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Domed Nameplates


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Norlens domed nameplates and labels are durable and attractive options for your brand. Doming adds dimension to aluminum, brass, polycarbonate and polyester nameplates. Embossed graphics create further emphasis for a brand. Options in domed labels include full color graphics with transparent tints of color or metallic effects.
Rigid and flexible domed labels are used on appliances, sporting equipment, cosmetic packaging, electronics and point of purchase displays. They are abrasion and chemical resistant nameplates appropriate for interior and exterior applications. The lens can be applied selectively or formed for eye-catching results.

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Domed Nameplates

  1. 1. Create durable eye-catching nameplates or labels on metal and plastic with doming Northern Engraving | Nameplates & Trim
  2. 2. norlens is a clear urethane dome which enhances a brand image
  3. 3. domed labels are abrasion and chemical resistant withstanding extreme conditions in interior and exterior applications *request samples to explore the possibilities
  4. 4. norlens domed labels are used on a variety of products in a wide range of industries *domed labels can be found on: appliances, sporting equipment, cosmetic packaging, electronics, point of purchase displays and many other products
  5. 5. domed labels are available on metal or plastic
  6. 6. domed labels can be embossed
  7. 7. doming embossed
  8. 8. doming highlights transparent tints of color on bright surfaces
  9. 9. doming transparent tints
  10. 10. doming creates a crystal clear lens-like surface on metallic colors
  11. 11. a dome can be applied selectively creating the illusion of two nameplates
  12. 12. doming can be applied to unique shapes
  13. 13. sunkist formed doming creates additional depth and dimension
  14. 14. doming formed E-screen
  15. 15. rigid and flexible options are available for domed nameplates
  16. 16. multiple patterns are available to be integrated into domed nameplates
  17. 17. patterns can be embossed into the background of domed labels
  18. 18. doming adds depth to printed patterns
  19. 19. small domed nameplates add a jewel-like accent to products
  20. 20. doming accent
  21. 21. domed nameplates create a distinct look for a brand
  22. 22. Northern Engraving nameplates & decorative trim 1-608-269-6911 x445