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Tāmaki maungakiekie cluster_newsletter_june_11


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Tāmaki maungakiekie cluster_newsletter_june_11

  1. 1. He  pānui  mo  ngā  kaiako  o   Tāmaki-­MaungakiekieTāmaki-­Maungakiekie  Early  Childhood  Newsletter   June  2011 Tēnā  koutou  kātoa!  Warm  gree1ngs  to  you  all! I  hope  you  are  all  keeping  warm  and  healthy  through  the  winter  months.    My  whānau  recently  enjoyed  a   holiday  in  Rarotonga  for  my  Nanas  90th  birthday.    She  had  over  55  children,  grandchidlren  and  great   grandchildren  fly  to  Rarotonga  from  NZ  and  Australia  to  celebrate  her  special  day.    The  chill  of  the   Auckland  weather  in  contraast  to  the  warm  island  weather  resulted  in  a  few  days  sick  leave  on  my  return.     However,  I  am  back  into  it  and  will  be  visi1ng  all  of  your  centres  very  soon.    This  month  the  Tāmaki-­‐ Maungakiekie  Early  Years  Conference  was  definitely  a  highlight  with  over  50  commiSed  early  childhood   teachers  joining  forces  on  a  Saturday  to  engage  in  some  very  inspiring  learning.    Thank  you  to  everyone   that  aSended  and  contributed  to  the  buzz  throughout  the  day. Again,  you  will  find  a  list  of  upcoming  events  and  reflec1ons  from  past  workshops.    I  look  forward  to   catching  up  with  you  all  soon. Kia  manuia Naketa  Ikihele  -­‐  Early  Years  Facilitator
  2. 2. Self-­‐Review  Focus The  proess  of  Self-­‐review  can  be  likened  to  that  of  an  ongoing  spiral.  Choosing  one  area  to  focus  on  gives   you  the  1me  and  space  to  really  interogate  what  goes  on  for  children  and  the  impact  of  your  ac1ons  on   childrens  learning.     In  this  Professional  Learning  programme  you  have  the  opportunity  to  engage  in  rich  dialogue  about  your   topics  with  other  teachers  from  ouside  of  your  centre  and  access  the  workshops  and  conferences  faciliated   by  myself  and  other  guest  speakers. Below  you  will  find  a  suggested  1metable  for  your  self  review  process.  We  have  have  some  exci1ng   projects  already  underway.    If  you  would  like  me  to  support  you  with  iden1fying  your  focus,  please  email   me  to  arrange  a  1me  for  me  to  work  with  your  team.Suggested  Time  Frame  for  Ac5on  Research/Self-­‐Review  focus June/July August September October • Iden1fy  Self  Review   • Gather  data  about   • Analyse  your  data • Key  ideas Focus your  focus • Iden1fy  paSerns  in   • Ac1on  Plan • Document  the  story • Focus  on  teachers   prac1ce • What  next? ac1ons • What  have  you   • Reflec1on learned? Con5nually  reflec5ng  and  documen5ng  your  journey. November December January February • Iden1fy  another  Self   • Gather  data  about   • Analyse  your  data • Key  ideas Review  Focus your  focus • Iden1fy  paSerns  in   • Ac1on  Plan • Document  the  story • Focus  on  teachers   prac1ce • What  next? ac1ons • What  have  you   • Reflec1on learned?
  3. 3. Tāmaki-Maungakiekie Early Years ConferenceCongratula1ons  to  all  of  you  amazing  teachers  who  braved  the  rain  last  Saturday  to  aSend  the  Tāmaki-­‐Maungakiekie  Early  Years  Conference.    Over  50  teachers  engaged  in  the  learning  on  offer  throughout  the  day.    Ann  Milne  certainly  opened  our  hui  with  an  inspiring  and  challenging  keynote.    Links  to  her  research  are  at  the  end  of  this  newsleSer.    She  challenged  us  to  think  about  our  role  as  teachers  in  fostering  the  iden1ty  of  our  Māori  learners  and  provided  us  a  glimpse  into  the  long  journey  of  Kia  Aroha  College.    Teachers  then  took  the  opportunity  to  aSend  one  of  the  following  workshops:   *  Whats  Behind  your  bookshelf  -­‐  Lucy  Barker   *  Listening  With  Your  Eyes  –  photos  as  one  of  the  100  Languages  of  children  -­‐  Hana  Faletaupule   *  Literacy  Beyond  our  Walls  -­‐  Play  and  Learn   *  Using  ICT  to  support  Tikanga  Māori  -­‐  Kea  Te  Rurehe-­‐LatuThere  was  lots  of  posi1ve  feedback  from  teachers  on  the  content  of  the  workshops.    The  power  of  teachers  sharing  their  stories  is  definitey  an  inspira1onal  way  of  learning.    Many  of  you  have  indciated  your  interest  in  aSending  workshops  that  you  missed  on  the  day.  If  you  could  email  me  your  preferences  I  can  organise  these  for  Term  Three.    Our  final  keynote  by  Louise  Dempsey  was  packed  with  lots  of  prac1cal  strategies  for  encouraging  Literacy  learning  for  children  in  our  centres.    There  was  a  strong  sugges1on  to  watch  the  Get  Ready  for  School  DVD.  I  have  a  copy  of  this  DVD  for  those  that  are  keen  to  watch  this  at  their  next  team  mee1ng.Planning  is  already  underway  for  our  next  Tāmaki-­‐Maungakiekie  Hui  which  will  be  held  late  November/Early  December.    This  will  be  confirmed  in  the  next  month  so  keep  an  eye  out  for  the  date.
  4. 4. Workshop ReflectionsInfant and Toddler Workshop - Heuristic PlayWe enjoyed a Heuristic Play workshop last Wednesday facilitated byIuliana Martin from Play and Learn. Iuliana talked about creatingenvironments that are inviting to infants and toddlers.The following words were described to capture some of the learningthat happens for young children when we provide heuristic play andtreasure baskets: Natural, Size, Shape, Recycling, Sound, Texture,Weight, Colour, Familiarity and Contrast.Logic and Magic - What happens when we sit back and observe thelogic and magic of our our infants and toddlers. Play is the only way the highest intelligence of Human Kind can unfold” Joseph Childton Pearce
  5. 5. Welcome to School WorkshopEver wondered what happens on thefirst day of school? Interested inhearing what assessment takes placein new entrant classrooms. KimBenjamin (Deputy Principal at Bairds REGISTRATIONSMainfreight Primary School) will speakto us to clarify some of our questions. ARE ESSENTIALIf you are interested in the notion ofTransition to School this is theworkshop for you.Date: Monday 4th July 2011Time: 2.00pm - 4.00pmWhere: Glen Innes Kindergarten,71 Taniwha St, Glen Innes. BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!!!Cost: FREE Reflection in Teaching The process of reflection has been inherent in teaching for decades. Now that youve finished studying how many of us continue to engage in this important process? This workshop will suit teachers undergoing teacher regstration supervision. Date: Thursday 12th July 2011 Time: 6.00pm - 7.30pm Where: Ngā Tamariki Puawai, 18 Allright Place, Mt Wellington. Cost: FREE
  6. 6. STORY CHASERS...Our first digital storytelling workshop will be held next month. As indicatedearlier on in the year I hope to build a team of experts within Tāmaki-Maungakiekie to become experts in Digital Storytelling. Your role will be tosupport other teachers and children in the area with digital storytelling.To join this group it is expected that you will attend every session and withsupport, work towards creating and delivering workshops.Date: Thursday 28th July 2011Time: 1.00pm - 4.00pmWhere: Tāmaki Transformation Building, 171 Pilkington Rd, GlenInnesCost: FREEParticipants will need to bring:*A laptop*5 -10 digital images of your own to create a digital story. You will need to REGISTER for this workshop by Tuesday 26th July 2011.
  7. 7. Professional  Learning  Clusters  -­‐  2011 as  at  June  2011 Tāmaki  Transi5ons Literacy  Cluster "Healthy  and  Ready  to  Learn" Toku  reo  toku  oho  oho Glen  Innes  Kindergarten Tinytown  Childcare  -­‐  Mt  Wellington Pt  England  Kindergarten Tinytown  Childcare  -­‐  Otahuhu Panmure  Bridge  Childcare  Centre Waipuna  Preschool  Centre Akoteu  LouOlive  Pre-­‐school Otahuhu  Kindergarten Te  Ao  Hou  Childcare  Centre Seugagogo  Aoga  Amata Edukids  Apirana  -­‐  Preschool St  Marys  Family  Pre-­‐school Just  Kidz  Early  Childhood  Centre Kidstown  Childcare  Ltd Ngā  Purapura  Puawai Ngā  Tamariki  Puawai Tongan  Tamaki  Feofaaki  Preschool LiSle  Moas  Educare Recommended Recommended Reading  of  the  Month Video  of  the  Month For  those  of  you  who   Following  on   aSended  the  recent   from  the   Tāmaki-­‐Maungakiekie   inspiring   Hui,  you  will  have  heard   presenta1on   the  presenta1on   of  Ann  Milne,   delivered  by  Ann  Milne  of  Kia  Aroha   below  is  a  link   College.     to  the   extrememly  moving  and  heart   You  can  download  her  report  from   breaking  video  she  showed   the  following  link: par1cipants. hSp:// hSp:// sta1cpages/index.php? docid=1091431409617440489# page=learning_research Contact  me         +64  21  594  825       naketa.ikihele@core-­‐