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Performance management


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PM practice which the ppt made by Najeebhemat

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Performance management

  1. 1. Najeebullah Hemat 11327 1ppt by Najeeb, On 18-02-15
  2. 2. Contents of the chapter  PM is not a single system.  PM is a continuous process.  PM more emphasis on input as well as output.  The focus is more on development rather then pay.  There is a shift towards line managers’ accepting & owning performance management as natural process.  Rejection of bureaucracy. 2ppt by Najeeb, On 18-02-15
  3. 3. PM as an interlinked process  PM should link with other key process like  Business strategy  Employees development  Total quality management 3ppt by Najeeb, On 18-02-15
  4. 4. At Seeboard PM used as Culture changes. Recognition of the need to improve communication. To improve two way communication. Perhaps the common links are between PM & career progression or development of skills, Capabilities in all the organizations 4ppt by Najeeb, On 18-02-15
  5. 5. PM as continuous process  Regularly base.  Annual base. At seeborad operate a system called (PDR) which the aim is (KPI) it identify the need for training or skill improvement & they use the system as annually base 5ppt by Najeeb, On 18-02-15
  6. 6. PM more emphasis on inputs PM atVolkswagen UK Ltd-is competencies base it was developed at house, jobs are grouped into a series of job that different people can perform at different level. 10 critical competencies for each job. SevernTrentWater-defined competency as grouping of knowledge, skills, and behaviors which may required in whole or part within a variety of managerial situation. 6ppt by Najeeb, On 18-02-15
  7. 7. Objectives Long-term  Its important to make people think about long term objective Short-term  Some employee think about short term objective like pay rise and bonus  Top-down/bottom-up objective. 7ppt by Najeeb, On 18-02-15
  8. 8. Major food manufacture objectives.  Contribution to achieve annual plan.  Long term contribution is the contribution to move the business one year nearer to the target which is important for the health of the business.  Personal development.  People development ( without any direct report still expected from manager to developed the employees) 8ppt by Najeeb, On 18-02-15
  9. 9. Focus on development  PM should address the need of both the organization & employees they need feedback to know how they perform.  Managers should identify the need skills of the employee and help them to improve those need.  At 3M emphasis of PM to development- create better career structure to improve the employee experience. 9ppt by Najeeb, On 18-02-15
  10. 10. Performance-related pay (PRP)  At Abbey National John king HR director introduced the PRP system, so the staff felt if works harder they will paid more.  Les Davies, the director of HR at BroTaf Health Authority felt that PRP is subjective judgments it abuse concerning such grey areas as weather manager perform or not it could not be realistic, he mean that PRP does not act as motivator it works as demotivator, PRP might create relationship conflict between manager and employees. 10ppt by Najeeb, On 18-02-15
  11. 11. Line- manager ownership of PM  It’s the responsibility of the line manager how to do well and manage the best practices of the PM at the organization.  At NatWest UK, developed a system to reward the staff who perform well, manager have the reward pot, which they can allocate to individuals based on the performance.  AtVauxhall Motor company- manager conduct a meeting and identify the important things to be done then encourage the employees to perform . 11ppt by Najeeb, On 18-02-15
  12. 12. Rejection of bureaucracy  Bureaucracy makes death the sound of all.  They gone from filling & rating to more descriptive term & less formal .  One manager commented in the rating system one number was you life & all other HR process was locked behind the appraisal. 12ppt by Najeeb, On 18-02-15
  13. 13. ppt by Najeeb, On 18-02-15 13