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Northern Engraving | Nameplate Manufacturing Process


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Manufacturing custom quality metal nameplates and plastic labels involves several standard operations. Processes include sheet prep, lithography, screening, coating, punch press and inspection. All decoration is completed in the flat sheet with adhesive and tooling operations following. The possibilities for creating unique durable nameplates are endless. How will you create your brand identity? We can help!

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Northern Engraving | Nameplate Manufacturing Process

  1. 1. TheStoryStartswiththeFinish an affiliate member of Nameplate and Label Manufacturing Processes from Beginning to End Northern Engraving Corporation Supplier of Automotive Trim, Product Identification and Appliance Trim for Premium Brands and OEMs
  2. 2. aluminum nameplates and plastic labels custom manufactured to meet your needs
  3. 3. SUBSTRATES Metal Aluminum  mill finish or bright material  .012” to .060” thick Stainless Steel  304 or 430 type material  .018” to .032” thick (.025” only on 430 type) Plastic Polyester  chrome, clear, brushed, white, rainbow  .002” to .010” thick Polycarbonate  textured, velvet, clear, matte, brushed  .005” to .060” thick Vinyl  scuff resistant, black or white matte  .010” to .020” thick
  4. 4. standard processes are combined
  5. 5. MANUFACTURING PROCESS  Decorate in Flat Sheet  Adhesive  Tooling
  6. 6. MECHANICAL FINISHES  Creates movement  Overall or Selective  Combine in layers  Options*  Brush  Spin  Stripe * Not all mechanical finishes available on stainless steel
  7. 7. DECORATING PROCESSES Litho Opaque or Transparent Color Critical Registration and Fine Details Screen Opaque, Transparent or Metallic Color Backlit and Deadfront Graphics Pattern Textures and Gloss Changes Top Coat Protects Decoration with high, medium or low gloss
  8. 8. additional options in nameplate design include diamond cutting and doming
  9. 9. ADHESIVES Adhesives are one option for attachment of your nameplate or label to the end product Pressure Sensitive Heat Activated All Over Selective
  10. 10. TOOLING Tooling operations are the final steps in the manufacturing process  Emboss  Form  Blank  In-mold
  11. 11. nameplates and labels represent your brand and differentiate your product in the market
  12. 12. How will you build your brand identity? Let’s talk!
  13. 13. TheStoryStartswiththeFinish an affiliate member of Northern Engraving Corporation 803 South Black River St. | Sparta, WI 54656| USA | phone: +1-608-269-6911 | fax: +1-608-366-3725 THANK YOU!