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Life at everest base camp


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Life at everest base camp

  1. 1. Life at Everest Base Camp Photos by Nam Nguyen 2008
  2. 2. During Everest summit season, Everest Base Camp becomes a bustling village for tourists and climbers. Each expedition has a specific color for their tents.
  3. 6. Here is the kitchen and Sherpa cook
  4. 7. The   “Vietnamese conquers Mount Everest” reality television show “office”
  5. 9. The weather at Everest Base Camp is very severe. It is always over 35°C during the day and under 25°C at night.
  6. 10. The Khumbu cough, also known as “high altitude hack,” can be serious enough to cause a person break a rib. It is caused by the low humidity and sub zero temperatures experienced at altitude, and is thought to be triggered by over exertion.
  7. 11. High-altitude sickness is serious. According to the experience of professional Sherpa mountain-climbers, common symptoms include dizziness, severe headaches, and trouble breathing.
  8. 12. If the disease is serious, the sick person becomes delirious. In the next stage, the brain swells and then the person could die. The only thing that can possibly save you is to go down the mountain to a lower altitude.
  9. 13. Most things that comes in or goes out of Base Camp are hiked. Helicopters are an option for a very high price.
  10. 14. Restrooms consist of a plastic barrel, and all waste is hiked out of camp by porters.
  11. 16. Yaks- mountain buffalo to carry supplies to base camp
  12. 17. Base camp sits on ice which is always moving and melting, making for dangerous situations like this
  13. 20. Here is the huge natural refrigerator
  14. 22. Sherpa carrying water for the camps
  15. 24. The portable generator to light the tent and power the computer and cameras.
  16. 25. Water is carefully rationed