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The Top 10 Ugliest Powerpoint Slides


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How do i make my powerpoint ugly? This is the ugliest worst collection of slides for business presentations with clip art and busy slides that make you want to vomit. you're welcome go have success and results for ROI.

Published in: Business
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The Top 10 Ugliest Powerpoint Slides

  1. 1. The Definitive Guide to Creating A document by Kevin Nalty,, SAMPLE © NALTS
  2. 2. agenda Objective: review the 12 uniquely ugliest slide types for businessess success Goal: show how you can make you’re audience unsettled Mission: demonstrate excellence in ugly for bottom-line results Tactics: There are twelve different slides in this Results: ROI
  3. 3. The Rush Hour Slides with a lot of content can get a lot of information on one slide so that you can be sure you don’t need to actually put brains on while presenting. You can simply read text and sure that you don’t miss a word. Sometimes audiences will read along with you and other times they’ll look away in disgust because they’re slides isincredibly packed that they’re repugnant and that’s what communications is all about. Marketing goals for Q4
  4. 4. Sourc e: A webs ite from 2008 and “AN ARTI CLE” by Auth or Wan ker. “ensures that people won’t get lost in the details of the pie chart so you can just keep driving to the dedication of pursuing excellence”
  5. 5. • The“Gloria Loves You!!”
  6. 6. THE 1995 retro
  7. 7. The “passive aggressive secretary”
  8. 8. The “Finance Guy with the breath”
  9. 9. the Memoir slide Click to add text • 5 Ugly PowerPoint Slides to Avoid at All Costs • Like5 Ugly PowerPoint Slides to Avoid at All Costs10Comment1ShareShare 5 Ugly PowerPoint Slides to Avoid at All Costs0 • Siôn Owen • Product Marketer & Communication Strategist at BMW • Before the presenter had barely uttered a word, your mind had already checked out. You were no longer present in that meeting room – you were prancing playfully across a white sand beach, the fruity flavors of your boozy cocktail blending harmoniously with the wafting scent of coconut tanning oil and salty sea air. You felt fresh and at peace, a welcomed guest in a land where presenting oneself merely entailed a smile and a “cheers.”Then, suddenly, you were startled by a loud bang. What you had hoped was the chef making preparations for the afternoon’s pig roast turned out to be the hapless presenter slapping the sputtering projector to refocus the manuscript being read verbatim from the screen. As you tried coming to terms with your aggressive jolt back to reality, a tear rolled slowly down your cheek and Click to add text • landed in the corner of your mouth, serving as a salty reminder of your attempted escape from presentation hell. • Visual aid abuse is a serious offense. To make things a bit more palatable for your audiences, here are the five types of presentation slides to avoid. • Memoir Slides contain nothing but text, and a lot of it. Maybe it’s the screaming kids or puppy duties that keep him busy. Whatever it is, the presenter clearly has little time to read at home because he takes full advantage of every opportunity to do so during his presentations. Reading from the slide makes his presence utterly unnecessary, which means he’s just wasted everyone’s time. You’d think he’d get the hint when receiving nothing but 1,000+ page novels each year during the company’s Secret Santa gift exchange. Source; “Siôn Owen, Product Marketer & Communication Strategist (201)
  10. 10. The visionary
  11. 11. In conclusion KEEP THEM WANTING MORE And let’s get started!