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Policy development for investment GSMA


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Presentation at the IAD Summit 2016, Abuja

Published in: Technology
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Policy development for investment GSMA

  1. 1. ABSTRACT: WRC-15: CONSIDERATIONS FOR AFRICA The decisions taken at WRC-15 to identify critical new spectrum have great import for securing the future of the mobile internet and driving the economies of scale needed to deliver low-cost, ubiquitous mobile broadband to consumers around the globe. For Africa particularly, the outcomes of WRC-15 were positive for Africa with three globally harmonised bands within the 700 MHz, L-band and C-band, and additional spectrum for Africa only in the 3.3 – 3.4 GHz band. These newly allocated spectrum bands all have their valuable characteristics ideal for improving mobile coverage or capacity, as well as delivery of very fast data speeds in urban areas. However, given it can take a long time to free up existing bands and make them available for actual use, it becomes just as important to make preparations in good time and build these into national spectrum roadmaps across the continent - if the potential of all this additional spectrum is to be realised. Our presentation will deal with these issues and highlight the next steps which Governments need to consider in evolving national mobile demand, harvesting the Digital Dividend and stimulating long-term investments to support spectrum utilization.