Standing frame cum sitting ChairInventor                                                       Date- 17 June 2010Nalin Kum...
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Standing frame cum sitting chair- for children with Special Needs


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This was awarded with the innovation award in Physiotherapy in 2011 at All India Institute of Medical Science, New Delhi at the Annual National Conference for Physiotherapist. Previously existing models where either for sitting or for standing, what we did is that we made it into one a single standing frame which can be used for the both the purpose, by this we decreased the burden on the financial burden and more freedom of the caregiver, as well as supporting the childs development and looking for a more inclusive development. We tried and tested it with nearly 15 children. It is really helpful and we recommend using it for children with disability across the developing economy. We are the first person to come up with this concept, and we are not claiming for a intellectual property right. However we do not want others to make it patent. It is an open resource for the rehabilitation professioanls, NGOs and parents. For more information on this I will be happy to provide more information. Do mail me at

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Standing frame cum sitting chair- for children with Special Needs

  1. 1. Standing frame cum sitting ChairInventor Date- 17 June 2010Nalin Kumar (PT.)Arju Bala(PT.)Place- EIC, DehradunNeed for invention- There was a need for the developing children to get assistanceof some supporting device that would help him in sitting/standing which is costeffective and could minimize the strain on the caregiver as well as which is costeffective.Previously existing models were not incorporating both the needs and if it waspresent as in the western countries (Standing frame cum wheelchair) which is quiteexpansive to afford for the parents. With the present context the houses haveshrunken and so is the economical status of the families. The developing child whoneeds a special chair in most cases would also need the standing frame. With thismodel the benefits are:- 1. Provides both the accommodation. 2. Will assist in improving the physiological functions of the body. 3. Improve posture and would facilitate further growth and development of the child. 4. Low cost (Cost effective). 5. Reduces strain on the caregiver. 6. Occupies less space. 7. Can be made easily in any local environment with the available resources.Price- Rs. 2500/-Note: There is no standard checklist to document the measurements for thestanding frame. So along with this we had also developed the format for thedocumentation of measurement of standing frame cum sitting chair.