Augmented Reality


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Augmented Reality

  2. 2. Content Outline Objectives What is Augmented Reality Examples of Augmented Reality Augmented Reality in Education Examples of Augmented Reality in Education Significance of Augmented Reality in Education Advantages of Augmented Reality Disadvantages of Augmented Reality
  3. 3. ObjectivesAt the end of this session, you will be able to: Explain Augmented Reality in your own words. Give examples of Augmented Reality Explain the significance of Augmented Reality in Education Describe the advantages and disadvantages of Augmented Reality
  4. 4. What is Augmented Reality Embeds digital information into real-world contexts Closer to the real world Adds information and meaning to a real object or place Real world is enhanced by computer-generated content Blended experience.
  5. 5. Examples of Augmented RealitySixth Sense: Wearable gestural interface device by Pranav Mistry New interactions between the real world and the world of dataVideo link:
  6. 6. Examples of Augmented RealityLayar: Android application Uses the phones camera and GPS capabilitiesVideo link:
  7. 7. Examples of Augmented RealityPerson Recognition: New app called Recognizr Developed by a Swedish mobile software firm Lets you find out more about a person simply by pointing your camera-phone at them.Video link:
  8. 8. Augmented Reality in Education Visual and highly-interactive forms of learning Digital Media- superimposed into a student’s real time environment Interactive participation with computer generated simulations of historical events Learning via remote collaboration
  9. 9. Examples for Augmented Reality in EducationVideo links:
  10. 10. Significance in Education Provides rich contextual learning for individuals learning a skill. Students take control of their own learning. Appeals to multiple learning styles. Engages learner in ways that have never been possible No real consequences if mistakes are made during skill training Shifts learners from passive to active learning modes.
  11. 11. Advantages of Augmented Reality Blurs the line between whats real and whats computer-generated Information about the surrounding real world becomes interactive and digitally manipulable Reality with more information added to it that is normally not available
  12. 12. Disadvantages of Augmented Reality People are missing out on whats right in front of them Lack of privacy Expensive to develop and maintain