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Top 10 Surface Collections eBook


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Decorative elements of aluminum nameplates and trim compiled into popular collections based on color, structure and theme. Explore the options! Aluminum is a great substrate to work with for decorative trim and nameplates. The natural highlights and reflective qualities of the metal provide the foundation to build from. Decorating processes to manipulate the metal surface with laydown of colors, printing a logo, brushing and spinning offer unlimited possibilities. The design of your nameplate or label can incorporate a finish or pattern to add interest. Use the pattern as full background or as attention-grabbing accent. The finish can be subtle with a fine dot or pinstripe or it can be bold with a graphic or faux interpretation. The beauty is that the possibilities are wide open.

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Top 10 Surface Collections eBook

  1. 1. Surface Collections Top 10 1
  2. 2. Explore the diversity of aluminum finishes grouped together based on theme, color or structure. The top 10 collections are featured in the following pages. Use for inspiration and discussion. Share with colleagues. Enjoy. 2
  3. 3. Authentic Crafted – Inventive – Freehand 3
  4. 4. Measured Strength – Intensity – Performance 4
  5. 5. Contemporary Aged Reusable – Patina – Worn Away 5
  6. 6. inspiRED Energy – Passion – Arresting 6
  7. 7. Refined Sporty – Woven – Luxury 7
  8. 8. Transform Emotion – Interactive – Power 8
  9. 9. Unexpected Saturated – Synthesize – Singular 9
  10. 10. Bejeweled Cultivated – Intricate – Alluring 10
  11. 11. Ascent Draped – Fluid – Echoed 11
  12. 12. Faceted Depth – Dimension – 3D 12
  13. 13. Aluminum finishes combine brushing, color and texture to create an endless array of surface designs available to be integrated into nameplates, labels and decorative trim. www.norcorp.com13
  14. 14. Finishes Listed Left to Right as Shown Authentic NEC-127-B, NEC-111-A, PAT-4261-B, NEC-109-A, NEC-110-B, PAT-4261-A Measured PAT-4440-A, PAT-2980-A, PAT-4095-A, PAT-3354-C, PAT-3355-A, DES-520-G Contemporary Aged PAT-3964-B, PAT-3963-B, PAT-4331-A, PAT-4008-A, DES-488-AG, PAT-1828-C inspiRED PAT-2350-B, PAT-3920-F, DES-1059-AG, PAT-4291-B, DES-1408-L, DES-1413-E Refined PAT-3860-L, PAT-4343-A, PAT-4361-A, PAT-4342-A, PAT-3860-H, PAT-4345-A Transform DES-1050-AT, DES-868-D, DES-110-A, DES-1050-AS, NAS-441-J, NAS-441-B Unexpected DES-1070-CQ, DES-1205-AAT, DES-488-AF, PAT-4173-A, PAT-4175-A, PAT-4231-B Bejeweled PAT-2719-G, PAT-1534-A, PAT-3261-A, PAT-1339-C, PAT-4194-B, PAT-4200-A Ascent PAT-4556-D, PAT-4549-E, PAT-4554-D, PAT-4548-C, PAT-4556-F, PAT-4539-A Faceted PAT-2917-C, PAT-2923-A, DES-1070-FM, PAT-2746-X, DES-915-D, NAS-371-B 14
  15. 15. Surface Collections Go Explore > > > 15