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Recording on Chrome - NameDrop


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Get your own voice signature at: How to record your NameDrop voice signature on Google Chrome browser.

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Recording on Chrome - NameDrop

  1. 1. Recording in Google Chrome browser
  2. 2. On the NameDrop homepage, click -> SignUp
  3. 3. Fill out your details and click -> Next
  4. 4. You should see a prompt asking you to share access to your Microphone for the recording, then click -> Share Selected Device Note: If you don’t see this prompt or a microphone listed in there, please connect a microphone to your computer and check again
  5. 5. Note: you will see this new red glowing dot, indicating your connection is live Now you are ready to record, click -> Start Recording
  6. 6. Once you have said your name, click -> Stop Recording
  7. 7. You should now be able to hear your recording to see if you like it, if not, click -> Start Recording again
  8. 8. You can record as many times as you want to get your favorite recording, and then click -> Submit
  9. 9. You will see a submission confirmation and can now check your email to make sure
  10. 10. Here is your confirmation email & chance to share how you found out about NameDrop 
  11. 11. Recording in Google Chrome browser Need to get in touch with us?