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Aluminum Woodgrain Trim


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Woodgrains offer extraordinary surface realism and a new feeling of luxury with richly figured detail and elegant natural looks.

Woodgrains can be printed selectively and complimented with a bright accent bead or brushed aluminum. Whether looking for sycamore, eucalyptus, and ebony macassar or birdseye maple, walnut and ash, a library of woodgrain finishes is available to be integrated into trim or customized. Samples are available to assist you in exploring the various grains, colors and gloss levels. Once a structure or grain is chosen, the overall color of a woodgrain can be adjusted to meet your final design intent. Custom woodgrain finishes can be matched based on real wood surfaces.

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Aluminum Woodgrain Trim

  1. 1. Create a feeling of luxury with woodgrain finishes on aluminum trim Northern Engraving | Nameplates & Trim
  2. 2. woodgrains are printed in high-resolution using offset lithography NWG-958-B
  3. 3. our woodgrain library features grains and structures to be integrated into trim or customized *request samples to explore the possibilities
  4. 4. traditional straight grain woodgrains NWG-878-B
  5. 5. burl woodgrains NWG-694-B
  6. 6. exotic woodgrains NWG-963-A
  7. 7. protective topcoat applied to the woodgrain creates a durable finish in a high, medium or low gloss
  8. 8. woodgrain finishes printed selectively allow bright bead accents integrated into trim
  9. 9. printed woodgrain ticking creates the surface texture of fine wood NWG-546-AI
  10. 10. aluminum trim woodgrains NWG-676-F NWG-959-A NWG-875-J
  11. 11. aluminum trim woodgrains NWG-892-A NWG-826-D NWG-982-B
  12. 12. aluminum trim woodgrains NWG-693-AK NWG-841-M NWG-959-B
  13. 13. Northern Engraving nameplates & decorative trim 1-608-269-6911 x445