Choice of selection method


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choice of selection Method means different types of selection how company choose a right candidate

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Choice of selection method

  1. 1. HRPCHOICE OF SELECTION METHODPresented byNair Rahul
  2. 2. SELECTION A process of choosing from a pool of candidates the persons who are most likely to meet the criteria of the job.  It can Internal as well as external .  The primary aim of employees Selection is to choose those persons who are most likely to perform their jobs with maximum effectiveness and to remain with the company.
  3. 3. APPLICATION BLANK The application blank provides preliminary information as well as it indicates the areas of interest of the candidates which will be useful for discussion.
  4. 4. INITIAL INTERVIEW OF THE CANDIDATE The candidates are selected for the interviews on the basis of particulars furnished in the application blank are called for initial interview by the organizations This is meant to evaluate the appearance and to establish a friendly relationship with an Organization.
  5. 5. EMPLOYMENT TEST To verify the Candidates abilities ,skills, attitudes sometimes employment test are used , so the company can reduce the Selection cost There are different types of test such as:- Aptitude Test ~ it is used to measure the talents , skills and ability of a candidates to learn a new job. Interest Test ~ To find out in what all areas the candidates have an interest regarding on the basis of a job.
  6. 6. IQ Intelligence test ~ this test is conducted to find out the candidate’s intelligence , reasoning ability power of understanding . IQ = Mental age (Multiply) 100 Actual age
  7. 7.  Performance or Achievement Test :-This test is used to measure the candidate’s level of Knowledge and skill in particular occupation. Personality Test ~ To measure the characteristics that constitute Personality.
  8. 8. INTERVIEWS, RECOMMENDATION & MEDICALEXAMINATION Candidates are called for an interview when they are cleared all other test, such as online test, IQ test, Aptitude test etc By recommendation ~ Some of the companies hire the candidates by recommendation of a permanent employee Physical or Medical Examination ~ the candidates are told to get new medically examined report before getting to the duty.
  9. 9. FINAL INTERVIEW AND INDUCTION If the candidate passed out the final interview then the interviewer will have to explain the JD , as well as the other information such as company policy , rules, etc to the candidate itself.
  10. 10. Thank you