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Social Media by Salony Creations


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Presentation of Social Media Marketing with Salony Creations for BNI

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Social Media by Salony Creations

  2. 2. Traditional Word Of Mouth
  3. 3. Traditional Media-communication model was Monologue..
  4. 4. So..What isSocia Medial
  5. 5. “Social Media Enables Others to Advocate for Your Business Through Compelling Content”Image credit: Ian Sane
  6. 6. Channels
  7. 7. Which Channel is right for mybusiness?
  8. 8. Target Audience
  9. 9. All Business’s want to:
  10. 10. Selected Corporate Clients:
  11. 11. Selected Spa Clients:
  12. 12. Search Engine Marketing withThe Process..1. Understand Business Goals2. Sales Process3. Website structure, navigation and Content4. Keyword Analysis5. Competition Analysis6. Adwords Campaign Structuring7. Monitoring and Reporting
  13. 13. Search Engine Marketing with Paid Ads Organic Search Results
  14. 14. Search Engine Marketing with Capture Form
  15. 15. Search Engine Marketing with Since last 19 months!! 1600+ Qualified Leads every month 1.80 dhs per lead 2,105 dhs spent p.m. Spa gets WEEKLY 10+ qualified calls 30+ Email Signups
  16. 16. Referrals I seek forSearch Engine MarketingOwners or Marketing Managers of1. Clinics and Hospitals2. Cosmetic Products Manufacturing or Distribution Companies3. Real Estate Companies
  17. 17. Social Media Marketing withThe Process..1. Understand Business Goals2. Buying Process3. Goal of the Campaign4. Content Strategy5. Engagement Strategy6. Conversions7. Monitoring and Reporting
  18. 18. Social Media Marketing withCompany Page Personal Profile News Feed View
  19. 19. Social Media Marketing with 6187 fans in 38 Days 5000+ talking about 200+ People participated in the contest Winning entry has 1000+ shares! 200+ Vouchers distributed 2500+ fans increased in 4 days
  21. 21. Referrals I seek forSocial Media MarketingOwners or Marketing Managers of 1. Restaurants 2. Clinics and Hospitals 3. FMCG Brands
  22. 22. Thank you.INCREASEPROFITSUSINGSocialMedia