun provides uncompromising performance and versatility for street lighting, industriallighting, area lighting and other profiles with our satisfactory variety of LED outdoor lights.All the LED street lighting fixtures from Kingsun are allocated with top light source from CREE,OSRAM, etc., which together with special designed optical lens could maximize the utilization of lightby casting rays onto a rectangular area instead of round ones from traditional lights. A variety of LEDlighting solutions with different light distribution are for option based on your requirements.Meanwhile, the drivers applied to our LED street lights are from Philips, which all pass severe testsunder harsh environments, providing a stable and satisfactory performance to keep the lights working.
  3. 3. Remote wireless management system plays an important part in group working of LED street lights,controlling their work by time, brightness and other aspects.With Approval from CB, CE, RoHS, FCC and UL certificate, Kingsun LED street lights have preparedwell to meet requirements from different market all over the world.LED Street Light RL1P Apollo RL1C1112A2 RL1D1154A2 RL1E1112A2
  4. 4. RL1F1098S1 RL1G1108S1 RL1H1060S1 RL2J1112A2 RL1K1156A2 RL1L1112S1E042TX_A042TX
  5. 5. E056TX_A056TXE070TX_A070TXE084TX_A084TXE098TX_A098TXE112TX_A112TXE126TX_A126TXE140TX_A140TX
  6. 6. E154TX_A154TX E168TX_A168TX E182TX_A182TX E196TX_A196TX KS-A210TXLED Flood Light FL1B1084A4
  7. 7. FL1D1024S7 FL1E1042S7LED Garden Light PL1A1036S5 PL1B1048S5 PL1C1048S5 PL1D1048S5
  8. 8. PL1E1048S5 PL1F1048S5 PL1G1036S5 PL1H1112S1 PL1J1036S5Solar LED Street Light KS-8311_060T5
  9. 9. KS-A036TXKS-A048TXKS-A060TXKS-A072TXKS-A084TXKS-A108TXKS-A120TX
  10. 10. LED Tunnel Light Artemis TL1C TL1D D042TX_S042TX D056TX_S056TX D070TX_S070TX
  11. 11. D084TX_S084TXD098TX_S098TXD112TX_S112TXD126TX_S126TXD140TX_S140TXD154TX_S154TX KS-D168TX
  12. 12. KS-D182TX KS-D196TXLED Canopy Light Artemis BY1D1060S5 KS-8201-056T3 KS-8201-070T3
  13. 13. KS-8201-084T3KS-8202-056T3KS-8202-070T3KS-8202-084T3KS-8208-056T3KS-8208-070T3KS-8208-084T3
  14. 14. KS-8209-056T3 KS-8209-070T3 KS-8209-084T3LED Parking Light FL1C1112A2