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WHive Presentation Youth Engagement Summit Mauritius


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Presentation by CEO WHive at the Inaugural Youth Engagement Summit, forming part of the Kenya Country Showcase panel session

Published in: Technology, Business
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WHive Presentation Youth Engagement Summit Mauritius

  1. 1. Powering Social Innovations By @KaranjaJohn Founder @Whive
  2. 2. #APPSCALE 1. 2. 3. • Ideation & Market Research • Conceptualization & Prototyping • Piloting & Rollout From Idea to Product
  3. 3. Target Market ? Local market = ?
  4. 4. Wakili Mkononi! Access to Justice via your Mobile Phone
  5. 5. Social Innovation Technologies •Bulk SMS & Credit Management •Question and Answer •Survey & Polling •Content Mapping & Geolocation •Twitter & Facebook Connect Free, Paid or Develop Custom (IP)
  6. 6. Piloting & Rollout 1. Who is in your team? 2. Are your apps refined? 3. Can your Product/Service Scale? 4. What’s the Marketing plan?
  7. 7. Who is in your team? Compliment Each Other
  8. 8. UX/UI Design &Testing Enhance Performance
  9. 9. Scale Up Start Small Grow Big
  10. 10. Blog Share your Story
  11. 11. Case Study: Crowdfunding Integration Mobile Web Tech/Mpesa
  12. 12. Introducing Have you ever found yourself in a new city and town looking for interesting places to visit and interesting people to meet?
  13. 13. Stories of Interest Nearby!
  14. 14. Innovative Mobile Technology Ready Market Strategic Partnerships Great & Passionate Team
  15. 15. Powering Social Innovations Follow @KaranjaJohn, @Whive, #AppScale