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Cancer Day slide (4 Feb) - facts&myths about cancer

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Jnj 1207 wcd_ppt_final

  2. 2. POWER OF KNOWLEDGE As the leading cause of death worldwide, cancer has become a global challenge and a major health problem as it weakens social and economic advancements. On 4 February 2013 World Cancer Day will focus on debunking damaging myths and misconceptions about the disease.WORLDCANCERDAY.ORG
  3. 3. GLOBAL FACTS ! I t i s a The most common types of cancers are: lung, stomach, liver, colon and breast cancers. common misconception Approximately 30% of worldwide cancer related that cancer deaths are linked to behavioral and dietary risks: solutions • high body mass index are too complex • low fruit and vegetable intake and expensive • lack of physical activity for developing • tobacco use countries. • alcohol useWORLDCANCERDAY.ORG
  4. 4. GLOBAL FACTS Tobacco use remains the strongest risk factor for causing cancer worldwide and accounts for 22% of the related cancer deaths and 71% of lung cancer deaths. Other causes include exposure to indoor air pollution, radiation and excessive sunlight.WORLDCANCERDAY.ORG
  5. 5. LEARN THE TRUTH ! Myth: Cancer is just a health issue. To d a y Truth: Cancer is not just a health issue. It has I learned that wide-reaching social, economic, development and human rights implications. cancer is not only a disease of the Myth: Cancer is a disease of the wealthy, elderly elderly: it is a and developed countries. leading cause Truth: Cancer does not discriminate. It is a of death in many countries global epidemic, affecting all ages, with low-and for children middle-income countries bearing a a g e d disproportionate burden. 5-14.WORLDCANCERDAY.ORG
  6. 6. !LEARN THE TRUTH For every Myth: Cancer is a death sentence. Truth: Many cancers that were once considered 100 people who a death sentence can now be cured and for many more people their cancer can now be g e t c a n c e r, treated effectively. over 30 cases could have b e e n Myth: Cancer is my fate. prevented by Truth: With the right strategies, more than one in h e a l t h y every three cancers can be prevented. lifestyle or by immunisation against cancer c a u s i n g infections.WORLDCANCERDAY.ORG
  7. 7. REDUCE YOUR RISK ! What you can do: Addressing 1. Don’t Use Tobacco tobacco use, which is linked • Tobacco use, particularly smoking, is the world’s leading cause of cancer to71% of all lung cancer 2. Protect you and your children from the sun deaths, and • Avoid the midday sun and over exposed areas accounts for at • Use plenty of sunscreen and apply a broad spectrum UVA/B sunscreen with a minimum least 22% SPF 15 at least 30 minutes before exposure of all cancer deaths is critical.WORLDCANCERDAY.ORG
  8. 8. REDUCE YOUR RISK 3. Maintain a healthy lifestyle • Limit alcohol and fat • Exercise and eat a healthy diet 4. Get Immunized • Both hepatitis B and the HPV vaccine can protect against liver and cervical cancersWORLDCANCERDAY.ORG
  9. 9. REDUCE YOUR RISK ! Prevention is 5. Avoid risky behaviors the most • Practice safe sex at any age and do not cost-effective share needles a n d sustainable 6. Follow recommended cancer screenings w a y o f from the USPTF and your doctor • Find out your risk for various cancers- click reducing on the cancer risk calculator from the global Washington University in St. Louis c a n c e r burden in the long-term.WORLDCANCERDAY.ORG
  10. 10. WORKPLACECOMMITMENT medicalJohnson & Johnson supports advancements and understands that prevention, early detection and treatment lead to improved outcomes for patients. Johnson & Johnson is among the first companies to receive accreditation by the CEO Roundtable on Cancer and earn the CEO Cancer Gold Standard in recognition of building a culture of health and wellness, particularly in the area of cancer prevention and risk reduction. For more information, click on CEO Cancer Gold Standard ™.WORLDCANCERDAY.ORG
  11. 11. WORKPLACE “COMMITMENT Cancer Janssen Biotech, Inc. is committed to helping patients and caregivers find credible and will touch us comprehensive cancer-related information all at some online. Explore this resource by clicking on point in our Janssen Biotech, Inc. lives. Janssen Biotech, Inc believes that changing Cary Adams, Chief Executive Officer lives for the better takes more than medicine. Union For International Cancer Control (UICC)WORLDCANCERDAY.ORG