Measuring Impact of Pharmaceutical Marketing Via Social Media and Online Video


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Some tips for pharmaceutical marketers interested in the ROI of online-video and social media.

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Measuring Impact of Pharmaceutical Marketing Via Social Media and Online Video

  1. 1. You visit YouTube when YouTube 101 someone send you a link. But your targets are there and consuming rabidly.   Set up account   Surf most-viewed & most-subscribed   Subscribe to brand/condition terms   Subscribe to Nalts
  2. 2. ROI Via Online Video & SM?
  3. 3. Tri-Polar Guy
  4. 4. Why I Ice Cream
  5. 5. But Viral is Dead pleese god make i viral
  6. 6. ROI Level Setting   It’s “Theoretical” Definition   ratio of money gained or lost on an investment relative to the amount of money invested.   Reality: “new” has burden of proof   Why our Rx Social Media pilots make ROI so damned difficult
  7. 7. Hidden Meaning Behind “ROI”   Are you sure this is worth headache?   Can this effort payoff? “Return” May Translate To…   Business impact (sales, PR, reputation)   Satiating a VP’s desire   An internal win
  8. 8. What We See in Social Media If you’re a marketer… If you’re regulatory/legal
  9. 9. Why We Make ROI So Hard   Not the R   It’s the insane I’s Solution   Guidelines minimize churn   Guerilla cost model   Be sure agency has done it
  10. 10. How to Get Your SM Approved Don’t Call It Social Media Publisher, network or aggregator creates real SM and we, um, advertise. A moderated Facebook site has few legal/reg implication beyond a with “contact us.”
  11. 11. An Impression Isn’t An Impression* *Unless it makes one ☹  In absolute, these can’t matter: ✗  Views ✗  Site visits ✗  Friends ✗  Coupon downloads ✗  Comments ✗  Miss-trials ✗  Buzz ✗  Stupid database ✗  Viral ✗  Industry rags
  12. 12. So What DOES Matter?   Getting their attention   Engaging them   Earning their trust   Answering their questions   Acknowledging needs & concerns   Exciting them about our solution   Inspiring trial (nrx)   Setting their expectations (trx)
  13. 13. Social Score Benchmark   Tools allow brands and companies   Reminder: AEs unlikely to to identify current baseline rock your world (cost,   Frequency of mention people)   Issue alerts   1 in 500, Neilsen 2008   Sentiment (vs competitors)   But we do need to be responsible about trends   Consider patients as family   My two cents is in next Pharmaceutical Executive (How-To Unlock Guidelines)   Surf 117 company policies: http:// policies.php
  14. 14. Myth: Ostrich Option as Safe
  15. 15. Three Low-Hanging-Fruit Tactics a)  Hands-off Social Media b)  Leveraging Star Power c)  Redefining “unbranded”
  16. 16. a) Three Steps to “Hands-Off” SM 1.  Ad network creates and promotes therapeutic- specialty social media in true form. 2.  Brand initiated it, but did not co-sponsor or have role in content 3.  Unbranded rich-media ads drove traffic to product site for very low cost-per-visitor
  17. 17. b) They’re Patients With Reach   You don’t have to know or like them   Video stars > celebrities
  18. 18. b) Engaging Via Video Stars   Leading brands are doing this   Pharma can play too   Fox Broadcasting: 6 million views for pennies per view   MTV salvaged expensive “billboard in back yard” with 6-12% viewers visiting site   Obviously unbranded  branded
  19. 19. Process for Engaging Stars   Creative brief My Own Lil’ Examples:   Draft concepts •  Mentos •  Holiday Inn   Shoot •  MTV •  Starbucks   Approvals •  Logitech •  Fox Broadcasting •  Reader’s Digest   Launch •  Microsoft •  U.S. Census   Provide metrics •  Big Health Co (Friday)
  20. 20. c) Unbranded as Activator   Redefine “unbranded”   2000: Market leaders only   2010: Vital “hook”   Can’t lead with marketing We’ve got to use an unbranded because patients and approach in social media," said Kevin doctors don’t care about Nalty, formerly a product director for Merck, though he now heads Nalts our products at all. Consulting. "There's no way to accommodate what is required of a brand, in terms of fair balance   Captivate, education, information, in a tweet, for example." prompt via unbranded “masked” URL
  21. 21. Conclusion: Metrics Musts   Keep costs down   Open funnel wider by dialing down marketing message   Count only downstream vital signs   Cost per qualified visitor   Cost per new patient   Time & intent   Behavior
  22. 22. Ask Your Doctor About…   (blog)  or  