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Customer identification

  1. 1. Page no.1 Project Project Title: Customer FocusedYour are the quality director of a medium size durable goods manufacturer. Yourcompany is in very a competitive market with a significant increase being seen in theimport of similar products from countries with much lower labor and material rates. Allthe quality indicators have been flat for the last two quarters. The company president hasasked you to investigate the factors contributing to the flat trends and suggest a course ofan action for improving customer Satisfaction.
  2. 2. Page no.2 PrefaceThe Research Project (Post Graduates Certification in Professional Quality Management)which I have written over Customer focus it is major challenge for me not only forUniversity Assignment but also build up my Professional career, so that I studyCustomer Focus topic more than one and half month with help of different book,Articles, especially “The Certified Manager of Quality Organization Excellence Hand Book”I study different philosophies related to Customer Satisfaction and his trends and gotviews (Data) from our Marketing and sale staff. This material enables me to write fewwords about customer (Focus) satisfaction.Assignment which is given to me I have to work as director of medium size company.Product of that company has become victim of flat trend in market for last two quartersdue to import (competitors) product. Our competitor’s product has very economical priceand with good Discount that’s why we have lost a lot of customers.Being quality control director task was given to me from President of company searchover flat trend of our product and find out reasons and takes an actions plans project. Inmy project. I used my potential to solve the root causes problems rather than managingthem.In first chapter of project I have identified the customers and then divided them indifferent segments in age, income, quality and price. Information related this topic in myorganization is not available then I have decided to meet different painters in my localcommunity and collect data.In second Chapter of my project I have studied on SWOT. I have deeply studied on whatour Strength, Weakness, Oppertunities, threats and our competitor as Well. In this chapterI included very important survey of our company in end of chapter I have find outfactors of flat trend that are playing very vital role to create flat Trend . I have utilized theQC tool to visualize factors with help of fish bone showed its percentage in table.In third Chapter of my project I have written down strategy formulation process with helpof Diagram and Explanations. In the end in very short wordings I have written down corestrategies we have to implement in our company to finish the flat trend.
  3. 3. In Fourth Chapter of my project I have implemented (taken action plans) Strategies withHelp Different departments and using different diagrams. In this Chapter I have definedthe responsibilities every department of organizations without doing these responsibilitieswe can’t eliminate flat trend of our product in market. If we fulfill our responsibilities wewill see positive result from Customers.In fifth part of my project I have given Special focus on Lost Customer.In this context Ihave launched seven big Strategies to recover lost customers.Final of part of my project I have mentioned outcome of project (Results) with help ofdata Survey and Diagram (Graph).I spent more than six month at PIQC and NED University during this time I enjoyed withmy class fellow mentioned their names Ms Azra Khan, Mr. zahid mangle and all theother friends.In End this project would be not be come into final shape if Lt.Col Haider Raza Khanwill not help me I would like to warmly appreciated efforts of Lt.Col Haider Raza Khanfor nation and especially Passion for his students. In every step of project provided meguidelines and authentic strategies.I would like to thank Director of Universal Brushwares (Pvt) Ltd. Mr.Zain Anwar whoappreciated me over my project.I would like to thank QC Manager Mr. Asim Ali who supports me in my differentproblems.I would to thank Mr. Samuel Masih (Production Manager) provided me logical advice.End I would like to Special thanks.Professors (Dr.Remiz, Dr. Mazar Jamil,) of NED University, Dr.Attulah from NUSTPIQC and General Manager of PIQC Madam Sidra Hussein.Special Thanks to my mother Allis Shaique who allowed me and support me like myfather. “Samuel Masih” 15-February-2013
  4. 4. Page no.4 AcknowledgmentsThis Research Base Project (Thesis) I dedicated to my father Rev. Pastor Allah RakhaShaique who was Priest of Presbyterian Church. His character shaped a large part in mylife. His whole life is model of honesty, truth, goodness,Special Quality of his nature he has passion to seek the knowledge and love to learn. Healways appreciated me to learn different areas of education. He was only one person inmy life provide safe environment in all circumstances (Poverty). He slept (died) in LordJesus Christ on 29- December-2011. All my potential and intelligence belong to myfather. “Memory of Righteous person will be live forever” “Samuel Masih Shaique” 15-February-2013
  5. 5. Page no.4 ObjectivesA. Investigate Factors of FlatFirst Objective of my project is to find out (Investigates) reasons of Flat Trend. In otherswords I can say, what are core best characteristics of our competitors product that areplaying vital role to attract the customers in our marketB. Strategies Actions PlansBeing quality director my first priorities is to launch the tactics and Strategieseliminations of Flat trends and Move to our organization on progressive way.C. See in current Situation.This is most important object of my project; I have seen my project current economyCondition of Pakistan. Right now Pakistan economy condition is not going well due toPolitical Crisis. Last few years Pakistani products facing the same condition due importproducts of china. Here I must say we should utilize the same suggestions which I writtendown in my project.D. Improving the Customer Satisfaction.Through this project I will improve customer Satisfaction. This project walks aroundcustomer and his needs, expectations and satisfactions.E. ExecutionThis project I will put into practice in my organization. Tactics which have been writtendown. Sometimes our marketing staff and Quality Control Depts. have to face samecondition which is mentioned in project. This is best practice for coming up challenges.F. Build up my Professional career .Big object of this project is to build up my professional career by using project. This isbig opportunity to enhance my professional education and sharpen my axe (Skill).Positive output of this project I will implement in my organization so that our customerwill satisfy and our organization will make progress in best wayG. Learn the lessonThis is God gift talent in my nature I am curious in many ways. I always busy to discoversomething new. This project will provide me best opportunities to learn differentprofessional expertise. This project will enhance sense of creativity and potential.
  6. 6. Table of ContentsProject________________________________________________________________.1Preface________________________________________________________________2Acknowledgement_______________________________________________________4Project Objectives________________________________________________________5Company Profile (history) _________________________________________________7Objects of Quality Control Depts. In our Company._____________________________9Definition of Flat Trend___________________________________________________8Customer focus__________________________________________________________9Chapter .No.1 Customer identification_____________10Strategy for Customer identification_________________________________________10Customer Segmentations_________________________________________________10Segments by different Prospectus___________________________________________11Chapter .No.2 Swot Analysis_____________________12Market Survey__________________________________________________________15Factors Explanation of Survey (needs of Customers____________________________16.Fish bone and its Diagram________________________________________________18Chapter No.3. Strategic Formulate Process_________19Logic of Balanced Scorecard (Strategic Planning) _____________________________19Final Strategy Formation Process___________________________________________20Final Strategies Explaination______________________________________________21Chapter No.4. Final Strategies Implementation_______22Task for Human Resources Department_____________________________________22Tasks for Research and Development Department_____________________________ 22Task for Production Department____________________________________________22Tasks for Quality Control Department_______________________________________22Work in Customer Prospect. (Feedback Diagram)______________________________24Tasks for Supply chain Department_________________________________________25Tasks for Engineering Department_____________________________________25Big Tasks for Marketing (Managers) Staff____________________________________26Tasks for Top Management_______________________________________________26Traditional Method and Concurrent Engineering Method________________________27Chapter No.5 Strategy for Lost Customers_________28Tactics________________________________________________________________28Chapter No.6 Outcome of Project_________________30Project Results and Benefits( with help of Survey and graph__________________30/31Conclusion____________________________________________________________32
  7. 7. Page no.4 Universal Brushware (Pvt). Ltd LR 10/20 Principal Ram Sahe Street Off Nishter Road Near Shoe Market, Karachi, Pakistan -74400 Tel: +92 21 32729650 / 32723823| Fax: +92 21 32777068 Cell: +92 332 226 23www.unibrush.comI am Part of Universal Brushware (Pvt) Ltd for last one and half years. During this periodI know that our Organization is very clear and transparent policies about customersatisfaction basic objects of these policies to optimize our customer satisfaction and workin customer needs and prospect. Our company has been providing cost efficient productswith high level good quality for last 65 years to our customers.Universal Brushwares (Pvt.) Ltd. is Pakistan’s oldest and largest manufacturer of qualityPaintbrushes, Rollers and other brush products.Established since 1947, it has a rich heritage of contributing to the development of thecountry in the construction sector after the Indian sub-continent was partitioned in 1947which led to the newly formed nation of Pakistan.The company has therefore amassed a formidable reputation in the market as a productleader and innovator. Our history in this industry exceeds 50 years of providing qualityproducts and services to our valued customers.At Universal we pride ourselves on using only the highest quality of materials in makingour products.Universal Brushwares has always been a family owned enterprise and is currentlymanaged by the family’s 3rd generation.Quality Control /AssuranceDepartmentIn our organization we have launched very strong quality control management system tomeet high level customer’s expectations and needs. Our quality control system base onprocess to process. We believe that receiver of output of our process is our customer.At Universal Brushwares we employ strict quality systems in our production processesto deliver the best products to our customers.Our products are 100% Guaranteed against quality and workmanship defects. If you areunsatisfied with any of our products simply return them to the location where youpurchased them from for an identical replacement.
  8. 8. Page no.4 What is Flat TrendIn a typical trending market there will be good pushes up or down followed by shortspells of flat or opposing movement. To trade this it is important that you identify anymajor support or resistance levels from previous trading. In simple words we can explain “A market Position that is neither long nor short in a portfolio”
  9. 9. Page no.9 Customer focus“There is only one boss- customer. And he can fire everybody in the company- fromchairman to on down-simply by spending his money somewhere else.” “Sam Walton”Organization that recognize the important of customers and focus on their wants andneeds are commonly referred to as being customer focus or customer driven. In businessliterature, the customer driven and market driven are often used interchangeably;however, a customer-driven organization focuses more on the care and retention ofexisting customers whereas the market –driven by organization is more attuned toattracting new customers and serving their needs.In best in class organization, virtually every activity is undertaken with customers’interest in mind. It is important to note that undertaking virtually every activity withcustomers’ interest in mind does not imply that an organization should do so at afinancial loss. After all organization that re not profitable ultimately ceases to dobusiness.Today , most quality professional consider the customer to be any individual or groupthat receives and must be satisfied with the service, work product, output of a process. Inother words the customer is the individual or group whose requirements a process isintended to full fill.Gryna broadly describes a customer as “Anyone who is affected by the product or process”Clearly this definition includes more than just those who receive the output of a process.The Quality Control /Assurance Professional must realize that a process and its outputtouch many people both within and beyond organization boundaries.
  10. 10. Page no.10 Chapter No.1 Customer IdentificationIdentifying and define customer types is an important part of service and processmanagement and improvementStrategy for customer identificationStrategy Explanation .There is lots of internal and external customer but we believe that customer Satisfaction is aboveall of them. Our customer identification would base on consumer requirement desires meetsatisfaction’s will the follow action to take the customer identificationSearch for customer (consumer) desire product, accessing various product sellers. A. Customer places the order electronically through select seller ‘web site. B. Publisher notify seller, who notifies consumer that order is confirmed. C. Identify our customers’ needs, demands and expectations. D. Core/key customers E. Non-core customers F. Potential customersCustomer SegmentationsSegmentation generally comes from the marketing side of the organization stake holdersin quality and operations planning need to integrate the thinking and system of theorganization to align service delivery processes and quality with customer requirementdepicted by the segmentation strategy. A. We created and maintain a customer information system to provide data on customer identity potential segmentation criteria and if possible data on customer needs and requirements .if a comprehensive customer database is not feasible market research can be used to characterize customer segments.We used customer and market surveys to evaluate customer and market perceptions ofthe organization and compare these perceptions to those held toward others in thebusiness. This information can be used to identify current
  11. 11. Page no.11 B. position in the minds of both customer and non-customer relative to current and potential market opportunities. C. We should use market related strategy .that segmentation strategy must be related to our marketing planning ,strategic planning and quality service process improvements plans. D. We use appropriate marketing performance indicators to monitors and guide the relative success of segmentation initiatives. E. Tailor market plans campaigns to meet needs of core customer segmentation. F. we built the a customer database through product registration and warranty wok or conduct market research G. Direct market research. H. We will visit the direct market surveys for segmentations. Segments By Different Prospectus. This is segment is done by our marketing staff to direct customer in last year in this 1. Segment by Income Name of Minimum Maximum income per How much money they segments income per month can spend to buy our month product for one month Income 12000 15000 (18%) 300 (82%) 2. Segment by Age Name of Minimum Maximum Age Percentage segments Age Age 25 45 83% 3. Segment by Class Name of Middle class Poor class High class segments Class 17% 80% 3% 4. Segment by Price and Quality Concern . Name of Price Quality Concern People who want both segments concern characteristics in People Product. Price and 28% 31% 41%
  12. 12. QualityPage no.12 Chapter No.2 Swot AnalysisA common component of the strategic planning process involves looking at both currentinternal strength and weakness of the firm’s core competencies as well as futureopportunities and threats in the External marketplace. A SWOT analysis is a systemicassessment of an organization ‘internal and external environment and identifies attributesthat affect its ability to achieve its vision and to improve and protect its competitiveposition. Since the SWOT looks at how the firm fits to the current reality it is apreliminary indication of current competitive positions. Situation Analysis / Internal Analysis External Analysis / / Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats | SWOT ProfileStrengthRepresent those competences which offer an organization Competitive advantagescompared with some similar organizations. Examples of such advantages are: strategiccapability, geographic Position, the stuff’s characteristics, or a relational system withother Organizations. 1. We are Market Leader. 2. We have lion share in the competitive market. 3. We have 80% percentage Customers in market. 4. We have large numbers of dealer from every corner of country and customer as well. 5. We have Strong quality control System. Our product has high level quality. 6. We have great capability to produce large number of production.
  13. 13. 7. Alternative Suppliers. 8. Economy Package employees. 9. Well known Company for last six decade.10. Reliable partners11. Big deposits12. Proper packaging and designWeakness Represent those characteristics which generate competitive Disadvantages. Everyorganization presents a specific combination of Strengths and weaknesses. The conditionof revaluing strengths and avoiding weaknesses in the strategic process is to identifythem in the correct way. 1. There is lot of Employees turnover in our company. 2. Lack of Multiple Purpose Products. 3. We cannot provide the product at low price just as our competitor is providing. 4. We can’t give the Different Discount Schemes to our customer. 5. Our Supply Chain Department is not so efficient. 6. In Our Research and Development Department is not working properly 7. We have no our own logistics System 8. Lack of a modern commercial policy 9. Mix marketing inadequate to the conditions of competitionThreatsRepresent a combination of external elements, which provoke some significant damage toan organization, in conditions of keeping the course of its action, a course that existswhen these elements appear. 1. Our competitor providing product the very low cost price. 2. Our competitor providing multiple purpose product to customers 3. May be our competitor will get lion share in our in our market
  14. 14. 4. Our product has to face much taught time. 5. Appearance of new competitors. 6. Inflation 7. Appearance of foreign companies on the market.Opportunities.Represent a combination of external elements, which give organization significantadvantages, in conditions of a certain course it acts. 1. We can become the biggest company in south Asia. 2. We can lead our paint brush industry. 3. We can generate volume of our customers. 4. We can also increase large number of our customer who belongs to poor class by lunching economy product. 5. We can also attract those customers who like multiple purpose products by lunching our new product. 6. We can get monopoly in market if we launch against our competitors at low price product. 7. Protecting commercial macroeconomic policy which is favorable to the firm 8. Elastic demand 9. Possibility to enlarge the list of products10. Qualitative organizational cultureOur competitors AnalysisComparisons may be made of competitors’ strategies and result in relation to one’s ownassumptions. For example if a competitor formulates its strategies base on its assumptionthat birth rates in the marketplace served will increase over the next five year.Porter provides a framework for comparing the organization with competitors that amongother factors examines a competitor’s core capabilities, its ability to grow, its quickresponse capability, its ability to adapt to change and its saying power.
  15. 15. Both quantitative data and qualitative data can be examined in comparing against ourcompetitors.Our competitors Strength 1. Our competitors have 20% customers in our market (their names Rock , Zee, Elite ,Harris and other Chinese products ) 2. Our competitors are located different part of country especially rural areas. 3. They are providing the very low Price product to customer. 4. Our competitors are trying forming consortium or others types of alliance. 5. Our two and three competitors providing multiple purposes product to customers.Our competitors Weakness1. Their product has very low quality.2. They are new in market.3. They use very low level material in their product.4. Their policies analysis shows that their main focus on short terms profits.5. They have not professional manpower.6. They have not much investment to launch new high level quality product.7. Most of them located in rural class area.
  16. 16. Page no.15 Market SurveySurvey ExplanationThis survey has been done by our market staff in 2011. They directly collected the datafrom end consumers. In this survey 100 customers have given their opinions on everyfactor. Which Factor how much customers liked between our product’s factor and ourcompetitors. Data has been mentioned with percentage. Sr No.1 Factors Our Company /Universal Our Brush ware (Pvt) Ltd. Competitors 1 Price 39% Like 61% Like 2 Good Quality 75% 25% 3 Flexible Policies 52% 48% 4 Discount 46% 51% 5 Schemes 55% 45% 6 Multiple Purpose 41% 49%
  17. 17. Page no.16 Factors ExplanationIn this area we Analysis (Comparison) the major factor (one by one) our product and ourcompetitors Product that are playing very vital (key) role to maintain flat trend in marketfor last two quarters.1. PriceWe belong to underdeveloped country. Majority of people are not enjoying theirfundamental rights.Price is very important factor that attract the people. In our Segmentation table we haveseen majority of our customers belongs to poor class they have not enough money to buyexpansive product just as mentioned in.Segment no.1 and 4 (in segment no.4) in our Market survey 61% people give priorityover our price. Only 39 percent People our product is has Liked this Factor. In nutshellwe can say economy price of import product is played vital role to flat our product inmarket.2. Multiple purposes.Multi purposes are second factors of import (Competitors) product to attract the people.Our product has good quality, long life and expansive material but it is not utilize formultiple purposes. Two and three brand of our competitor is multiple purposes. As perour market 49% Customers like our competitor’s product due to multiple purposes.3. Good Quality We have full command and control system in area of quality control. Our product hashigh level quality. A large numbers of our customers who are quality concern just asmention (chapter no.1 and Segment no.4) and other survy 75% Customers believe that wehave good quality product. A number of people always seeking cost efficient product (itmean good quality at Economical price) our product have good quality but is expensive.That factor also played important role to optimize our customer satisfaction. In QualitySector we are strong.4. DiscountDiscount is fourth major factor that is providing the room for import product ofcompetitor market if you buy three quantities of products one product will be given free.In our market survey shows that more than 51% customers liked this strategy .I thinkbeing market leader we have very low level strategy Related to Discount Package. Ourcompetitors believe this gift of our new customers but we use little bit that strategy offand on. Customer Consider that this is golden opportunities for him it should be buy. Wefocus on it to design new discount packages.5. Flexible Policies (Pro-Customer Policies)
  18. 18. Flexible Policies (Pro-Customer Policies) are like back bone in market mechanism) andgenerate the large number of customers especially for n new (launching) Product. This isstrategy is also part of competitor but we are so strong in this area. Our customer is fullysatisfied with our flexible. We give hundred percentage guarantees (Replace) to ourcustomers (just as written in our company profile). According to Our market director“Our first priority is to optimism your customer Satisfaction through adopting Pro-Customer Policies” (flexible Policies) our Competitor have not like that strategies plansand policies. In Short our we strong in this sector6. SchemesSix major factors that played very important role to make the room in our market.According to our market survey 55% Customers are attracted by this strategy.Management behind this strategy is offering different smart schemes on purchasingProducts. But we have launched different schemes that attract the customer from everyrank of people. In this sector we are strong. Some time we offer ummara ticket and T.Von Purchasing of our product. Our competitor used this strategy to attract the newcustomers. In Short we have strong schemes.
  19. 19. Page no.18 Fish Bone . After deeply consideration now we have find out what are main factors that playing vital roles to maintain flat trend. Below these factors have been explained on fish bone A. This is a systematic process of identifying the root cause of the problem through brain storming. B. This process is performed by a team which comprises of representatives of each section who are affected due to problem or can be helpful to resolve it After this exercise we are now able to identify the possible root cause of the problem. Now proper corrective action must be defined to eliminate the root cause of the problems.PRICE DISCOUNT Factors of Flat Trend MULTIPLE PURPOSES
  20. 20. Page no.19 Chapter No.3 Strategy Formation Process “People and their managers are working so hard to be sure things are done right, that they hardly have time to decide if they are doing the right thing” Stephen R. Covey Logic of Balanced Scoredcard(Strategic Planning) Balanced Scorecard Explanation Below diagram I have written down summary of strategic system With help of strategic altitude at 3000meters we set our vision and mission. At the height of 2500 meters we set strategic prospectus, strategic them, and strategic objects At 100 meters we set our targets and finally we set our tasks and actions Strategic Altitude Optimize our customer Vision 3000 Mt Get lion share in our Mission market Recover lost Customers Strategic Prospects Customer 2500 Mt Needs Strategic Terms and Rules Mention in chapter-3 Strategic Objects Eliminate the Flat Trend Focus other issues 100 Mt Performance Measures and Targets Targets have been mentioned in chapter no.4 Strategic Initiatives Our initiatives base on customer needs Tasks and ActionsGround Finish flat trend with help of all the depts.
  21. 21. Page no.20Final Strategy Formulation ProcessStrategy is process reviews the markets, customer need, competitor strength andweakness sociopolitical legal and economic conditions and technical developments andavailability of resources to assist organization its planning and opportunities andweakness. Finally in our strategy making process we have kept all the necessaryinformation we filtered them and afterward we are able to make our strategy, tactics andoperation plans. Vision SWOT/Enablers & Challenges Our competitor Analysis Mission Customers needs Analysis Core Values • Discovery • Customer Value proposition • Strategy Plan • Action Plan
  22. 22. Page no.21 Final Strategies ExplanationStrategy No. 1Lunch new economical productWe have to lunch an economical Price and Multiple Purposed product against ourcompetitor’s product so that our competitors will not get big market share.Strategy No. 2Focus on discount PackagesWe have to increase the ratio of our smart discount packages where People are notinterest in our productStrategy No. 3Need to Review our ProcessesWe have to review our production and other process and minimize the cycle time. Thatwill minimize our per unit cost so that we will be strong in Price Sector.In this area we will discuss the improvement strategies (it means how we can meet ourtasks (targets). The problems which are mentioned above.
  23. 23. Page no.22 Chapter No.4 Final Strategies ImplementationIn this chapter we are going to implement our strategies to eliminate Flat trend whichhave been mentioned in last page. In our implementation process we are giving differenttask to every Depart and their duties and task have written down in Detail.1. Task for Human Resources Department 1. Hire right person for right job. 2. Arrange training session where we are weak. 3. Think about our employee’s satisfaction.If we look H/R in factors Prospectus which mentioned above H/R department should hireprofessional task orient and dedicated persons they will Beneficial to eliminatedproblems (factors) so that our company may get monopoly in market2. Tasks for Research and DevelopmentDepartment .1. Work on to design Economical product.2. Work on how to design our product for multiple purposes3. Work on reliability of Economical product.Is the process of exploring new development and new ideas to identify potential newproduct or processes that can fulfill previously untapped opportunities and replace thosethat are in the later stages of the product lifecycle.R/D should design such product that will be cost efficient for customer it will have goodquality characteristics available in market at economical price in this way there will be noroom for import product in our market.Task for Production Department 1. Review the process. 2. Minimize the cycle time. 3. Right man for right job.It would be positive impact our per unit cost. It means we can minimize our product priceIs the key element of any manufacturing organization? In fact many plants have noresponsibility nut production, as all other functions are performed off site. The productionfunction manages the flow of material and its conversion from a raw state of finishedstages. All Resources energy supplies equipments, and human labor.Tasks for Quality Control Department . 1. Review their inspection process make them better. 2. Deducted those processes which are difficult to manage. 3. Everybody in Organization is responsible for Quality. 4. Make the progress from small q to big Q.
  24. 24. Quality control supports the other functions of the organization. This best done byhelping to define operational systems that ensure that customer requirements will be met.The quality function might also support external function supports internal functions byhelping to interpret externally imposed requirements.
  25. 25. Page no.24Work in Customers Prospects. (Feedback)This is very core Strategy to eliminate the flat trend. All the ruling organizations thosehave lion share holder in market they always are taking actions according to customerneeds and demands. Below simple diagram has given.A. Take Action.First step of this diagram first you have to take initiativeB. Measurement Customer opinion.Organization should measure the customer opinion in right way what is true opinion ofour customers.C. Analyze the Interpret.After measuring customer opinion third part is that analyze and interpret the customerideas and opinions.D. Corrective Plan / innovative.This is final stage customer opinion convert into product or corrective product. Four Stages of Converting Customer Feedback into Product 1. Take Action 4. Plan corrective or 2. Measure innovative adjustments customer opinion 3. Analyze interpret the information Adjust plans, policies product or service Combine measure from all sources Analyze the interpret the information
  26. 26. 2. Tasks for Supply chain Department A. Supply chain Manager should select such Supplier who can supply the material at very economical price to company/ organization and with good quality (timely Delivery) of logistics. Focus on those markets where import products are becoming very popular among new Customers. B. Manager of Supply chain department should search cost efficient Suppliers that can optimize our customer satisfaction C. Eliminate a function that is difficult to manage. D. Share and thus reduce risk. E. Reduce operating cost. F. Joint design marketing and launch new product at economical price. G. Communication of demand and resources planning information beyond the day to day and week to week. H. Supply Chain Manager should have fully knowledge what kind of material our competitors are using. I. Supply chain manager should utilize logistics that would be cost efficient and timely delivery to our customers.Tasks for Engineering Department .Can take many forms depending on the particular industry, product line, or companyphilosophy .The of engineering functions that must be accomplished include?A. Product EngineeringConverting the concept from marketing or the research and development into viableproducts and specifications.B. Process EngineeringDesigns product realization work procedures/instructions, developing. Acquiring andinstalling equipment that can consistently and effectively produce the organization’sproduct.C. Facilities EngineeringMaintaining the building, land central services (HVAC and Water) and machinery.D. SuggestionsA. Engineering Department should design new techniques and instruments that would be beneficial for economical price product.B. Engineering process should be made for easyC. Find out new machinery that consumed less electricity it may help to launch new economical product.
  27. 27. Page no.26Big Tasks for Marketing (Managers) Staff . A. Keep an eye on Market trend. B. Market staff has to play very vital part to eliminate the factors which have been mentioned in fish bone Diagram. C. Staff should identify their customers and segmentation them. D. Staff should have fully knowledge about their customer’s income. E. Staff should have fully knowledge about their customer demands and expectations. F. Staff should introduce the new discounts packages that can minimize the demand of import product in the market. G. Staff set new tasks to fulfill customer satisfaction. H. Very important strategy market staff should launch very economical price product that can attract the lost customers. (Now they become the consumers of import product)Tasks for Top Management (Leadership) Management is doing things right; Leadership is doing the right thing “Peter.F.Drucker”“Leaders establish unity of purpose and direction of the organization. They shouldcreate and maintain the internal environment in which people can become fully involvedin achieving the organization’s objectives”Top management is the key role (back bone) to eliminate the factors which have beenmentioned in fish bone diagram. Find solution to eliminate the why is our productbecome victims of flat trend in competitive market. A. Make the Soft Policies on Discount Packages. B. They set priorities over fish bone factors. C. They should make Flexible Policies (Pro-customers satisfaction Policies) that optimize the customer satisfaction. D. Top management commitment is expressed I the organization’s vision .this statements clearly positions customers and service to customers as the primary reasons for being. E. The concept and practices of superior customer service start within the organization. F. The organization employs multiple means for obtaining customer feedback. It collects correlates analysis and disseminates crucial information for management’s actions.
  28. 28. G. Training customer service representative is vital to building and retaining customers. The organization ‘principal and the CRS skill needed are exemplified.
  29. 29. Page no.27 Traditional Method The design and launch process has traditionally been done sequentially whereby sales takes to customer then tell product engineering what to develop. Production Engineering creates specification and drawing to figure for the new product. RResponse sale Product Manufacturing ProductionDepartment Engineering Engineering Business Customer Results response Concurrent Engineering Method In order to overcome the inherent problems with this process, concurrent engineering applies the team concept to get all key players involved simultaneously. It is a multidisciplinary approach that typically involves product design and manufacturing engineering sales, purchasing, and quality. Top Management s Research and Development DepartmentHuman ProductionResources Department EngineeringFinance Flat Trend/ DepartmentDepartments New Economy Product / Review their ProcessMarketing Supply ChainDeptt. DepartmentSale Deptt. Quality Control Deptt
  30. 30. Page no.28 Chapter No.5 S trategies For Lost CustomersTactics“Real profits are generated by loyal customers-not just satisfied customers.” “Rafael Aguayo”Recover Lost CustomersAll the organizations occasionally encounter unhappy customers. Making the effort tosuccessfully resolve customer complaints shows the customer that care and can be usedas continual improvement tool. Here is five step-Step recover the lost customers.A. Apologize.First and foremost say that you are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience the customershas experience. Also, personally accept responsibility for the problems and its resolution.B. RestateRestate the problem as the customer described it to you to make certain that youunderstand exactly what the customer means. Then tell or show the customer that youwill do everything possible to solve the problem and resolve the complaint immediately.C. Empathi ze.Make certain that you communicate clearly to your customer so that they understand thatyou know how they feel.D. Make the RestitutionNot only tell your customers that you will take immediate action to resolve theircomplaints (for example, refunding their money), but tell and show them that you willmake it up to them in some special way. For example, provide a free gift or discount ontheir next PurchaseE. Provide Unpaid ServicesSometimes companies offer free lessons on how to use their product to recover the lostCustomers. Held the Different Seminars to expose the Good features of product andShow this impression through marketing and advertisement policies, expectations ofcustomers are more important for us.F. Establish Personal Relationship
  31. 31. It doesn’t mean we will build personal to common man one by one. It means our servicesand market mechanism will shows we are building personal relation. Our service and pro-customer market mechanism will show this Strategy.G. Follow upLater, check to see whether your customer is now satisfied. The organization’s principaland the CRS skills needed are exemplified in the following checklist A. Meet the customer’s need B. Save the customer time C. Earn my organization the customers‘s loyalty. D. Help obtain future business.H. Blue Ocean StrategyBlue ocean strategy generally refers to the creation by a company of a new, uncontestedmarket space that makes competitors irrelevant and that creates new consumer valueoften while decreasing costs in 2005, Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne from INSEADpublished a book on business strategy named Blue Ocean Strategy. According to them,while many companies primarily focus on going one-up on the competition, the best wayto compete is to stop trying to beat the competition. Markets are typically classified intored oceans (known or existing markets) and blue oceans (non-existent, unknown oruntapped markets). In red oceans, companies will try to take market share from eachother while blue oceans represent highly profitable growth markets as the boundaries areyet to be defined. Our market executives must utilize the Blue Ocean Strategy tomaximize volume of customers.
  32. 32. Page no.30 Chapter No. 6 Outcome of ProjectAfter the implementation of tactics, Strategies plans and tasks mentioned in my project.Focused on those areas where we weak then We Analysis our market position with helpof third party. We made the progress and eliminated Flat Trend. Data have been givenbelow table and graph. 1. Now we are Market Leader. 2. Now we have 86% market Share holder 3. Now we have eliminated the flat trend 4. Now we have every kind of product. 5. Now we have two three brands that can be it utilize for multiple purposes. Sr No.1 Factors Our Company /Universal Our Brush ware (Pvt) Ltd. Competitors 1 Price 58% Like 42% Like 2 Good Quality 77% 23% 3 Flexible Policies 59% 41% 4 Discount 56% 44% 5 Schemes 57% 43% 6 Multiple Purpose 85% 42%
  33. 33. Page no.31 Benefits Of ProjectA. Reduction in WasteTactics that are mentioned in last page We utilized these tactics in our organization andminimized ratio of wastages. It means our going on process day by day improving.B. Generate Volume of our Customers .After execution of recommended strategies, our product not only recovers the lostcustomers but also generate volume of new customers. It done directly impact on ourfinancially position.When we made production according to our customer expectations and cost efficient tocustomers. It has generated volume of our customers. That factor directly increased ourcompany position.C. Optimize your Customer Satisfaction.When we worked according to customer’s satisfaction what are needs and expectations ofour customers in this way we optimized our customer satisfaction. This is best strategy torotate the customers.D. Departmental Progress.Suggestions which I have written my project our departments have followed up and itcreated very healthy environment among different departments. It leads our departmentsto progress way within organization.E. Reduction in External Failure .This project reduced our external failures and provided healthy vision and mission inupcoming short term and long term planning.F. Increase Productivity.After the implementation of recommended strategies and tactics our productivityincreased this is best sign to make progress.G. More Orderly Method of Doing Business . We implemented strategies and tactics which are mentioned above, now our organizationhas best method of business doing in market. These methods leaded our organization bestmethods of doing business in market.H. Improved Customer Satisfactions.By utilize the recommended strategies organization have not only optimized ourcustomers but also improved the customer’s satisfaction.
  34. 34. I. Increase Employees Pride in Organization.Page no.20Page no.32Just as we discuss lot of benefits of project (strategies and tactics) we utilized thesuggestions which are mentioned in chapter two. Generate value of customers’ andDirectly impact on finance. It made the employees financially strong. It will increase thegood rank in market for organization. Our employees feel good being part of ourorganization.J. Lead our Organization to (Total Quality Management) TQM .If we utilize the recommendations strategies which are mention in project we moved toTQM.TQM is the name for the philosophy of a broad and systemic approach to managingorganization quality. Quality standards such as the ISO 9000 Series. TQM means best output of every depart within organization. Everybody who is workingin organization responsible for Quality. It has two aspects of customer satisfactionsA. External CustomerOne who receives the company’s product or service.B. Internal Customer.The next person in any sequential process.In Nutshell.“A management system for a customer focused organization that involves allemployees in all aspects of the organization” ConclusionBeing a Quality control Director I used my potential Find out factors of flat trend. Thesefactors playing important role to maintained the flat trend in market. I deeply studied onSWOT and factors of Flat trend. I have launched very authentic Strategies to eliminatethe flat trend. Recovery of Lost customer special challenge for any multi-organizationand medium size organization. In this context in launched very important and experiencebase strategies. For elimination of flat trend and ameliorate (make better) our product inmarket, first we identified our customers, segmentations and find our factors that areplaying vital role to maintain flat trend in end we discussed departmental duties and roleshow they can play their roles.