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Many user interfaces on the Web are confusing for users to operate or make users more prone to mistakes, and we call such a user interface a "BADUI" (BAD User Interface). To solve these problems, we proposed WePatch, a system enables users to improve BADUIs on the Web by attaching improvement functions virtually. We implemented a prototype WePatch system as a browser extension that had functions for correcting inputted text automatically, and adding annotations and so on. Also, we experimentally compared the usability of BADUIs before and after being qualitatively improved by WePatch. The results revealed that WePatch considerably improved the usability of BADUIs.

Published in: Engineering
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  1. 1. OzCHI '17 WePatch: A System Enabling Users to Improve Bad User Interfaces on the Web Kazuki Tajima, Satoshi Nakamura Meiji University
  2. 2. Bad User Interface? #BADUI
  3. 3. Which button do you click not to cancel? cancel Warning! Cancel WARNING! Do you really want to cancel? OK
  4. 4. First name? Last name? Habitat? E-mail? Need slash type?
  5. 5. HanakoYamada 19990101 012345678 We call difficult-to-use UIs ”BADUI (Bad User Interface)”
  6. 6. Background • Many user interfaces on the web are difficult to use for users • BADUI (=Bad User Interface) are not made easier, and users have to keep using a difficult-to-use UIs due to developer
  7. 7. Purpose of Study To solve BADUI problems on the Web • Propose a method that enables ordinary users to improve BADUIs by attaching improvement functions • Implement a prototype system and clarify its usefulness and characteristics
  8. 8. Proposed Method Filter Filter Filter Attention! Enable ordinary users to improve BADUIs on the web Improvement functions • Auto-conversion filter • Display example • Web advisory sticker • Balloon description • Information correction
  9. 9. Auto-conversion filter 012-3456-7890 1994/12/05 Kazuki Tajima 012-3456-7890 1994/12/0519941205 012367890 Filter Kazuki Tajima Removing the incorrect characters!
  10. 10. Display example First na Last na sample@sample.c First name? Last name? Habitat? E-mail? Need slash type? 19990101 Show input examples thinly
  11. 11. Web advisory sticker KazukiTajima 19990101 01-2345-6789 Click! Click!
  12. 12. WePatch Chrome web store:「WePatch」 Website: Download
  13. 13. 10 participants evaluated 16 BADUI cases from -2 to 2. ResultExperiment
  14. 14. 10 participants evaluated 16 BADUI cases from -2 to 2. ResultExperiment The average scores gets 1.08 points higher than before WePatch improves BADUIs effectively
  15. 15. Summary • Proposed a method and implemented WePatch that enables ordinary users to repair BADUIs • WePatch improved BADUIs effectively • Implement a function for evaluating contributor’s credibility • Propose Automatic improvement method for BADUIs by collecting information improving procedures Future work