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Dimension mood board


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Architectural structures provide focus for dimension achieved through halftones and textures layered with brushed aluminum.

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Dimension mood board

  1. 1. Dimension| Aluminum Finishes Mood Board
  2. 2. Industrial architectural structuresdrive new focuson simple, repeated geometricsand dimensional weaves.
  3. 3. Subtle halftones and texturecombine withlayers of brushingcreatingvisual and tactile relief.
  4. 4. Mood boards focus on mechanicalprocesses, color and texture tocreate finishes on aluminum whichare our interpretation of trends inthe market.The finishes are meant to beinspirational, a starting point forcreating a surface for your trim ornameplate application.
  5. 5. Northern Engravingnameplates & decorative trim1-608-269-6911