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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  1. 1. Success Lessons from a song which has 1.5+ crores views and has become an international rage Watch the song at before reading further
  2. 2. Result v/s Process Know your objective whether to maximize the output or to produce the best quality. Americans in general are result oriented.. they will always want to produce the maximum apples per acre while Japanese are process oriented and they will try to produce the best quality apples . Similarly in Kolaveri Di. The objective was to create and maximize the views and not produce the song having great musical quality. Watch the song at Download 800 + best ppts from
  3. 3. Product -Objective This is also true in our personal lives also. What do we want to be known as . Somebody who can achieve and maximize the numbers, a person who is a crisis expert or a person who is good in building and creating something. A person has to find his own unique niche. It is better to be best in one field rather than average/above average in number of fields. Watch the song at Download 800 + best ppts from
  4. 4. Product -Packaging Product is important but so is packaging. A bad product with good packaging might still sell but a good product with bad packaging will never sell.. A song with a carefully crafted video showing the irreverence attitude, devil may care attitude, foot tapping music is bound to resonate with the audience. Watch the song at 800 + best ppts from
  5. 5. Product -Packaging This universal truth is applicable for human beings also. We form our first impressions based on the clothes, accessories, appearances, gestures etc . We need to subsequently mould our appearances to convey the message of what we want to be perceived as.Download 800 + best ppts from
  6. 6. Product -Packaging-Place  Product, packaging and distribution has to be in sync. Kolaveri DI became a hit because these three elements were in total sync and apt for the target consumers in this case the youth.  In Kolaveri the choice of social media (You Tube) to listen to the song/view and option of customizing /mixing the song turned it into a viral success Watch the song at Download 800 + best ppts from
  7. 7. Product -Packaging-Place Similarly a person who wants to be successful in a particular field needs not only have the correct product and packaging but to be seen or available at the right places. An author needs to be seen at the book launch or books festival. An Investment banker needs to be seen at the financial seminars or the corporate networking events etc Download 800 + best ppts from
  8. 8. Innovation-the upside Try to innovate, experiment to stand out from the crowd. Do not worry about the criticism and the traditions. Kolaveri Di succeeded because of insensible lyrics, gibberish word and random slang and ordinary tune. Exactly opposite of what an ideal song should be. Watch the song at Download 800 + best ppts from
  9. 9. Innovation-the upside  A person also needs to think differently to get noticed or succeed. Especially when there is intense competition and there is no perceived difference between the competition/rivals.  You need to do things differently to get noticed.. For example how Aamir khan has positioned himself very differently and is known for the best cinema having relevant messages while Salman Khan is known for bigger than life good v/s evil .. tough HERO roles.Download 800 + best ppts from
  10. 10. Summary-Success Lessons Result v/s Process Product -Packaging Product -Packaging-Place Innovation-the upside Download 800 + best ppts from
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