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ancient greek olympics


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ancient olympics

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ancient greek olympics

  1. 1. Why did the Greeks begin the Olympics? The Greeks invented the Olympics to please their gods, especially Zeus.
  2. 2. Who competed in olympics? • Only men joined the olympics. • There were no women.
  3. 3. Why was the Olympics in Olympia - Athens? • Olympia was one of the oldest religious centers in the ancient Greek world. Ancient Greeks honored their gods, there.
  4. 4. What type of events were there? - Stadium Racing (running) – Long distance Race – Pentathlon - Wrestling – Boxing - Horse racing -
  5. 5. What did you receive if you won the events? If you won the Olympics, you would receive olive branch.It isn’t about money but about honour.
  6. 6. When did the games begin? • The Olympics began in 776 B.C .
  7. 7. When did the Olympics end? • The games ended in 391 A.D by Emperor Theodosius