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Published in: Health & Medicine, Education
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  1. 1. What is PDHPE?Personal Development, Health and Physical Educationis: One of the six key learning areas in the NSW primary curriculum Develops the student as a whole person Used as a tool for a continued healthy, active lifestyle
  2. 2. Being healthy… In society today, there is a great awareness to live healthy lives“When individuals are well informed on health issues and have a sense ofcontrol about the decisions they make, they are more likely to experience positive relationships, improved quality of life and less illness.” (Board of Studies, 1999)
  3. 3. Why PDHPE for students? It develops knowledge and understanding within students concerning making informed decisions about health and physical activity and forming positive values and attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle.
  4. 4. Why offer PDHPE in our schools? PDHPE is an extremely important subject. It is advocated by the Board of Studies (1999): “The syllabus is based on a broad notion of health that encompasses all aspects of an individual’s wellbeing, inclusive of social, mental, physical and spiritual health.”
  5. 5. PDHPE involves… eating healthy healthy doing physicalinterpersonal activityrelationships keeping safe making right choices
  6. 6. ReferencesNSW Board of Studies. (1999). Personal development, health and physical education years k–6 syllabus. Sydney: Author.