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Internet marketing


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Internet marketing

  1. 1. INTERNET MARKETINGNallamuthu.vM.B.A 1st yearReg no:9208126310311
  2. 2. MarketingMarketing is a social and managerial processthereby individual and group obtain what theyneed and want to creating and exchanging notonly the product and value by other’s.2
  3. 3. E-CommerceThe term e-commerce is known as ‘Electroniccommerce’ used by the media to do businesswith consumers through internet.3
  4. 4. Advantages of E-commerce• Increase sales and Decrease Cost• Speed and Accuracy• Increasing selling and purchasing opportunities4
  5. 5. Disadvantages of E-commerce• Consumer afraidness• Suitable for particular goods only• Quality and Quantity of goods can’t beestimated to its real value5
  6. 6. TeleshoppingIt means shopping done through television ,Computers with internet.6
  7. 7. Internet MarketingA product or services marketed by throughInternet is called as Internet Marketing.7
  8. 8. Types of Internet Marketing• Display advertising• Search engine marketing (SEM)• Search engine optimization (SEO)• Social media marketing• Email marketing• Referral marketing• Affiliate marketing• Content marketing• Inbound marketing• Video marketing8
  9. 9. Advantages• No intermediaries• Reducing channels• Global customersDisadvantages• Customer Identity• Target Market• More Assurance9
  10. 10. ConclusionAn Internet Marketing is only suitable forIntangible goods…..10