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Food chain


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Food chain

  1. 1. Food ChainBy Pavloo
  2. 2. food chain science definition• The sequence of the transfer of food energy from oneorganism to another in an ecological community. A food chainbegins with a producer , usually a green plant or alga thatcreates its own food through photosynthesis. In the typicalpredatory food chain, producers are eaten by primaryconsumers(herbivores) which are eaten by secondaryconsumers (carnivores), some of which may in turn be eatenby tertiary consumers (the top carnivore in the chain).Many species of animals in an ecological community feed onboth plants and animals and thus play multiple roles in thechain. Parasites feed on living tissues, generally withoutkilling their hosts, and may themselves be hosts to smallerparasites. In addition, organisms that die without being eatenare consumed by detritivores, some of which serve as prey forother consumers. The complex system of interrelated foodchains in an environment is known as a food web. See moreat tropic level.
  3. 3. Food PyramidPlantAnimal(herbivores)Animal(carnivores)Sun
  4. 4. Food Chain
  5. 5. Some Facts Of Food Chain•• 1. The food chain is the transfer of energy from onespecies to another.•2. All living things needs energy for living beings togrow.•3. Within a food chain, some living things createthe energy (producers) and some use the energy(consumers).•4.Plants are producers of energy, as they make theirown food (using sunlight, soil, and other elements).•5. Animals are consumers, because they have toeat other animals and plants
  6. 6. Pictures of different food chains
  7. 7. Marine FoodChain
  8. 8. Different Marine Food Chains
  9. 9. Thanking YouThe End