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Consignment shops thrive in the downed economy


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Consignment shops thrive in the downed economy

  1. 1. Consignment Shops Thrive in the Downed Economy Photos by Nam Nguyen Special thanks to the owner and staff at Back on the Rack
  2. 2. Consignment shops resell brand-name clothes and accessories at a discount- buyers and sellers win
  3. 4. Completely new or lightly worn clothes can be found for huge discounts
  4. 6. These unworn shoes still have the original tags on
  5. 8. Vintage items can also be found on the racks
  6. 10. Designer clothes and accessories abound
  7. 13. In addition to clothes, there are also household items
  8. 14. Families can find clothes for everyone (Lugo family from East Haven)
  9. 16. Only $3 for earrings- it is a good deal
  10. 17. Buyer and seller both have smiles on their faces