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Tāmaki maungakiekie cluster_newsletter_apr_11

  1. 1. He  pānui  mo  ngā  kaiako  o   Tāmaki-­MaungakiekieTāmaki-­Maungakiekie  Early  Childhood  Newsletter   April  2011 Tēnā  koutou  kātoa!  Warm  gree1ngs  to  you  all! I  have  finally  made  an  appearance  at  each  of  your  centres.    Thank   you  for  taking  the  1me  to  show  me  around  your  gorgeous  centres.   With  such  diversity  of  teachers  and  early  childhood  se@ngs  it  looks   to  be  an  exci1ng  year.    It  has  been  great  to  see  commiCed  teachers   turning  up  to  planned  workshops  and  engaging  in  ac1vity  aDer   centre  hours.    I  appreciate  that  you  all  lead  busy  lives,  and  to  see  you   take  the  1me  out  of  your  home  life  to  engage  in  conversa1ons  and   learning  in  your  own  1me  is  admirable.    Please  remember  if  there   are  topics  that  you  are  interested  in  pursuing,  flick  me  an  email  to  let   me  know  and  Ill  make  it  happen  throughout  the  year.    You  will  find  a   range  of  workshops  planned  for  next  term  and  the  date  for  the  next   Tāmaki-­‐Maungakiekie  Early  Learning  Conference. Kia  manuia Naketa  Ikihele  -­‐  Early  Years  Faciliator Self-­‐Review  Focus Those  that  have  completed  the   Rubrics  documenta1on  will  now  be   Rubrics  and  Memorandum  of  Understandings up  to  the  stage  of  choosing  a  self-­‐ review  focus  under  the  theme  of   If  you  have  not  completed  these  yet,  or  returned  them   "Literacy"  or  "Transi1on  to  School".     to  me  please  do  so  as  soon  as  possible. If  you  would  like  me  to  support  you      The  Memorandum  of  Understanding  is  important  for   with  iden1fying  this  focus,  please   me  to  confirm  that  all  teachers  are  fully  aware  of  the   email  me  to  arrange  a  1me  for  me   programme  and  focus  areas.     to  work  with  your  team. The  rubrics  can  be  a  very  reflec1ve  process.  They  can   Some  centres  already  have  some   help  you  consider  where  you  are  at  before  we  begin  this   exci1ng  projects  underway.     professional  learning  programme  and  it  helps  me   understand  this  too.  So,  make  the  most  of  these  as  a  tool   for  your  team  to  reflect  on  your  current  prac1ces.    Those   of  you  who  have  completed  this  form  tell  me  that  it  is  a   worthwile  process.    
  2. 2. http://eceonline.core-ed.org/ This  online  community  is  hosted  by  CORE   Educa1on,  and  is  funded,  in  part,  by  the   Ministry  of  Educa1on  as  part  of  the  new  suite  of  Professional  Development  op1ons.    It  is  open  for  everyone  to  access,  read  and  contribute  so  that  a  wealth  a  resources  is  built  for  early  childhood  educa1on.  To  register  for  this  Online  Community  visit  eceonline.core-­‐ed.org  .    Find  the  Register  buCon  below  the  Log  in  Box.    Fill  in  your  details  as  required  and  join  the  online  hive  of  ac1vity.There  are  spaces  dedicated  to  Infants  and  Toddlers  and  Pedagogical  Leadership.    There  are  currently  discussions  about  Literacy  in  Early  Childhood  and  Literacy  with  Toddlers.    It  would  be  great  to  see  some  of  your  opinion  posted  in  this  online  environment.  Please  let  me  know  if  you  would  like  assistance  or  guidance  in  se@ng  yourself  up  online. Thank  you  to  those  fabulous  teachers  who  have  iden11ed  their  interest  in   becoming  part  of  a  small  Digital  Storytellers  group  within  Tāmaki-­‐ Maungakiekie.  We  s1ll  need  a  few  more  teachers. I  hope  to  build  a  team  of  experts  within  our  area  with  the  inten1on  of   presen1ng  and  suppor1ng  other  teachers  and  children  with  digital   storytelling  within  Tāmaki-­‐Maungakiekie  and  beyond.    You  will  need  to   have  a  laptop  that  you  can  access  for  these  sessions. If  this  sounds  like  you  and/or  you  want  to  learn  more  please  email  me  naketa@core-­‐ed.org  or   txt/call  021  594  825  by  the  29th  April  2011. Our  first  workshop  will  be  in  Term  Two  2011.    If  you  have  a  PC  computer  please  download  the   free  soDware  Photo  Story  3  from  here
  3. 3. Whats behind your bookshelf?A workshop hosted by the Panmure Library. A look at resoucesavailable at your local library and ideas for choosing and readinggreat stories.Date: Monday 9th May 2011Time: 6.00pm - 7.30pmWhere: Panmure Library, 13 Pilkington Rd, PanmureCost: FREE Literacy Tours REGISTRATIONS AREAn opportunity to visit one ESSENTIALschool, one early childhoodcentre and one kindergsrtensetting in a day. Feedbackfrom previous Literacy Tours Reflection in Teachingwas highly postive. Book earlyto avoid dissapointment as The process of reflection has beenplaces are limited. inherent in teaching for decades. Now that youve finished studying how many ofThursday 9th June 2011 us continue to engage in this importantMonday 27th June 2011 process? This workshop will suit teachers undergoing teacher regstrationCost: FREE supervision. Date: Thursday 12th May 2011 Time: 5.30pm - 7.30pm Where: Just Kidz Educare, 75 Merton Rd, St. Johns Cost: FREE
  4. 4. Infant and Toddler Workshop - Heuristic Play Heuristic play actively encourages exploration by using and developing childrens senses. Children instinctively investigate objects that interest them, making discoveries through taste, touch, smell, sound and how they look. This workshop will give participants an opportunity to explore one centres infant and toddler environment and hear how you can adapt this in your own context. Date: Wednesday 22nd June 2011 Time: 5.30pm - 7.30pm Where: Play and Learn (King St), 4 King St, Papatoetoe Cost:FREE REGISTRATIONS ARE ESSENTIAL Tāmaki-Maungakiekie Early Learning Conference. Saturday 18th June 2011 9.30am - 2.30pm Pt England School Cost: FREEWorkshop titles include: Literacy beyond ourwalls, What comes before reading and writing, Storytelling and much more....
  5. 5. Iden%ty,  Language  and  Culture   What  does  this  mean?  We  will  unpack  what  this  means  in  your  early   childhood  context  and  explore  and  iden7fy  prac7cal  strategies  that   support  children,  families  and  teachers  with  authen7c interac7ons  with  children Date:  Thursday  19th  May  2011   Time:  2.00pm  -­‐  4.00pm Where:  Te  Waipuna  Puawai,  12a  Umere  Cres,  Ellerslie Cost:FREE REGISTRATIONS ARE ESSENTIALWalkers GroupAre there any teachersinterested in organising ateachers walking group? Anopportunity to Network withother teachers from the Tāmaki-Maungakiekie centres as well as engaging in some great professional learning conversations.Email: naketa@core-ed.org
  6. 6. Early  Childhood  Learning  Hui An  opportunity  to  engage  in  discussion  around  future   and  current  plans  for  early  childhood  learning  in  Tāmaki.     This  hui  is  aimed  at  local  Community  Organisa7ons,  Early   Learning  Providers,  Teachers  and  Families. Where:  HIM  Church  (behind  Pak  n  Save  in  Glen  Innes),   77  Line  Rd,  Glen  Innes Time:  5.00pm  -­‐  7.30pm R.S.V.P  to  Natasha  ]akapautolo@gmail.com  Auckland  UnleashedCOMET  is  hos1ng  an  open  forum  for  the  educa1on  sector  during  the  school  holidays  so  that  as  many  educa1on  sector  people  as  possible  can  par1cipate  in  providing  feedback  to  the  Mayor.     AUCKLANDDate:Wednesday  20th  April UNLEASHED_ THE AUCKLAND PLAN DISCUSSION DOCUMENT_Time:1pm-­‐4pmRegistra7on  from  12.30Venue:Waipuna  Lodge  Exhibi7on  Hall,  58  Waipuna  Road,  Mt  WellingtonRSVP  to  comet@manukau.ac.nz !"#$%&!()*+,-.)!/012345678)9&)70:34;<455=> =?@AB@===CD=A!E
  7. 7. Professional  Learning  Clusters  -­‐  2011 as  at  April  2011 Tāmaki  Transi=ons Literacy  Cluster "Healthy  and  Ready  to  Learn" Toku  reo  toku  oho  oho Glen  Innes  Kindergarten Tinytown  Childcare  -­‐  Mt  Wellington Pt  England  Kindergarten Tinytown  Childcare  -­‐  Otahuhu Panmure  Bridge  Childcare  Centre Waipuna  Preschool  Centre Akoteu  LouOlive  Pre-­‐school Otahuhu  Kindergarten Te  Ao  Hou  Childcare  Centre Seugagogo  Aoga  Amata Edukids  Apirana  -­‐  Preschool St  Marys  Family  Pre-­‐school Just  Kidz  Early  Childhood  Centre Kidstown  Childcare  Ltd Ngā  Purapura  Puawai Ngā  Tamariki  Puawai Tongan  Tamaki  Feofaaki  Preschool LiCle  Moas  Educare Recommended Recommended Book of the Month Video of the Month Malcolm Gladwell is Ken Robinson a quirky author with is famous for an interesting writing his thought- style. provoking insights into Outliers - provides creativity in us with an insight education. into the lives of some of the worlds most successful people. His TED Talk - Schools Kill Creativity challenges every What does it take to be successful teacher to look at individual and how does this impact on your children and the curriculum we work with young children? provide. http://www.fishpond.co.nz/Books/ http://www.ted.com/talks/ Outliers-Malcolm-Gladwell/ ken_robinson_says_schools_kill_ 9780316017930? creativity.html Contact  me       021  594  825      naketa@core-­‐ed.org     iChat:  naketa@mac.com                       Skype:  naketaferguson